17 November 2016

Public Cum Tits: "Mad For Jizz" from Bored to Tears with my Asian Husband

"Mad for Jizz" - The Public Cum on Tits Story about an Asian MILF and a virile Latino with a big cock

I was riding the subway across Seoul when I noticed this strait-laced older woman across the train sitting upright with her back arched and chin up. She was middle-aged and prim. Her blouse collar went all the way to the neck, like she was a 1660 Puritan. Her mind had to be all hopped up on Confucianism. She sat upright even as the subway car shook. Me? I was slouched like a teenager. She never slouched. She kept her head and neck up. She could be a posture-double for the Queen of England. She looked at me as I checked her out. She had a banging body. Big, I mean big tits, and shapely waist. She wore a beige pencil skirt and white blouse with high collar. She had long legs. Her purse was on her lap, expertly blocking any view into her private area. When I looked up to make eye contact, she looked away. Hot. The subway stopped and I took out my Korean Language Learning book. She looked up at it and stood up. She sat beside me and said, “You’ll never learn with that book. It’s no good.”
I was taking class to learn the local language, something few expats do around here.
We got out of the subway on the next stop and sat on a wood bench and chatted. Trains passed occasionally. She was pretty uptight. She didn’t have social grace as much as she was simply cautious. She never slouched for the entire talk that must have been half an hour. It seemed to me her nature was cautious, like she didn’t totally trust herself, felt she needed to curtail her inner dialogue, needed to respect the person she was with by not saying much. She must have been treated badly by somebody.
We made a date and met at a posh area in the Seoul. She wore a blue dress that showed off her big fake tits and augmented ass. This area had a department store nearby and a park outside. It was a part of Seoul that had been redeveloped after the prosperity. The stairwell we took to the shops was clean. We were going to a chain restaurant called Mad for Garlic. Koreans love this kind of restaurant. I think of it as a glorified McDonald’s.
“Are you hungry?”
“Not really.”
“No? Then why are we going to eat?” I saw the top flesh of her tits and wanted to grab it, to suck on it.
“I thought you would want to. Americans always eat.”
“We do other things sometimes,” I said. My cock was getting hard in my pants. I was imagining pumping it through those massive, round tits. They were calling to me in their Asian MILF goodness. I just had to get them in my hands, around my cock, and on my face. 
She looked at me dubiously. I'm not sure if she was doubting what I was saying or the way I was undressing her with my eyes. She said, “Then how do you keep your belly?”
“Do you know the expression to put your foot in your mouth?”
“Does it mean hungry?” she asked.
“Do you want a lesson?”
She nodded.
“Kneel down and I’ll show you.” I had yet to even touch this prim little Korean woman on the hand and now I was pushing her down to her knees. She kneeled and looked up at me. She still held one hand out so her purse would dangle from her elbow primly.
This was the fun of dating a meek Asian woman. I would be getting nowhere and then suddenly get my dick sucked. Other days I would only learn a Korean word and then go home and jerk it. Getting sex from these MILFs was a total crapshoot.

I put my hand into her curly hair at the back of her head and hooked onto her head. I pushed my body against her so my cock, still in the pants, pushed against her. I saw her eyes go wide. That’s when I whipped it out. She let out a little scream of surprise. I shoved her to it with both my hands pushing the back of her head degradingly toward my balls. I pushed until her lipsticked lips hit my ball sack. We made eye contact. I saw the humiliation and hunger in her eyes. I ripped her dress down and one fake massive tit jumped out over her folded down fabric that clung to her midriff. I ravaged her mouth. I defiled her tonsils. I disgraced her throat. Then I tenderly kissed her lips with my clean-shaven, white balls. I pulled my smoking gun out of her mouth. She gasped for breath. “Oh my god, you’re so big and rough.”
I pawed at her big fake tit. “You’re so big and fake.”
I molested her big titties, one inside the dress and the other hanging out. The nipple hardened and she looked down at it. “Feel good?” I said as I flicked her nipple. 
Her face was red as a radish. “Yes, and I’m shameful,” she said. “I shouldn’t let you do anything to me like this." She leaned her head back in pleasure as I continued to tease her nipple. "Am I your girlfriend?”
I overwhelmed her mouth by dipping my balls into it, debasing her image in front of my eyes, tainting her prim MILF purity. This Korean bitch thought a lot of herself which meant she thought nothing of herself and was now acting out that insecurity-complex by kneeling on the landing before me and nibbling the testicles dipped into her mouth with her tits out. Her question was hanging in the air still unanswered. Of course, she wanted me to answer yes or she wouldn't have asked. 
With one hand, I played with her nipples. She turned away from my balls finally, as if to say I'm not licking them if I'm not your girl. I grabbed her head in one hand and rubbed my meaty dick on her face with the other. I tarnished her well-done hair and made clumps stick to her forehead and strands go into her eye. I looked down at her and spit on her face. She closed her mouth tightly. I pushed my cockhead against her lips but she wouldn’t open. I kept rubbing my cock on her face, ruining her mascara, dripping precum and spit onto the tip of her flat nose. I stopped and admired her. She was a disheveled mess. “You look really pretty, Hyeon Mi.”
She looked mortified. She looked up at me with a strange look. I saw her mouth open a bit and jammed my hard cock into her mouth. I heard something behind me and turned to see another couple in the stairway. The girl was staring at Hyeon Mi and I. The guy was trying to pull back his girl with mouth wide open in awe, but she was mesmerized. She was staring. Hyeon Me went even redder. Even her chest was red right at the cleavage, not just her cheeks. I took advantage by fucking her throat. She was protesting, I think, and emitting that mphhhhhhhhhhhh mphhhhhh humming sound with each thrust.
The woman looked from behind and above me at my cock facefucking my Korean MILF. She was a voyeur. She got closer and watched, leading her man by the hand.

Read more of "Mad for Jizz" at the original SMUTPUNK site. 

14 September 2016

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10 January 2016

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