05 September 2014

Sticking Disks in External Drives

So my idiot wife thinks that I'm a sex addict. I'm here on the plush lazy boy chair with my cock head in my belly button watching asian chicks take bukkakes while she sleeps on the bed besides me. I have the baseball game on, New York is losing again. She's not talking to me. It's a shame cause weeks passed without seeing each other. When she got back I got a great blowjob. She can really suck. And fucked her one night and one morning and then we got the bad news and she took it all out on me.

We just moved back to America. I was under arrest for beating the crap out of some people in my bar. They were attacking me and even though I was so drunk I was throwing marshmallows not fists I managed to rip the ankle tendons of one guy. Being a non-Korean I was swiftly under arrest for assault even though it was 1 against 10 and sent my wife to repack my things while I went back home. I didn't want to chance sticking around in a country I don't respect to possible (although unlikely) be tried, found guilty (if tried that would be a certaintly -- the country has a 99% conviction rate), and put in jail.

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She had instructions to empty the house, send stuff to her parents' house in the south, take out the hard drive of the computer, and bring my pool cues to the US. She also was going to go to court for me to get some money owed to me and to see if I was indeed under arrest or not. She was stressed out about it.

She did pretty well. She emptied the house while my son and I flew 15 hours back to the US. Then she hired movers to take the fridge and furniture to her parents house. She went to court and got the money. She got inconclusive (big surprise!) information from the police, and got on a plane and came here.

The first few nights she was jetlagged. Then we finally got some time alone and she reminded me why I loved her. She sucked me off till I jizzed in her mouth. Part of me wanted to cover her in fake jizz and take home porn photos of her but I let her off the hook and simply unloaded cream into her whore wife mouth.

She was really moody with me this morning. "Are you angry with me about something?"


"Are you going to tell me what it is?"

"No. Depends on how you behave."

Turns out she never removed the hard drive from my old computer. For years it didn't work. It had a novel on it that I considered lost. Now her mom had it and had taken it to the shop and had the memory restored.

"What's on the computer?"

"Not much. It never worked."

"My mom said there were photos."

"No, there couldn't be much. That computer never worked."

"I hope not cause the repairman was a neighbor. He watched me grow up. He is friends with my mom. I feel bad about the humiliation. The not knowing what was on there. I took those photos for you. Why should this humiliate me?"

I thought of the photos of her with a red butt plug up her ass then in her mouth. Spreads of her with her legs over her head, pussy lips pushed open with her glistening fingers, cumloads on her face and tits, cock in her face, her kneeling like a rabid dog sick with semen desire. I mean, she is an Asian chick who is a slave to white cock. Each of my computers, tablets, phones is a testimonial to that -- like a photo-documentary. I had her walking the streets flashing for the camera, had her eating cock in office buildings, stairways, train stations, street corners. I had her with writing on her, in wigs, in pig noses, in masks, always humiliated and subjugated.

I was a sex addict in her mind and she appeased me.

In the repairman's eyes, while he stroked his dick looking at how his pretty neighbor was a whore for big white dick, she was the addict. Cock addict. Slave to the Foreign Devil. He was repulsed and excited to see her kneeling in the tub taking load after load from a foreign cock train. First it was on her cheek, then both cheeks, then her eye was glued shut, then her nostril was blocked, her lips were roped with goo, her hair was waxed by cum, her tits were stringy with cum webs, her chin was glazed, and her eyes had the twinkle of whore who loves a gangbang.

He demanded that her mother fuck him or he would release the videos. My wife was pissed at me. The mother didn't want to since she was a church goer. She asked my wife what to do. My wife was annoyed. She felt she always had to clean my messes. "Why didn't you just clean all your sex stuff?"

"Why would you give away a computer? Computers need to be burned, slammed with a sledgehammer, and then dumped in the river."

My big-tittied cum-guzzling wife finally gave in and flew back to repair things with the repairman. He wanted to put his memory stick up her external drive.

She sent me the photos he took. He bent her over in front of the photos of her cum-basted like a honey glazed pig and put his old little penis up her asshole.

Just email me if you want to see the photos.

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