28 December 2014

Thai Girl and Korean K-pop Star Hot Lesbian Action | Thai Girl Takes Cock in Airplane Bathroom | Bisexual Erotica | by Moctezuma Johnson

I just finished one of the hottest scenes that I think I've ever written. It's going to be in Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired -- Episode #4 of the Psychological Hardcore Erotica Thriller - Episode Still Untitled. In this scene a gorgeous Thai girl and a Korean K-pop Superstar cross paths in an airplane bathroom at 40,000 feet. The main characer notices that the bathroom door says "vacant" so he walks in in the hopes that he'll find a desperate girl waiting for his cock but instead seems some girl to girl action that makes him want to jizz in his pants.

Lucky for him, Thai girls are so hospitable that after she squirts, she feels obliged to make him finish, too. Pre-order your copy of Episode #4 so you don't miss out on this incredible final installment to Season One of this tawdry, degenerate series that features

  • cum play
  • obsessive girlfriends
  • billionaire princes
  • tentacle sex
  • lesbian sex
  • MMF
  • gangbangs
  • MFF
  • bukkake
  • drug use
  • sensory manipulation
  • BDSM
  • interracial sex
  • exotic locations around the world
  • submission
  • sexual slavery
  • and more! 

Start with Episode #1 Now:
The Bukkake Hotel Party: Episode #1 of the Psychological Hardcore Erotica Thriller (Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired)

17 December 2014

Firm Phat Ass with Absolutely NO CELLULITE | Wow! The Perfect Ass

There's no cellulite on this
Phat Ass

I want to rub my just shaved face
all over it

drip my nose down the crack
tongue the rim of her anus

then pull out dick
and stuff that asterisk

till her keyboard

till her computer freezes
and her pussy squirts

all over the floor
her brain cleaved out and hanging

brains like cellulite
all orange peel dimply

17 September 2014

I love hot, ripped bodies

Having fun looking at photos from a very fit athlete on instagram. Many of you know that I'm a deadlift fanatic and love having a ripped body. I rarely post photos of myself, but I'm actually quite handsome. I prefer photos of gorgeous girls in sexy positions so that's mostly what you'll find here and on my tumblr sites.

16 September 2014

Guest Post by Red Pesca | Review of the Ongoing Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series | Bukkake Hotel Party Erotica by Hardcore Porn Star Moctezuma Johnson

The Bukkake Hotel Party is the starting book of the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. It's the introduction to Jenny, Jynx, and Moctezuma. 

In typical Moctezuma style this is the male fantasy gone mad as Moctezuma butts heads with Jynx. That's right, Moctezuma's cock ends up banging into Jynx and Jynx starts exacting her revenge as soon as Moctezuma starts to bang another super-sexy Korean sexy pot. This one, Jenny, has long legs that walk catwalks and get cat-calls. Jynx, a juicy ass sashaying sexpot, can't stand her man inside this slut. She will get him to be hers and will stop at nothing. She plans a filthy humiliation for this supermodel slut rival but things never go as planned. Instead there are all kinds of turns and twists and spurts of cock on face and tits and bush and asshole. Dicks go in so many holes that even nostrils don't feel safe. The truth is nothing is safe because someone has a cum-craving psycho-obsessive girlfriend. This wreaks havoc all over. It starts with this episode and keeps going deeper and deeper.

One Amazon Reviewer has this to say in praise of the first story:

"Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired" is one of those incredibly erotic and enticing mystery novels that mixes pleasure with drama and danger, sucking you into the entertaining erotic thriller until the very end."

Click the Chick Watching Porn
for Episode One's
Hot Hotel Bukkake Party

Episode #2 is called The Devil's Breath and the Angel's Touch. 

It is the Revenge of Jynx. Don't think Jynx Maze, who I happen to have an incredible crush on (see Jynx Maze Face Fucked at xxxbunker.com if you think she's a hot piece of ass), think Jynx the girlfriend obsessed with two things: cum and Moctezuma Johnson.

This is the crazy story of the ace up this little Asian sexpot's sleeve. You will never guess what this little minx has in store for lanky Jenny and thick Moctezuma. Read to find out how horticulture leads to whore culture.

From reviewer Cat Jones:

Another hardcore spankfest from the warped mind of Moctezuma Johnson. Jynx, Jenny and Moctezuma return to deliver up a heaping dose of humiliation for all involved. If you've read the first episode you know this is definitely not for the faint of heart or loins!

 Bukkake Cum Slut Erotica featuring the Devil's Breath
Click the Chick in the Blissful Moment
of reading Moctezuma Johnson

In comes the Korean-Russian Nymph to seduce somebody in Episode #3 of the Hardcore Series

After these first two crazy high-tension episodes the third installment slows down and seems almost like normal erotica until MJ looks inside Jynx's refrigerator. Way before that happens MJ wakes up in a bus terminal chained to the wall with this gorgeous nymph attending him. He tries to trace back how he got there but it is as if his memory has been erased. During the episode he will get clues, like messages from Jenny that say that she is now in Bahrain or somewhere with a Prince or someone and that she never wants to contact MJ again, like flashback memories of clubs and naked bodies, but it is all a haze for him except that he has the hottest attendant in the history of kidnapping and hostages. 

By this episode, it is well known that Jynx is a full-fledged fatal attraction crazy psycho bitch obsessive freak that probably mixes cum into her morning coffee and could be up to just about anything. Moctezuma is planning his escape. See how he fares escaping when faced with Ass to Mouth with the Nymph or Freedom. 

From Amazon:

You get your sex fix, a little suspense, a mystery to ponder and a cliffhanger all wrapped up in part 3. It may be a little on the short side but it packs a punch. It may not have as much sex or humilitation as the previous two parts but I have a feeling it is only the beginning.

Click the Orgasmic Chick to See what's in Jynx's Freezer

Moctezuma's Brand of Literary Porn

If you haven't read MJ before check him out at his site or blog to learn more about his tawdry and crazy prose. He has a book of "Love Poems" for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and his own site, etc called the Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends and has tons of blog posts, crazy artwork, and other interesting hardcore things. 

This promo was written by MJ's friend Red Pesca, author of filthy short shorts with stains all over them

05 September 2014

Sticking Disks in External Drives

So my idiot wife thinks that I'm a sex addict. I'm here on the plush lazy boy chair with my cock head in my belly button watching asian chicks take bukkakes while she sleeps on the bed besides me. I have the baseball game on, New York is losing again. She's not talking to me. It's a shame cause weeks passed without seeing each other. When she got back I got a great blowjob. She can really suck. And fucked her one night and one morning and then we got the bad news and she took it all out on me.

We just moved back to America. I was under arrest for beating the crap out of some people in my bar. They were attacking me and even though I was so drunk I was throwing marshmallows not fists I managed to rip the ankle tendons of one guy. Being a non-Korean I was swiftly under arrest for assault even though it was 1 against 10 and sent my wife to repack my things while I went back home. I didn't want to chance sticking around in a country I don't respect to possible (although unlikely) be tried, found guilty (if tried that would be a certaintly -- the country has a 99% conviction rate), and put in jail.

====== who is willing to do moctezuma's next porn cover? =======

She had instructions to empty the house, send stuff to her parents' house in the south, take out the hard drive of the computer, and bring my pool cues to the US. She also was going to go to court for me to get some money owed to me and to see if I was indeed under arrest or not. She was stressed out about it.

She did pretty well. She emptied the house while my son and I flew 15 hours back to the US. Then she hired movers to take the fridge and furniture to her parents house. She went to court and got the money. She got inconclusive (big surprise!) information from the police, and got on a plane and came here.

The first few nights she was jetlagged. Then we finally got some time alone and she reminded me why I loved her. She sucked me off till I jizzed in her mouth. Part of me wanted to cover her in fake jizz and take home porn photos of her but I let her off the hook and simply unloaded cream into her whore wife mouth.

She was really moody with me this morning. "Are you angry with me about something?"


"Are you going to tell me what it is?"

"No. Depends on how you behave."

Turns out she never removed the hard drive from my old computer. For years it didn't work. It had a novel on it that I considered lost. Now her mom had it and had taken it to the shop and had the memory restored.

"What's on the computer?"

"Not much. It never worked."

"My mom said there were photos."

"No, there couldn't be much. That computer never worked."

"I hope not cause the repairman was a neighbor. He watched me grow up. He is friends with my mom. I feel bad about the humiliation. The not knowing what was on there. I took those photos for you. Why should this humiliate me?"

I thought of the photos of her with a red butt plug up her ass then in her mouth. Spreads of her with her legs over her head, pussy lips pushed open with her glistening fingers, cumloads on her face and tits, cock in her face, her kneeling like a rabid dog sick with semen desire. I mean, she is an Asian chick who is a slave to white cock. Each of my computers, tablets, phones is a testimonial to that -- like a photo-documentary. I had her walking the streets flashing for the camera, had her eating cock in office buildings, stairways, train stations, street corners. I had her with writing on her, in wigs, in pig noses, in masks, always humiliated and subjugated.

I was a sex addict in her mind and she appeased me.

In the repairman's eyes, while he stroked his dick looking at how his pretty neighbor was a whore for big white dick, she was the addict. Cock addict. Slave to the Foreign Devil. He was repulsed and excited to see her kneeling in the tub taking load after load from a foreign cock train. First it was on her cheek, then both cheeks, then her eye was glued shut, then her nostril was blocked, her lips were roped with goo, her hair was waxed by cum, her tits were stringy with cum webs, her chin was glazed, and her eyes had the twinkle of whore who loves a gangbang.

He demanded that her mother fuck him or he would release the videos. My wife was pissed at me. The mother didn't want to since she was a church goer. She asked my wife what to do. My wife was annoyed. She felt she always had to clean my messes. "Why didn't you just clean all your sex stuff?"

"Why would you give away a computer? Computers need to be burned, slammed with a sledgehammer, and then dumped in the river."

My big-tittied cum-guzzling wife finally gave in and flew back to repair things with the repairman. He wanted to put his memory stick up her external drive.

She sent me the photos he took. He bent her over in front of the photos of her cum-basted like a honey glazed pig and put his old little penis up her asshole.

Just email me if you want to see the photos.

I find her a pathetic whore and make her service me

cunt lips spread open like they were a condom that didn't fit my big dick
like an esophagus burping dick
waiting for me fingering her ass and smelling it
she rides this big silicone monster sticking to her cunt lips
pushing her own head into the toilet
reveling in what a whore bag she had become
leaving the window open
so maybe a neighbor would see
hair pulled she was forced to crawl to the couch
like a desperate bitch
her big tits slapped all 36DD shaking
her face dripping with my man goo


Morning Booty Call

her hands are on the porcelain

it's 8:30 a.m. and I'm spinning a lit

with passion with booze

with pounding her cunt so hard

she falls forward

i'm holding her hair back

but I let it go

it falls into the bowl

i push her head down

she screams

until her mouth is in the water

her cunt hugs my monster cock like a boxer in a crouch

it's scared to let go

it's scared to find out what a guy

who would shove her face in the toilet water

may be up to next

i knock her forward and force her


into the water

she fights back

knocking the seat cover askew

but i'm too strong

she starts to cry

her back heaves, her nipples get hard

i fuck her till my cock head pounds her walls, not letting up

then yank her back

onto her knees

she's sobbing and then I'm in her mouth

face fucking the bitch

who came over at this time

what else does she expect

you're a big fucking whore, i say

and force her head back into the bowl

and cock back up her cunt

i fuck her hard and cum up her

she collapses, even tits, into the bowl

and heaves and sobs.

when she lifts herself up, the water

drips from her hair on the floor.

she crawls into the shower and I turn on the water.

she lays there

and I tell her I have a girlfriend.


03 September 2014

Psycho-Thriller Mystery in the Literary Porn Section of Amazon Free (all week)

The Nympy & the Epiphany - Episode #3:

I am very pleased to announce that Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Episode #3 is now available FREE. Installment No. 3 of the Series is hardcore literary porn that follows a very dysfunctional yet very hot relationship between Jynx and MJ in which an obsessive girlfriend goes through incredible lengths to impregnate herselfand secure her man. This series has been getting great reviews. Don't miss this brand new installment.  

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Episode #3
Free 3 September 2014 - 7 September 2014. 

(if you read this blog outside those dates
kindly email me and I'll send you a free copy) 

If you like this kind of hardcore psycho-thriller erotica please give it a read. This one is a slower more in-depth emotional chapter of the mad saga between Jynx and MJ and introduces the Eurasian Beauty Tasha.  


31 August 2014

I got Jynx to kiss me passionately in the bedroom overlooking the Andaman Ocean. I moved her hand to my cock and she took the bait and dropped to her knees. I fucked her mouth good, massaging her neck while my cock went into her throat. I lifted her robe so I could see her big, juicy ass. Yum. While my cock was all the way down her throat except for an inch or so of root I told her I loved her. She looked me in the eyes and then I jizzed down her throat. It was one of the best blowjobs I've had in years. 

12 August 2014

The New MoctezumaJohnson.com | Unveiling of the Porno Literary Blog | Reveal the Literary Porn | Uncover the Erotica | Expose the XXX Erotic Genius

Exposing this DD girl's tits and
my new DD website
I'd like to announce the unveiling of my very own website. It was a long time in the making with many failed starts mostly thank to insidious censorship, but here it is.


Right now it has mostly only links to my books where you can add them to your cart and download them immediately (some are free and some are $0.69 for a start-up period of a month or two), but I hope that I can post blog posts and links to other important stuff as soon as the site gets some traction. Please visit and leave comments and download books and link back to it so that people know it is there. Right now it is the best kept secret in literary porn. Also, if anyone wants me to show one of their books as an advertisement please let me know.

You Can Download My Books! 

25 July 2014

A literary porn story of the subjugation of Earth women to Alien Dildos thanks to some crazy chemicals in the jizz of the men from Beaver Lick, Arizona | Moctezuma Johnson | Science Fiction | Erotica

I have penned a dirty piece of literary porn science fiction that will rival Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C Clarke. It follows a big what if that could happen any day now. What if there was a chemical compound that got into the Earth's atmosphere? This could wreak total havoc. This story examines what would happen if each time a man jizzed all over his lover the cum would mutate into something else: into a sentient alien dildo that was there to fuck fuck fuck all the pussy it could and subjugate the entire human race. 

In this fantasy of epic cum proportions, a highly-trained latex-clad five-some take on the dildos physically while a sexy pair of scientists take them on mentally.

See what happens in this once quiet town of Beaver Lick, Arizona -- landing site to the Alien Chemical Cum Warper. 

23 July 2014

Review of "Accidents Happen" by Maxwell Spanx

"Accidents Happen" by Maxwell Spanx is good, fast short story. The main character is a bad-ass medical school Maldivian cam-girl with an affliction: she's a total gold digger. Luckily for her, her stock at school is riding high. She says of other South Asians: "Not kidding, after lecture there will be a queue, ten deep, offering me proposals and questions. What are you? Where are you from? Please meet my parents. Will you marry me..? Fuck sake, it’s endless. They’re obsessed with me." From all the offers she gets, she chooses one that stands out: I chose him because his father is a CEO of a large bank in Central Asia." She meets this banker's son who calls himself Trev although his name is Tariq. She finds that he is dumb as a stone but as he is about to come into some money, she falls in love with him and moves into his penthouse. She doesn't give up her other job as a cam-girl and soon finds herself in a really sticky situation.

The writing is very blunt. The female character is fully drawn with a raw voice that is charming and entertaining. The story is quite masculine with a welcome twist for an ending. 

If you like brave erotica that doesn't make excuses for being straight porn then you will like "Accidents Happen" and the writing of Maxwell Spanx, another literary porn writer cut from the same hardcore erotica cloth.

Accidents Happen is available now at Amazon and Smashwords

Biography as told by Maxwell:
I write vivid erotica. My sordid tales of lust and passion are always gritty, yet I love to retain a sense of humour within my characters. I invite you into my world, but you may only leave when satisfied.  Contact me on Twitter  https://twitter.com/MaxwellSpanx 

15 July 2014

Strange Stuff at Amazon (gorgeous man?)

this is my battlecry
This Image Has Nothing To Do with
Misti or Moctezuma or Poetry

Dear MJ, you gorgeous man!
Your latest review is fucking awesome! It's made our pussies so wet we just had to put it live on Amazon. We and millions of shoppers on Amazon appreciate the time you took to ejaculate your creamy words about your experience with Misti's kick-ass book.
Your reviewing stats
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Orgasms given: 5,069
Reviewer rank: #1
Would you like to add more ass to your review?
Product Image
~Misti Rainwater-Lites
5.0 out of 5 stars (6)

5.0 out of 5 stars There's Absolutely No Bullshit at this RodeoJuly 15, 2014
This review is from: Bullshit Rodeo (Paperback)
I'm twitter friends with this sex-appeal dripping author and this review is done in exchange for a free book. 

This book is a must read. I've already suggested it to my wife and friends, telling them they have to read it. I'm a father and have a very restless spirit and a sex addiction and I always found myself trying to justify ways to ditch my family in the beginning in exchange for some hot young piece of tail. As I find myself a few years into family life I've made more piece with it but many of the themes of those desires are still floating around inside of me. Misti built a log flume on all those themes. She sent all my fear, greed, insatiable sexual desire, fight or flight mechanism, disgust with my hometown, and raging hard on for every chick in front of me on the road to the sawmill where it was--bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz--chopped up and turned into sawdust.

The book reads like an epic poem. The language is fresh and in your face. It smacks you around a few times and is constantly critical of the main character: Misti herself. What's not to fucking love? 

12 July 2014

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired | The Literary Porn Series by Moctezuma Johnson: Catch the Whole Series on Amazon

The Chronicles Series:

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired | The Literary Porn Series by Moctezuma Johnson: Catch the Whole Series on Amazon: The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series is an Eight Episode Series that is an erotica psycho-thriller featuring sexy albeit psychotic...


Find out more at amazon literary porn or read a book review of Triangulum Stain, my previous book (a hot over-the-top Sci-Fi/Erotica) reviewed by the gorgeous and intelligent Christina Harding.

27 June 2014

Enter to Win a Free Book by Moctezuma Johnson | Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired and Triangulum Stain

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Rafflecopter Giveaway, click the link above to enter, showcases my new book: The Devil's Breath & Angel's Touch (Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired - Episode No. 2). All you need to do is follow the link.

Thanks for joining this fun raffle that gives you a very real and good chance of getting a book. You readers know that I'm pretty generous about giving you stuff. I'm just trying to gain some traction as an erotica writer. I've done all this blog stuff for free for years before realizing I could actually make a living out of this because my writing was worth something. Still, I want to offer free stuff to my loyal blog following. Thanks to all of you.

Amazon Widget

23 June 2014

Midlife Crisis I guess

We were walking on a dark, quite path near the water. It was foggy. Two guys were fishing off the walkway. Then it was all dark and quite. This month I'd lost a friend. His kidneys were bad and then he died of a stroke during dialysis. I was arrested cause ten guys were attacking me and I fought back. Life is unfair. I know that. Just this month it seemed to pile up. It mixed together and it was too much and I had a good cry. She said I needed some air and took me to the beach. I was starting to feel better and then we began making out. She wasn't wearing a bra and we were kissing. When I grabbed her ass I noticed her underwear was kind of pulled by one juicy ass cheek. I wanted to fuck her there but she was worried about the mosquitoes. I asked her to blow me then and she agreed to one suck since I had used a public restroom today. I was clean. I really got turned off and annoyed. The stress level that had been eating me alive had decreased now it was back up. She'd probably say I'm a sex addict it's my fault. But the woman who I can really trust with my sensitive feelings will know. Now she's asleep on the bed with the baby. Any chance of sex is gone. BJ gone. That's life these days. Pretty unsexy. I don't want to cheat though so this is what I'm stuck with. 

19 June 2014

Struggling to Get my Cover to Conform to the Smashwords Style Guide, building Coker's YouTube views up, and missing out on many sales but still providing Free Erotica, oh yeah!

The Cover in Question now 1,400 x 2,100+
I know it sounds like sour grapes, and maybe it is, but I think Smashwords cost me a lot of sales by first banning my beautiful cover with the dildo on the front and the guy rappeling down that psychotic silicone behemoth, and second by telling me my new cover wasn't wide enough. That meant that basically the entire first couple of days, when Smashwords hosts your book in the new releases section and it gets a ton of eyes on it, there was nothing for new readers' eyes to look at. No cover. They should either make their requirements clear or give you a second chance to get that book on new releases with an accepted cover. 

Their cover guidelines are crazy as are their TOC guidelines. KDP simply reads your Word TOC. Done. Smashwords, on the other hand, has an entire blog post of 23 paragraphs including one that says this:

Let's say you choose a width of 1,600 pixels.  If you want a 1.33 ratio, multiply 1,600 by 1.33 and you get a height of 2,128 pixels.  If you think that looks too short and squat, try 1.5.  Multiply 1,600 by 1.5 and you get a height of 2,400 pixels.  If you want 1.6, or 1.65, multiply by that.  Don't obsess too much over the ratio, though.  Focus on creating a cover that works best for your book.
The Original Cover
Censored for Nudity

What? Come again?

Their TOC guidelines, section 20 of the Smashwords Style Guide (which needs to be downloaded) tells you use NCX (what's that?) or follow this YouTube video (ch-ching -- watch my YouTube views fly up to the moon!). I feel like I'm following scammy, spammy internet marketing. Whatever, Mark Coker! I loved Smashwords. It was easy, it had a great dashboard, it was fair, but the other companies have caught up and you guys are getting bogged down. Perhaps the intentions are good and you are spread too thin trying to please too many companies, but something is amiss right now. It shouldn't take 3-4 tries to get a cover uploaded. It's making Amazon KDP look sensible! Imagine that! And Smashwords look picky. How things have changed over a year. 

I really hope that Smashwords gets its act together again because when it runs smoothly it really is quite a resource. 

too bad you can't use a gif cover

14 June 2014

I review my own book (which is on the verse of getting a real cover)

Chronicles of a Humiliation BackfiredChronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first in the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. This is episode one. Meet Jynx and Jenny and Moctezuma Johnson. Moctezuma is in Asia sticking his dick in everything that moves (or at least trying his best). Jynx is his curvy sexpot slut girlfriend that he loves to use and abuse. Jenny is is supermodelesque girlfriend who he has suddenly fallen for which has made him give up Jynx. Jynx cannot easily handle this slight. She is madly in love with Moctezuma. She concocts and elaborate plan to get back at Moctezuma and especially to get back at Jenny. The thing that made me write this book is the sexy yet psycho relationship between Jynx and Moctezuma.

Episode 2 starts with the influence of what some call "The Scariest Drug on Earth". The entire series is a love story--a twisted, psychotic love-story. Will Jynx and Moctezuma end up together or will they be yanked apart by the horrible things they do to each other and other people involved.

This series blends erotica, psychological thriller, mystery, love story, BDSM and humiliation play into a deep, layered story.

View all my reviews

07 June 2014

That's the beauty of when I cum. I crack my neck and back so easily and feel so aligned and relaxed. 

22 May 2014

Incredible Review of Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
In this raw tale of love, humiliation, and back door loving in Korea, Moctezuma can't keep it in his pants. Our well-endowed hero lives to please, and if that means nailing everything with a pulse then he's ready and willing to make the sacrifice. And the more humiliating the encounter is, the better for the anal obsessed Moctezuma, who is currently gonads deep in a no-holes-barred and rather toxic relationship with a Korean babe named Jynx. Seriously, why couldn't I have been given a cool name like that?

He also busies himself using and abusing another Korean hottie named Jenny, which infuriates Jynx faster than you can say buccace, but with k's instead of c's. The power struggle between the players is intense and filthy. Don't expect any safe word silliness here; no one in this sum coaked sex triangle has any intentions of saying stop, not even with someone pulls out a giant purple butt plug.

Delicate sensitivities beware. This is down and dirty, filthy base sexual desires. But if you're like me and you like your relationships wallowing in the muck and begging for more, then Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired is right up your back alley.

KDP Select Free Kindle Book Days

This is a pretty cool resource for other writers out there to let people know about your free kindle books. Just go on here (http://www.pixelofink.com/sfkb/) and type in your book's info and they will do the rest. I don't use KDP select (who knows, maybe one day I will) because I have my books on Smashwords and iBooks and Kobo and Lulu but if I did use KDP select I would use this resource.

If anyone does use KDP select, please share your experiences in the comments section. Thanks.

19 May 2014

17 May 2014

Everything seems to be going wrong

I guess my mother is an enabler. I mean she'd smell me smoking weed as a teenager and say, "smells good!" In those days I though it was part of the facade that she needed everyone to like her, even 15-year-old boys. Now I'm not sure. I just had a huge fight with my girlfriend/wife/baby's mama. We are renting a house and are about to lose our deposit (a heft sum of money saved over years) because the house is going into foreclosure. It's a lot of money and I'm sick over it. For five years I've run a bar and saved money and now I'm about to lose all of it. Whatever. Money is money. It can't rule your life. She was telling me that I need to pay a fee to some guy who is trying to help us get the deposit back bit I'm so sick about losing the deposit I can't even begin to think about paying someone else. I rather smash his skull through a steel pole than pay his asshole fee. Fuck him. And fuck her for suggesting it at 6 am of the day I'm supposed to sell the bar. I remember Jordan Belfort had blue balls the day he was releasing the Steve Madden IPO. Well I had blue balls and was getting nagged about paying while being fucked for all my money. I was being robbed. At least that's how I see it. They were conspiring against me. Government, apartment owner, this helper, the lawyers, the court, and she was my last bastion of strength but she too now was telling me to pay. Everyone seemed to have their hands in my pocket. What the fuck? Who could take this. I raised my voice and told her to concentrate on my money not on paying these assholes. She got upset. Says I was out of control. Says I was going to hit her. I'm a lot of fucked up things--a womanizer, a hallucinogenic lover, a heavy drinker, a gambler, and a bulky, but I was never going to hit her. Bad enough I had yelled at her in front of my son. I wasn't going to compound that by having him watch his daddy bitch smack his mommy. I had to watch that as a kid and it was horrible. Since he was born I've never hit her. He's three. Even before he was born I only swatted her off while she was kicking me or holding a knife to me. I am loud. Loud as thunder in a hillside. I'm scary. But she says I raised my hand to her and I swear I didn't. 

What I'm curious about is why my mother doesn't think my behavior is all that bad, but my wife thinks I'm a sex addict, an alcoholic, a drug addict, and an abuser. Is it just wives want to be victims? Or does she see me clearer. I mean everyone I yell she quickly reminds me that I'm all those things. Well, why can't she help me. Why is it always that I sicken her. 

The question is how far gone am I? I definitely drink. I haven't been fucking other girls now for a while. I did when the baby was first born. A LOT. Now I'm cured. I'm trying not to drink much bi quit smoking. I guess I want somebody to tell me I'm doing a good job. Instead I get, "just go get one of your whores to suck your dick!"

I write back. "I'm sorry I yelled." And I am. Now nothing good can happen and all my hard work to be a good man is for naught. Also I'm still out thousands of dollars. 

13 April 2014

Thanks for the Interview, Christina

I want to say thanks to Christina Harding for interviewing me about The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends. Read the interview.


10 April 2014

Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

This is the cover, which was censored, to Triangulum Stain

The government is on the scene. MIBs have been dispatched. Freak Force Five is on its way in a supersonic jet. Why? There is an agent in the air from a capsule returning from space. It is an extraterrestrial agent that gets into men’s liquid. That's right. When a man ejaculates he creates a monster. Today, in Beaver Lick, Arizona, when a man finishes, he falls into a deep sleep and the liquid stain turns into an living, moving silicone-made sentient Alien Dildo that preys on young women so they can asexually reproduce. 

Triangulum Stain is a campy story about how a team of scientists created to stop outbreaks, a few civilians wrong place wrong time, and some super-trained female Women in Black, each with a peculiar and amazing skill, try to take on this weird Alien Agent. These Alien Dildos want to takeover Earth. Will the human race survive or will we all be sexed to death? Finding out is a fun thrill-ride. 

The story is Michael Crichton meets Mika Tan. It is the new one from Moctezuma Johnson.

5-star review (currently one of nine like this)

I did not have high expectations when I purchased the Kindle version of the The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends. The cover certainly did nothing to change that perception. My interest was piqued because I have never read a collection of erotic poems yet, even though I am very well read on erotic fiction. I was in the mood for something different.

Well, my expectations were met. Some of the poems were downright dirty. There are some XXX scenes that are too blunt I can actually vividly picture them in my head. Up till now, I am unsure if I have totally erased those images from my mind.

However, I cannot help but notice that the poems are still well-rooted in a literary tradition. Somehow, even though the sex scenes were depicted colorfully, you can sense a touch of class and sensitivity. The sex scenes are so replete of emotions, such as loss and longing that as a reader, I cannot help but feel carried away.

I certainly did not expect the book to touch on my emotional side. I could have never imagined erotic poems would feel so deep and real, let alone to captivate my mental and emotional senses. However, some of the poems in this little collection certainly did. The ones where Amy was mentioned were particularly touching that it leaves me wondering if Amy is a real girlfriend of the writer.

So will I venture and purchase another collection of erotic poems by this writer? Even if some of the poems were too direct, blunt, and vulgar for my taste, certainly.

--Frank Polinsky

08 April 2014

Skullfucking, a thing of the past?

You can expect to hear it how it is from me. You know that.

She was angry because I was gathering all our money like a squirrel with nuts to pay off her steep credit card charges. She wanted to get her nails done before a trip to Thailand. I said no. She tried to do her own nails yesterday for hours. They chipped. She was mad. When I woke up today she lectured me in my error: I should have let her do her nails. I said I think no polish is better for the beach. Anyway, I was sick of talking about nails. She exploded. She banged her coffee mug on the table. She cleaned up the baby's tracks by slamming them into a box. I held out 90,000₩ in cash. "Here, take it. Go get them done."

"Fuck you," she said. Then she was pushing me. I sat down on the couch. She tried to choke me.

All over nails. 

She retreated to the bedroom. I stayed with my son under the covers on the couch. "You can take your fingers out of your ears now. It's over. I'm not mad." 

He pointed at himself, "I'm not mad too!"

In the old days I would have stormed in there, ordered her to kneel, and skullfucked her brutally. That was our unspoken punishment for her berating me. Now I'd have to wait. Instead, I did the dishes and prepared the cat's food. 

How life has changed. Without the skullfucking I'm not getting anything out of this relationship.

Read more like this:

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01 April 2014

Planning a New Book

I once had this girl in Cambodia. She wasn't the prettiest thing and as I was fucking her, I had very red burned feet from a grueling boat ride between Siam Reap and Phnom Phen, i got overwhelmed by this idea that she must have AIDS since the peacekeeping missions--after the Pol Pot atrocities--brought AIDS to further torment these poor Khmers. Turns out she didn't have AIDS. Or at least I never got it. I've fucked a lot of girls that were less than tip top. I fucked whores in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, the Philippines. I fucked girls I picked up at night clubs mere hours before. I fucked girls in malls, in bathrooms, in hallways, in stairways. I fucked girls that picked me up moments before on motorbikes and just walking on the beach or past my cafe. I'm pretty lucky to have never gotten anything more than an occasional swollen prostate that took some anitbiotics to clear up. I'm lucky. I've had a lot of pussy. A lot of ass. A lot of throat. Now, I'm getting a little older. I have a steady piece of ass. I try to honor that the best I can, but still there are twenty-year-old girls who rock out the deepthroat blowjobs--that's the best thing about this generation of Asia Rock Star Girls (that and the new culture of shaving their bush)--and the occasional hot ass Asian MILF that you have to thumb in the ass and while taking her cunt doggy style. That aside, I'm a pretty good guy. The following are the stories of Moctezuma in Southeast Asia. Enjoy.

22 March 2014

I need your help for a quick moment: what should my new book title be?

Which is a better title for my sci-fi/erotica book?
Triangulum Stain
Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos
Beaver Lick Country
The Story of the Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos
Attack of the Alien Dildos
Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Alien Dildos
Please Specify:
poll creator

05 March 2014

Hola, Sexy Readers!

So now I'm one of these jerk-offs with a mailing list. MailChimp or GorillaBox or ApeCunt or some shit like that. I know about 300 people now from my writing and think it's time to organize. I use Facebook sparingly and don't really like how it is constantly on my ass to "Boost" and "Buy" and "Promote" and then reaches only about 20% of you when I spend my time to make a post. Personally, I hate getting fucking email so I apologize to you for being a hypocrite but it seems emailing you is better than anything else out there in 2014. I mean, it's not like any of us are writing letters. I used to write my girlfriend -- a hot Venezuelan Miss Universe Culona/Popozuda type -- professing my love and telling her how my cock yearned to part her ass cheeks and defile her virgin asshole, but those romantic days are over. Now it's a short tweet or a message on Facebook. Luckily I still go to bars and drink and chat or I would have virtually no real human contact.

Anyway, if you want a free book and some news from me (don't worry I'm too lazy to send shit often) sign up to my list. If this sounds disgusting don't sign up and if you're already in my email (it imported contacts) just unsubscribe. I understand. I won't be offended.


20 February 2014

Book Review: I Am Not a Whore by Emme Hor (4/5 Stars)

I Am Not a WhoreI Am Not a Whore by Emme Hor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book, I Am Not a Whore, is hot and sexy. It shows the transformation of a woman into a slut and it's a lot of fun. At first she resists but then she unleashes her inner whore. Along the way she has a lot of fun. The book, like all of Emme's writing, is unabashed. This book is a little more straightforward than her other books which are more experimental. I prefer when she's weirder and wilder on the page, but perhaps this will be more popular since it is more of your standard erotica trope. Still, I really enjoyed the characters -- both the main character and the man, the Prince, who mistakenly thinks she literally is a hooker. The dynamic between the two is interesting. I feel for her being in a relationship with her man where you want something more. This makes the book captivating. I also like the way she stresses the class difference between the waitress and herself. Emme is always quick to poke fun at hypocrisy. The only bad thing about this book is that it's too short. It's just a hook to get you interested and then it's over. I'd like to see where this character goes from here as you can tell from this short book that there is more to come.

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