21 January 2015

Genius Tentacle Sex Video

I love tentacle sex

Nasty | Deliciously Offensive | Poem

Fucking a Cunt in a Posh Part of Seoul

I slam her big abandoned breast
into cold steel rail
of the naked building,
paint stripped off
wallpaper down by her ankles
windows wide eyed and teary
watching this young nymph
get sodomized by a foreigner
with a massive cock.
native couple walks by
on the main road
in front of the fiend
and his catch, fish-hooked:
the local bitch's heels clicking
the man in a bland suit
the bitch dreaming of extrinsic big cock
the regional man insecure of intrinsic small dick
me, the foreign devil, in this squealer's cunt
her double-dealing carcass now between
long cold rungs of the railing
me, the miscreant, the savage
subdue her deep. with
balls of steel
cock of ivory
chest hair of chinchilla
i pry it out
kneel, bitch!
i convert her to her knees  
my alien pipe shoots
ropes of ablution
onto her black hair
her flat nose
her yellow-stained chin.
creamed with cream
with no tissue she's left
covered in rogue jism
the Nahuatl king
schemes the drubbed rot to limp
back to the car
with imported diamonds of splooge
all over her, her gait
irregular from brutalized asshole.
don't wipe it off, you worthless slag, i say
she stares at me, eyes red
and watery. we
pass the chic galleries
the bitch and man
stare, comprehending
their vanquished comrade
has been lathered in the juice
of the succubus.
the trounced carrion sits in the car
looks in the mirror:
i'm pretty. i turn to her,
and smack her across the face
cum splatters on the windshield
i open the door and kick her fat ass
until the ugly cunt falls out on the floor.
the bitch and man turn around.
"you saved me, she says.

i drive off.

14 January 2015

For Kat Crimson | Poem by Moctezuma Johnson | Ode to Censorship

to all the writers everywhere who have ever been censored

a beautiful lesbian milf is bathing
outdoors in a hot tub
on a non-snowy part
of a snow-capped mountain

the ends of her blonde locks
are darker and wet
dipping into the bubbling water
as she leans back comfortably

perhaps Moctezuma is in love
he's bought a bundle of roses
written a card rhymed you with
true. And ever blue. Nevermind that

My roses bleed all over the floor
my bubble gum is magic
it turns water into cum
i drop it into the bath

Now this lesbian whore is in
197.3 feet of cubic cum

is there any body attached to this head?

Is there any soul behind those vacant eyes?

09 January 2015

Tell her all the cool girls do it

This was one of the images in the original post. I was able to dig up a thumbnail. Look how gaped that chick's ass is. It could accidentally swallow her thong. 

Censorship stole so much of my porn/artwork/poems

Click the Gaped Asshole to Get Deep Inside My New Dirty Site

Fucked Her Ass (Remix 2) | Poem in Four Colors of Abuse | by Moctezuma Johnson

Part One

I fucked her so hard
it happened in four colors
Wait on the ground
kneeling, you piece 
of shit pig

No, you can't! 

Stay there, head 
in the toilet

I know you're cold

Part Two

I went to the front door
my beautiful girlfriend
stood there in her church clothes
hairband pulling her face out

"I just wanted to stop by
and give you a little kiss."

She planted her lips on my cheek
she had the longest lashes
they fluttered on my temples
I heard squirming from the bathroom 

Part Three

With girlfriend in mind 
I dildo'd her ass
with a massive green butt plug
while she stayed head in toilet

"you're a dirty Asian gutter slut!"

Part Four

fucked her ass
fucked her ass
fucked her ass
fucked her ass

Part Four and a half


Part Five

I texted my girlfriend:
"home safe?"
"Yes, sweetie!"

Part Six

She leaned face down in the shower
with water pouring over her and sobbed

If your jaw isn't already on the floor, 
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