31 August 2014

I got Jynx to kiss me passionately in the bedroom overlooking the Andaman Ocean. I moved her hand to my cock and she took the bait and dropped to her knees. I fucked her mouth good, massaging her neck while my cock went into her throat. I lifted her robe so I could see her big, juicy ass. Yum. While my cock was all the way down her throat except for an inch or so of root I told her I loved her. She looked me in the eyes and then I jizzed down her throat. It was one of the best blowjobs I've had in years. 

12 August 2014

The New MoctezumaJohnson.com | Unveiling of the Porno Literary Blog | Reveal the Literary Porn | Uncover the Erotica | Expose the XXX Erotic Genius

Exposing this DD girl's tits and
my new DD website
I'd like to announce the unveiling of my very own website. It was a long time in the making with many failed starts mostly thank to insidious censorship, but here it is.


Right now it has mostly only links to my books where you can add them to your cart and download them immediately (some are free and some are $0.69 for a start-up period of a month or two), but I hope that I can post blog posts and links to other important stuff as soon as the site gets some traction. Please visit and leave comments and download books and link back to it so that people know it is there. Right now it is the best kept secret in literary porn. Also, if anyone wants me to show one of their books as an advertisement please let me know.

You Can Download My Books! 

Moctezuma Johnson Website

MJ's Tumblr Blog

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The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends
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The Pig in Character

The Pig in Character
i am her owner

a great rack

a great rack
look how hot my slut's tits are!

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The First Book of Poems
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