26 September 2012

Becoming her Master

after breaking up
she'd do anything
to get me back.

lie in bed and cry
call and call and call

she had to have me
come over
strip and bend over

put the vibrating rabbit
into her cunt, buzzing
that elliptical song

put it up my ass
stuff it up there
and rip me apart, 
she says. 

only if you taste your ass after
whatever you need, my master

07 September 2012

Questions about her Hotel Sex

Questions to Ask Jynx about Caden

Dear Jynx, 

I know you went to a hotel with Caden and he fucked you from behind. I know you gave him head and he went down on you, but I have more questions:

Did he grab you by the head and facefuck you?
Did he stuff his cock in your throat while your chin banged into his balls?
Did he have a good fistful of hair to force you down on his cock?
Did he rape your throat even after your jaw was tired and you slapped his thigh to stop?
Did he call you dirty names while stretching your cunt lips open?
Did he switch from your wet cunt into your tight little asshole?
Did he spit on it to lube you up or did he lick y our ass?
Did he pull it out of your ass and shove it in your mouth or did he lose control and dump his load up that dirty asshole?
Did he wear a condom or did he just defile your Asian Ass raw?

your Master

06 September 2012

Moctezuma Johnson

  1. first get yourself any fucking slut, pig, or slave
  2. then you must think about camera placement
  3. film her from many angles for short periods of time
  4. use short clips about 20 to 30 seconds at a time (no more than a minute.)

  1. Before starting have her model a bit

    1. her with clothes answering questions (name? first time on video? like cum? like blowing? like big cock? are you going to suck my big cock? give me your ass? be my slut? pig? slave? ugly whore? do you have a boyfriend?

  1. For blowjob there are a few places.
  2. the knees (guy standing):

    1. You can shoot up to down on the tripod.
    2. Or you can go down to up.
    3. You can shoot from the side, most common,
    4. or through the guy’s legs—which features the girl’s tits.
    5. shoot for the side but down to up
    6. and shoot from far away
    7. she can hold it up to down, side to side, down to up

  1. the knees (guy sitting)
  2. straddling her

    1. remember to

      1. gag her
      2. make her bob up and down fast
      3. skullfuck her
      4. put cock into her cheek
      5. slap her face
      6. jizz on her face

  1. For sex there are also a few places.

    1. missionary

      1. first person view
      2. from the side
      3. from behind her, she must hold the camera

    1. her doggy style

      1. shoot down to up from behind
      2. shoot from in front while fish-hooking her
      3. shoot from far away, side o
      4. first person, yank her hair
      5. remember to

        1. fishhook her
        2. yank her hair
        3. step on her head
        4. pour lube on her ass while doing her and then
        5. switch to from cunt to ass
        6. slap her ass cheeks

    1. cowgirl

      1. first person, tits n face
      2. facing the couch to shoot your ass

        1. spread it open with hands

      1. side
      2. fuck her ass

    1. her on her side

      1. camera over her
      2. camera facing her head and tits
      3. camera facing her ass

    1. her pretzeled

      1. placed over her shooting down from somewhat of a distance

    1. cumshot

      1. her facing cock and camera
      2. camera high and side,
      3. film all the cum on her after you finish
      4. make her suck more after
      5. have her hold the camera facing the cock and face
      6. get up close to see the cumshot

check to make sure you complete these:
  • Make her blow you for a while.
  • Slap her with your cock
  • make her smile while you slap her with cock even though she won’t really like it
  • Make her bend over so you can shoot that asshole
  • Have her say she’s

    • a slut
    • a slave
    • a whore
    • a pig

  • if she complains, gag her with a bandana
  • Fuck her fat ass with the camera low and behind
  • Pour yogurt on her and make her blow you
  • piss on her
  • bind her hands
  • cut her clothes

02 September 2012

Train Face Fuck

I facefucked the whorebag on the train
cause women are whores.
i grabbed her whore head
as she walked the aisle
and said, "sit, whore!"
when her ass met the seat
i introduced her tonsils to cockhead

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