31 January 2010


with only hand cream as lube
i bent her over the pool table
and drove my big fat cock
into her tight asshole

because her ass was so round
and her skin so smooth
her ass beckoned for cock:
she shook and screamed, "no!"

repeatedly. i pushed monster
cock all in, the balls
to her asscheeks and said,
"you're doing good, pig.

that’s how a dumb whore
takes a big cock, that’s how
you make your master happy.
take it, my anal slave”

"take it out," she said. i took it
out, watched her asshole gape
slowly close and then drilled it back in
my body against hers like two pool balls smacking

her hand gripped the felt
her anus gripped my cock
her sphincter gripped my root
i gripped her nipple

and pulled. she screamed
and said, "I can't see! I can't hear!
take it out!"
she banged her fist on the felt

I took it out and pushed her
down under the pool table.
her ass looked round and fine
her anus gaped, her boots,

the only clothes left on in this
sodomy, and her hands and knees
held that round ass up
and I knew what to do:

deep and hard, i jammed it
back up her
and held
"that's it, you fucking whore!"

she said, "i can't hear or see!
you're too big!"

i jizzed up her ass. right there in the bar
her round naked ass sitting on her boots
the cum dripping from asshole to boot to floor

she stood up and staggered.
i knew i was her king and master

the movies

she invited me to the movies
and I'm happy
cause I can't wait
to shove her face down
into my cock
and make her suck it
with all those people around

should have knocked

you walk in and he's slapping her face
with cock
saying, "this isn't the first time
you've been slapped with cockmeat,
is it?"

you say, "excuse me, I just
wanted to take a leak."

he says, "go ahead," and yanks
her face toward the toilet.

you look at her and say, "I was
wondering where you went."

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quickie before work

i piss sideways
and think,
"did i fuck earlier?"
and remember
before I opened the bar
i railed my slut
bent over on a chair
spreading her hot
little ass open
while watching
the Aussie Open
on TV.

26 January 2010

a slut named esther

before i met my current slut
there was this girl, a student
of linguistics, who I met in the bar
and her and her friend came back
to my place to play cards
stripping, then kissing, then
her friend kneeled and blew me
in front of this girl.
she worshiped my cock
with two hands
while this girl, this slut,
then the other girl's boyfriend
picked the other girl up--like
nothing had happened at 5 am--
and this girl, clearly revved up,
said, "you can't fuck my ass, but
i need you to call me a slut and slap me
while you face fuck me."
"good enough," I said while
stuffing my balls into her mouth

improved technique

my thumbs go on her forehead, by her hairline
my palms and fingers cup her head
i shove her forward
till cock buries down her throat
then, with her lips at my cock's root,
i say: "twirl!" and she twirls her tongue
around my huge rod
and sticks it out and licks my balls.


I haven't had lips
on my cock

in two days

I'm starting to shake

I'm starting to drink
in the mornings

a friend of mine said,
"if I find a girl with a pink asshole
and a brown pussy
I'll marry her."

and this is starting to make sense.

23 January 2010

the anal pig | w/ oiled ass gif (always hot) | I couldn't find "Vaselined Asshole" for some reason -- too bad!

she's in her house, putting vaseline on
her asshole
so when she gets here
my cock -- that fucking monster! --
can slam up into her dirty hole
then into her mouth
so she is confirmed as my anal pig.

21 January 2010

how she kept her job

i heard a rumor:
my slut pig girlfriend
went to smoke a cigarette
up in the breeze on the roof
of her office tower.

she was stressed out
by her boss, and trembling
slightly shaking
slightly shivering.

he came up
dropped his pants
to his ankles
and said:
"gag on it! or I'm firing you
you dumb piece of shit!"

"can't you see I'm smoking,"
they say she said.

he stuffed out her

the Conservative Girlfriend

what woman isn't a slut?
even this hot new girlfriend of mine
the conservative one, yes
took it up the ass last night
and then ate it when it was getting dry
before putting it back in her ass
where I jizzed.

A cycle of pleasure

because the cunt
yelled at me in public
i took the cunt down
into an underground shopping arcade
there was a pool hall
and a golf practice center
where you hit the ball into
a net, two fee
t away
(never understood who enjoys that).
people all around,

she obediently kneeled
and said sorry --
with my cock dangling in her face.

i said, suck it, you stupid fucking pig.
oh yeah, that's how a bitch says sorry
get it down your throat. stop gagging.

while balls deep, people walked by --
one guy stepping outside to chat
with his wife, he saw her bobbing
on my big fat cock, eyes tearing --

the more she does these things
the more they look down on her
the more they look down on her
the more she does these things.

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20 January 2010

early morning booty call

you know my girlfriend
is a piece of shit

you know because she's
always angry, a time bomb
that explodes over and over
again, yet
no matter how angry
or because of how angry
she'll act more and more depraved

they say money talks
but so does cock
and pussy screams
she wants it
no more angry bjs
and trashing each other
she said, then

came over at 6:30 am
after I'd closed the bar
a downed a few bottles of beer

I was fast asleep
had to use a fire extinguisher
after emptying the ashtrays

had to use soap to my elbow
after cleaning up a bag of puke
left in a bag

she's upset I'm tired
accuses me of fucking another jenny
all night

this is perfect for you, she says,
I make you mad and you call

and you fuck her ass
and you make her eat it
and you make her drip
your cream
out her ass
your cream
into her hand
from her asshole
then into her mouth
your cream

cause i made you mad

i give you an excuse to use her.
look at you, so happy

she bangs her head into the wall
reaches for a knife
from under the sink

i grab her wrist,
get to work
or you'll be late

she walks out
and to the elevator

then she looks back
at me
at my raging hard on

she walks back, drops
her bags to the floor

i have to gag her with my cock
at the front door
watching the elevator
her bags on the ground

she sucks it deep
look up at me, whore
she makes eye contact
that's it

that's how you suck a cock
you wanna eat jizz?
she nods while deepthroating
i will fill you with cream

she makes a wretching sound
i hold her cheeks
i hold her forehead
i tilt her further back
watch her bottom lip hit my balls

she makes more wretching sound
oh yeah, the pig's about to eat jizz

i unload all my frustrations, my wit's end
into her mouth, she swallows it
each swallow milking my cock further
each swallow a plea, a cry for help
a petition asking me not to seek another ass
another mouth, another cunt
to use
i object:
my cream alleges it's innocence
in the matter, so clean and white
i pull cock out slowly, again
she signs that pleading document
with that sound

runs in the house, to the bathroom sink
and pukes

she comes back to the hallway:
kneel, i cleaned the floor
and don't want your shoes
dirtying it
she crawls out of the house
i watch her through the peep-hole,
she stands up, smooths out, and
waits for the elevator

i make sure the whore gets in
and goes down

18 January 2010

Railed on the railing

I took her on the stairs
pushed her naked breast
into cold steel rail
of the abandoned building
the old art gallery
some sculpture there
in the dark
like a person watching
us. a couple walked by
the bitch's heels clicking
the man in a bland suit.
me in this slut's cunt
her head now between
rungs of the railing
me between strokes railing
her. hard, deep, with
balls of steel. kneel, bitch
i shot ropes onto her hair
and nose and chin
then made her walk the chic
pass back to the car
with me all over her
don't wipe it off, i said
never, she said. she looked
in the mirror in the car

17 January 2010

For my girlfriend, the dirty whore

This girl reminds me of you except her thighs are bigger, her tits are bigger, and her belly hangs out, but yours is tight and fucking hot. You have the best body that always makes me hard. You're the best slut in the world.

See her in this movie.

by the way, I love you!

14 January 2010

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