25 April 2012

cassia told me i had to meet her

cassia told me i had to meet her
when i did
she gave me her diary
stormed away
said i ruined her life.

i should have known this was coming
the anger, the frustration
the hate

she let me in
i stretched her cunt
wide open
and said, "i knew
i would fuck you today!"

she was in cum lure heels
all legs and ass

my cock glued me to her
stretched her just-shaved cunt

i flooded her belly button

22 April 2012

Is your girl a slut?

How to know if the girl you're dealing with is a slut

Girls with Big Tits Tend to Be Sluttier
I find this little trick quite helpful. I set a time limit the first time that I'm talking to to a girl. I'll ask her what her name is in the first twenty-five seconds and ask for a kiss twenty seconds later. If she kisses me then, within a minute, she's in the bathroom holding my cock in her hand. At this point it's pretty safe to say she is a whore. If she is a whore, now you're ready to thrive in all aspects of my how-to series.

The How To Series - Useful Relationship Advice 

This stuff works, you can wipe your ass with Cosmo.

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The Pig in Character
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a great rack

a great rack
look how hot my slut's tits are!

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