29 December 2011

Bros before Ho

Ai told me she wanted to show me her pussy
shaved, wet and hot
she lowered her blouse
and i realized her tiny frame
held some surprisingly significant-sized
little chinese titties

i wanted her so badly
and she was grabbing and squeezing me

but she was my friend's girl
and there was no way i would fuck her

27 December 2011

Fat Chicks Rule

every so often
i need  a fat, big-tittied girl
to tit-fuck and ride

i saw one in the supermarket
all nylons
thunder thighs
and big tits

and wanted to rub it
against her
while she bagged
her groceries

Book out from Emme Hor

the most bad-ass girl of erotica is releasing her first book of porno-literary smut. it is a paradigm shifting curve-jumping revolutionary work. well, no it's not. it is a very direct, sexy account of the life of  Malaysian female with kick-ass attitude and more testosterone than the average female.

i will update the blog and my google+ page with links and info surrounding this book.

24 December 2011

A XXXmas Carol

the fireside is blazing bright

it's all quite through the house
the cookies are out and sweet

as the cock goes in she's louder than a mouse

like a horse she winnies
like a pig she oinks
as i pound that ass
i crack her joints


XXXmas Gallery on Tumblr

21 December 2011

Men V. Women

girls want love
guys want fucking

i just want to be intimate with you, he says
his cock hard in his pants

she takes it as "close to you"
he takes it as cock in your cunt
while dildoing your ass

Do you wanna be around this?

MJ: you didn't leave any baby food!
you didn't even say anything -- arghhhhhhhhhhh
is it cold out?
Jynx: thought it would be enough for one more round. it's not?
ok. sorry. i should have said it's low. but there's nothing i could do last night or this morning.
MJ: not at all!
Jynx: ok. stop yelling
MJ: you could have told me!
i'm not yelling
it just messed up our routine of bottle then sleep around now
i'll feed him with a spoon, no big deal
Jynx: i honestly forgot to tell you.
don't think i'm intentionally messing up
it's freezing out.
MJ: is it? so i won't take him out?
Jynx: you can use the garage and go to emart
i feel like somebody should have told me yesterday though
MJ: huh?
Jynx: and i really had no choice but to only tell you it's low. and i forgot to tell you.
so please would you stop criticizing me and make this whole thing my fault?
MJ: i didn't
i'm just saying
who do you want me to talk to?
Jynx: not talk to
MJ: i should have noticed and told you
Jynx: recently all you tell me is negative
will you please balance it out with some more positive comments?
MJ: ok
Jynx: i don't know what's wrong with me but i'm being quite forgetful.
MJ: it's okay, you have big tits
Jynx: did you see the presents wrapped under the tree and your shoes done with the shoelaces?
MJ: i have always wanted a forgetful girl with a big ass and tits
yes, i saw the presents (except one)
and the shoes
thanks you
Jynx: so that you can yell at me and treat me like a dumb slut? asshole
Sent at 10:55 AM on Thursday
Jynx: i'm feeling lonely and hurt because of you. i don't need this. do you wanna be around this?
goodbye. take care.

20 December 2011

girls always look hot

girls with biting lip always look hot
girls with titties half-out always look hot
girls with glasses always look hot
girls with ties always look hot
girls in schoolgirl skirts always look hot

hot girls always look hot
she has that little concubine
 smile and kneel
to her white masters
 to el jefe, the raja
 el hidalgo, the superior
she takes the creamy white
cum, feeling degraded

19 December 2011

Delusional Remix

i know it but i think these fucking girls, well,
okay, i'm a delusional fuck up
i want to take you to the park

seriously till something is wrong
with her uterus because
 i yelled at one slut for dropping the baby.
yes, you kneel, suck it, eat the cum, and then get up,
 brush yourself off and walk away

serious? she's seriously going to kill herself,
not just put a bloodbath on the wall,
of course
without saying anything?
decide, for example, okay today is threat day
and then one is saying this time she's really going to do it,
she's seriously going to
that it's not something
10 minutes? bastard and murder herself,
not just put a bloodbath on the wall,
and the other one is saying i better cum soon
cause her ass hurts and it's cold outside

18 December 2011

meet in the garage
where i photograph your naked ass
hanging out the car door

drive with me to the wilderness
where i do you up the ass
while pulling your hair

17 December 2011


Jiwon, that sky-high giraffe
Jiwon, that big-assed teacher
in glasses and dresses

Jiwon, the coffee guzzler
Jiwon, the big-assed hustler
got scared that i get too much pussy

on all fours on the couch
in the glorious apartment
she was house-sitting

with windows looking out
over Itaewon, Seoul
a crisp, snowy day

a smooth, suave ass
spread open: slit and asshole
problematic to convince her

to give up the asshole
that towering beast
waiting doggy-style

for my mythical penis
afraid I may give her a disease

16 December 2011

i used to take Grace
stand beside the bed
while she laid down
and jackhammer her
whore korean throat

here gigantic tits
flopped around
and her beer belly
followed suit

i never saw a girl
look better in a towel

15 December 2011

you are the jizz

you are the asshole
you are the jizz
sitting on that asshole
all creamy and white
just milked out of
my massive moctezuma

Getting Off

i really expected the thai princess
to be better looking

somebody put a little girl
in a garbage compactor

bangkok is nearly underwater
from flooding

a girl was asleep in the back of a taxi
after arriving the driver called the cops.
they shook her
she looked like she was dead

Bimbo Honor

Photo Archive
her tits are torpedoes and ETFs:
double FF tits
never pays for a thing,
a triple A credit rating
from Davao to Madagascar
even on the island of Java
they kneel to this Queen bitch
carve statues in her esteemed
bimbo honor

14 December 2011

Face Fucking

grab her by the hair
and shove the cum dump
down on cock

grab her by the hair
and show her you're the boss
of her throat

grab her by the hair
and hold her down
till she goes blue

grab her by the hair
and splooge in her mouth
all that creamy goodness

Check out my facebook page.
my new conquest, details coming soon

12 December 2011

Sucking on Big Titties

i love that smooth ass
the long legs, in short skirt
even in winter

the boots and leggings
the big tits
hanging out,
sexy, waiting

nothing calms me down like sucking
on a big pair of titties

all my whores know that

03 December 2011

slapping the bitches

i kept slapping her
she sucked
i slapped
she gave up
she left

i kept slapping her
the next one
i slapped
she finished
like a champ

i barely remember
i was so drunk
but when i wake up
i find a new number
on my phone
that says
FaceFuck Cunt

01 December 2011

Rim Job

lay there
and wait for me
to sit on your face
lick my asshole
you drunk fucking slut
cause you are the whore
and i am the whore Master
and there's nothing you can do
to ever make that relationship change

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