27 February 2010

the ass slut

the bitch is on her way
she's showered
washed her ass
and realized i will

use her ass
then push her out
the door

the dumb slut
the bitch is on her way

to get ass fucked again
by another guy
who doens't love her
or even like her

accept for her tight asshole.
the bitch is on her way

26 February 2010

stairway to assfucking
i just wanted to whip it out
and make her suck on it.

i can't though. her boyfriend
is my best friend
but she was crawling

all over me. i just
needed to slap her with
it. hard.

she's on the stairs, ass out
stocking up to her thighs
big tits

she is desperate for my cock

24 February 2010

dumb slut

look at the marker up your ass, you slut!

Unforgettable | A juicy ass is as special as a big dick | Literary Porn Poem | by Moctezuma Johnson

big, fake tits
they say.
no, just
fucking loser
i say
in a dirty motel
while ass-fucking
another girl

i gag this dirty bitch
she sucks me off,
dumb slut
(every jynx and jenny
is a dumb slut)
i tell her there's another girl
who was just a cold, skinny whore
before the implants,
who I told to forget me
"but she couldn't," says this
one with my cock up her ass:
"you're too big to forget!"
i jizz up her ass


see more at @MJKingOfErotica

19 February 2010

15 February 2010

privacy issues

I wonder if people who see this blog recognize that ass as the ass of my girlfriend? Is it easy to see a naked ass with marker stuffed in it and say, "oh, yeah that's so and so from the dinner party last night?" I don't really think it's that easy. My girlfriend seems to think it is and that I should take everything down. I took all things with her face down, but I'm leaving the body parts for everyone to enjoy. She's a weird girl. She'll suck me off in public, but doesn't want her ass on my blog. Does that make sense to anyone?

another reason i know she's property of moctezuma johnson

she asked i take down the photo
of her felled, half dead on the bed
with my cum dripping down her cheek

this one:
{insert photo of her face
with cum dripping from cheek to lips
while she lays there docile and obedient}

but doesn't mind the others
of markers up her ass
and the words "pig" and "cumwhore"
written on her ass.

another way i know she's
my property.

13 February 2010

advantages of being her master

buy me water, orange juice
and boheme 5 cigarettes
before you come over
and suck on my fat cock
in the elevator

then bend over and let me
diddle your ass with my marker

i turn off the lights and make
the black lights light up
the nasty markings on her

the whore sucks and sucks
and sucks and sucks me off

till i spurt jizz into her mouth
then i ream her asshole
hard and mean
her body shakes and rattles

i push it up to her last bit
of tissue

and shoot a second load
up her glowing pink hole

she's property of moctezuma
johnson pumping its last drops

of jizz into her
her big tits hard
her face still big
and ugly
her cunt still used
by other guys
her ass now owned
the contract written
in cum
deposited into her

i stuff roti into her mouth
while her ass
accepts my contract

she chews and leaks cum
she moans and swallows
she bows her head
and awaits instruction

her underwear is at her knees
she's bent over
whore and cumpig glow
she chews and leaks cum

she chews and leaks cum
her ass now owned

a cumshot

she's slutload.com
extra puffs of helium
overstuffed zeppelin
pumped too much whore
like tomatoes with chili peppers
suck deep, very deep
nipples flower
you gag
pores open
eat the cream
down your throat

11 February 2010

a dance of stuffed mouths and left earrings

you were like a vacuum
on my cock,
something else, err,
maybe sucking other cocks made you better
my house is an
earring factory.
did you deep-throat the guy from the club too?
horny anal slut takes a big load, says youjizz.com
do you even remember his cock, you big
face whore? asks slutload.com
tits like somebody put a few
extra puffs of helium
like they overstuffed the zeppelin
pumped too much air into the tires
like they stuffed tomatoes with chili peppers.
you suck deep, very deep
i feel your nipples flower
as you gag--those little pores open
i cream down your throat,
make you massage my sleeping leg,
then sleep some more.
you get ready for work
leave your earrings on the bathroom
counter. this place is
a grave to cheap watches, combs, and earrings:
now your dress is draped over my chair.
i hate having stuff all over
but you're very good at sucking
so it's worth it.
i'll stuff your mouth again
you'll leave your earrings again

09 February 2010

a slut

she's like
a sphinx
with her hairless

she's like a puma
the way
she crawls
to me.

she's like a slut
the way
she goes
balls deep.

06 February 2010

my cheating whore

i feel nauseous
my slut
has been fucked by a guy
with a small cock
who though she
was a transvestite
with big, fake tits

and another loser
who promised her
coffee and a movie
but instead took her
in a dirty motel

fucked her hard from behind
made her suck his cock

and she wants me to tell her
my heart is in her?

his cock was in her cunt!
she says he didn't gag her
but he was huge

i gag her when she sucks me off
so i must be huger

so why should i take this slut back?
there are so many sluts
so many slaves
so many tall, hot girls
who give up the ass

why should i give her what she wants
when she gives what i want away

she's a dumb slut who doesn't realize
how lucky she is to have me
how lucky she is to have a guy
who always makes her cum
for years now
who always helps her out
with her problems

i told her to forget me
and she couldn't

all she could do was try other cocks
and ironically
it's making me forget about her

i don't mind the cheating
i mind the lying about it till later
i mind the fact that after she told me
she wants me to tell her my heart is in her

like she cheated to force my heart into her,
what a stupid fucking pig!

04 February 2010

Lunch BJ

i will pick her up
at lunch
and put her in
bend her over
and rail her
then jam cock into
her throat

how can I humiliate her?
write slut on her again?

another nice day in the universe.
she sends me a message:
i miss you already.

you asked for a love letter

a love letter
is folded in my
back pocket

it says: your hair
is silk, and your
eyes are irises on
a warm spring day

your lips are sheets
wrapped around
my sleeping body.

the letter stays folded
in my jeans back pocket,
which are at my ankles
while i thrust my cock

so deep into your mouth
that i cum into your throat

03 February 2010

a soft moment

i am so lonely actually,
so full of shit
about being a master
of cumsluts and stuff.

really there's one slut
she's mine
and I'm hers
and I love her.

BJ in the car

i've parked behind a apartment complex
across the street from your work
and you've protested: "I don't want
to suck it, people can see."

I pull it out nonetheless
and before long it's deep in your mouth.
people are walking about
seeing you bobbing on it.

"Okay, that's enough," I say. I let you
up. kiss your cheek and chin. "let's go
get some coffee," I say.
we get out, you walk ahead.

some men tell me my lights are on
you think they are talking about you:
the slut, the cocksucker, the publicly
humiliated cumpig.

and from the way that they smirk
I know that they are.

02 February 2010

fucked on the service line

we're on the court,
at the service line.
you're on your hands
and knees
ass up, face looking out
into the stands
where people have
gathered to see a tennis
match. instead, they
see your face wrinkled
into the agony of sodomy
by monster cock, into the
pain of ass-splitting ass pound,
into the pleasure
of public humiliation.
you, slut, look up at the
jumbotron tv and see
a close up:
cock up ass
massive cock
stretched out asshole
and barely can connect
that that jumbo slut
is you.

it's at this point that you're yanked around
and into a spray of hot cum. the crowd,
it cheers.

01 February 2010

MJ's new slut

Slut pig Johnson,
that's Cristy's real name.
see her spread open
in the men's bathroom floor
asshole gaped?

see her throat impaled with a stranger's cock
see her pussy split open as she sits on another?

wanna try her for a moment
before I split open her asshole
with my monster johnson
and jizz up her ass?

Cristy pig, eat that cream from your ass!!

Moctezuma Johnson loves Jessica Bangkok

Girl from team MJ (original girl was censored and removed so I have replaced the image with a new one--with love, xoxo--from Jessica Bangkok. I mean, who doesn't love Jessica Bangkok and her big, phat, juicy ass. I love seeing this bitch on her knees.

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