29 April 2011

fucked her ass (remix 1)

i had toilet
then came in
dildo' ass
pound ass
fucked her ass up
fucked her throat up
fucked her wait for me
head in toilet
move her to the couch
spray the huge
milk-full tits
anoint face
with semen flow

one of my favorite comments

used-whore said...

there's nothing like being left in the side of the road all used, master. i feel like i'm such your big whore. i wait there for you. please come back and shoot another sticky creamy jizz on my face. i am your parking lot slut.

27 April 2011

they are all jealous bitches

with jinx on top of me riding
i told her that cassia
has better tits and sucks deeper
she smacked me then kept titty fucking

"what the fuck is wrong with you?"
i pushed her mouth to moctezuma:
"suck it!"

she sucked a bit,
"i can see it: moctezuma going
in and out of her and it hurts!"

26 April 2011

heart shaped ass

i'm sorry
for ripping your asshole apart
but it was so deep
and felt so good

25 April 2011

ass n jizz

what's awesome
is on the day i ass-
fucked jinx

joba blew me
and ate my cum
for the first time

jinx shook
with pain
from asshole stretch

joba shook with
shock from tasting
her first jizz

24 April 2011

i got her
to deepthroat
me till
i came in
her innocent
little throat

she has no gag
but struggles
to breathe
around my
big, hard

22 April 2011

fucked her ass

i had her wait for me
head in the toilet
then came in
dildo'd her ass
opened that pink
with the fat head
of my massive purple
twice the size
as my big cock
i pushed it in
watched her glasses
go crooked it was so big
her pussy was tighter
around my dick
since her ass was stuffed
i moved the dildo to her mouth
i fucked her ass
pounded her throat
fucked her ass
pounded her throat
fucked her ass
pounded her throat
fucked her ass
moved her to the couch
flipped her ass up
into the air
fucked her ass
pounded her throat
fucked her ass
pulled out of her gaped hole
as she looked up at me
her glasses had fallen off
sprayed her tits
and glasses
and face
and floor

21 April 2011

how she was able to deep throat

maybe because
she can throw up
her dinner at will
she can also hold
cock down
in her throat

17 April 2011

A shitty day

i woke up
to my girlfriend hitting me
with her hand on my back
then smacking me with a pillow
cause i set my alarm to wake her up
for work
she was complaining that she was always late

then i went to the gym
saw my other girlfriend,
the one who isn't married,
who is still hot and skinny-waisted--
she said she doesn't want to see me

then my future mistress
came up with me but
blue-balled me
cause she's scared she'll
fall for me.

13 April 2011

make up whore (Part 2)

you're going
to put a lot of makeup
i mean, a ridiculous
and put on that
wig i bought you
and i'm going
to face fuck you
till all that makeup
runs off.

08 April 2011

you were always a whore

you were always a whore
before i met you
white spots in your cunt
were always there
since you sucked and fucked
all that dirty Korean dick

then there was me, fucking you
hard and deep
making you sceam
and cum
making you eat cumshots
take cock up the ass

but i needed more:
claire, grace,
the gym woman,
jin, jenny
to take my huge
cock up each ass

still you kept coming
early in the morning
getting face fucked

after grace
 you still let me
have your ass
after jenny
you asked me
to pee on you

now there's sol
who you know i'm fucking
who you know deepthroats
in a way very few can

and you still let me
rape your throat
in the closet
til my balls squash
against your lips and chin
til your eyes
tear up and flow over
til your forehead
is wrinkled in gag reflex

next i'll pound your asshole
til it bleeds

02 April 2011

BJ politics

my girlfriend
says it's so mean
to gag her
and hold her nose
so she can't breathe.

so all i do is work
up to this point
where she's too
far gone
and slutty
and has no
self respect anymore
and does it.

i always win.

01 April 2011

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