29 May 2011

two times

in the morning
once more right

the second one
is better cause i
last longer

26 May 2011

all the stars momentarily aligned

i came home
six a.m.
from the arms
of tais
n there was jinx
all slut
and mama
she breast fed
i jerked it
she heard
the slap of my ham
on hand
came in started sucking
"i want to cum in your ass,"
i turned her away
sodomized her slowly
and deep.
later that night
tais gave me the
long, deep
no gag-reflex
blowjob i've wanted
where i pushed the back
of her head down
and held her chin up
to get full cock-extension
into her throat

Cock goes from Ass to Mouth

body form (remix "the after")

before getting pregnant,
she had a massive ass
tiny waist 
and two big juggs.

now she has a massive ass
which i still fuck at will
sometimes in the morning
before she goes to work
so she'll feel it ache
while she sits on her 
uncomfortable and squeaky 
office chair
with the broken wheel

and a big fat waist
like a spare tire.

is it just me or is this the hottest girl ever?


there are times
when i just
want to hug her
watch her crawl
from the chair
to the bed
over me
love when she
looks down on me
when she's on top

24 May 2011

i aged 25 years overnight

i pee like a 60-year-old man
though i'm 35
is it bacteria from some
dirty pussy
that has gotten into me?
is it syphilis, Gonorrhea
gettin rid of ya
that's doing me in?

we will wait and see
i woke up on Tuesday
feeling like
was kicking me in the balls
again and again

maybe that's why
they call it the clap
cause it's like
getting your balls

23 May 2011

beck and call

that's exactly what i want to be
the fat pig with the hot
girl at his beck and call

22 May 2011


i got to
bend her over
and push it in her
but first
she wants me to
lick her ass and cunt.

07 May 2011

Dirty Blog that I like

The Thirty-six Chambers of Cunt

Master of Tongue Fu
she has a black belt in blow jobs
practicing moves in the Blow Dojo, from,
Poundin' Temple, China 
she is the Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon
House of Gaggers, Enter the Dragged-Tongue
cum-gum, spunk-tongue, jizz-eyes, sex-wise
the Thirty-Six Chambers of Cunt

— (originally via monsieur831; adapted by the King of Literary Porn Moctezuma Johnson, who else?)

05 May 2011

morning conversation

why didn't you rape me this morning.
i didn't think you wanted it.
i was unconscious, it would have been nice to wake up to sex.
you said last night i hurt you and you need to rest your uterus.
why do you listen to me?
why do i listen to you?
you just failed my test.
what test? 

02 May 2011

meeting in the bathroom

"am i in the wrong bathroom?"
Ji-eun is right there, her maid's uniform
unzipped down the middle
i reach in and grab a full C cup breast.
"Don't touch me," she says.
"Is this the ladies?"
"No," she motions to the urinal.
She walks over with me and grabs
my ass, she tickles my balls
while i pee. "I'm going now!"
"Can I see you?"
"Can you follow me?"
"Of course."
"You shouldn't."
"Do you have a gag reflex?"
"Then I should."

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