31 August 2012

Turn my wife, MJ

for Tony and Ness

hey wife
your rubbing cocksucker
body up
your hubby wants to watch
while you take another guy’s dick
in you he of power
beat your tonsils like
Italians beating octopi on the rocks
to tenderize them
clump- and thump-mouth
hubby will paint your pussy with tongue
while you choke on 9 inches of black power
your cunt on him grinding face
while 9 expands
your throat
you swallow, cumface
that big cock
while hubby looks on from below
sees ball sac thumping into chin
the slut wife’s tits throb
into each other
the vibrant massive tool
pulls away from her red lips
it spurts
it sprays on her face
chin, neck
it drips to tits to her cunt,
to his face.
he has coated two faces.

9 inches of power
turns to her rectum
turn my wife, MJ
turn my wife, MJ
glisten her round ass with your jizz
camera and purrs
I want MJ’s massive cock
your whore spit-roaster, your attack
up her rectum
she’s speaking, the pig, mumbling something:
you get out cock, one in my ass,
Tony, you in my mouth
make her want around and pound
doggy style MJ stretches Ness
she sees you’re rock hard, Tony,
her nipples blossom
her asshole opens up
for my massive dong
stretching the soft jelly-like sphincter
Ness growls throbbing cunt
turn my wife, MJ
till the lips
milk my cumshot
down the throat
turn my wife, MJ
yes, cum loads up her ass

i hold her big, phat ass
while depositing my creamy load
up her

while you jizz into her smiling face

her pussy is sloppy wet
dripping onto the floor
two guys worshipping her phat-ass body
painting a portrait of used slut on her
with jizz

16 August 2012

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14 August 2012

The Audio Script

Record Audio which plays in her ears on headphones while you throatfuck her

  1. i am your cumpig! x 10 now say it outloud to me, cumpig
  2. master, do whatever you want to my face
  3. now, fuckmeat, repeat outload, "my throat belongs to you master, it is yours to destroy, abuse, assault, attack, defile, deflower, molest, ravish, devastate, assault, demolish, desecrate, raze, violate"
  4. now, fuckmeat, repeat outload, "please desecrate me, master!"
  5. say, "all asians are toys for their white masters"
  6. you should go deeper, all the way down, till my balls on on your lips and chin, till my cock is buried past your tonsils in your throat. Repeat outloud, "i know i don't deepthroat right sir, i'm sorry"
  7. Master, I am all yours. I am your whore, cumpig, slave.
  8. I am your cumpig. I am your cumpig. 

No Surprise Really

i'm searching the web
looking up asian blowjob whores
jerking cock
reblogging sluts
i see thin lips stretched around cock
those eye, so whorish and vacant
like cock is her life-line
and realize it’s amy
right there
in front of me
my old sex pig slave
who walked around
with my cum on her face
came over naked
sucked me in temples
subway bathrooms
and public stairwells
amy right there sucking
a strange cock

i have nearly the identical photo
but i have her on all fours
on my coffee table

13 August 2012

Ass Pig Face

yours, an ass
your asshole, an ass
an asshole
a rectum
to destroy
there you have ass
in front of polka dots
in pink and purple
there you have ass
to stretch
you rectum
to destroy
there you have polka dots
in pink and
there you have ass
to stretch open
and claim asshole
purple rectum stretch
you are the stretch
you anal fucking pig

Butt Plug Whore

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