22 March 2014

I need your help for a quick moment: what should my new book title be?

Which is a better title for my sci-fi/erotica book?
Triangulum Stain
Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos
Beaver Lick Country
The Story of the Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos
Attack of the Alien Dildos
Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Alien Dildos
Please Specify:
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05 March 2014

Hola, Sexy Readers!

So now I'm one of these jerk-offs with a mailing list. MailChimp or GorillaBox or ApeCunt or some shit like that. I know about 300 people now from my writing and think it's time to organize. I use Facebook sparingly and don't really like how it is constantly on my ass to "Boost" and "Buy" and "Promote" and then reaches only about 20% of you when I spend my time to make a post. Personally, I hate getting fucking email so I apologize to you for being a hypocrite but it seems emailing you is better than anything else out there in 2014. I mean, it's not like any of us are writing letters. I used to write my girlfriend -- a hot Venezuelan Miss Universe Culona/Popozuda type -- professing my love and telling her how my cock yearned to part her ass cheeks and defile her virgin asshole, but those romantic days are over. Now it's a short tweet or a message on Facebook. Luckily I still go to bars and drink and chat or I would have virtually no real human contact.

Anyway, if you want a free book and some news from me (don't worry I'm too lazy to send shit often) sign up to my list. If this sounds disgusting don't sign up and if you're already in my email (it imported contacts) just unsubscribe. I understand. I won't be offended.


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