28 July 2011

Lesbians | One bitch dildos the other's cunt with a strap-on while pulling her hair

This seems about right. One bitch has got the other bitch by the hair while pounding her big strap on cock up the other cunt's hole. 

19 July 2011


she says
she only had two
boyfriends in her whole life
then bends down
on the steps
with puckered lips
and kisses me.

i watch the innocent girl
walk up the stairs
in her super short skirt
she's hot and tight
and i watch her ass

which i can't wait to get in

18 July 2011

Owned Slut

everybody knows
that when you pound
a girl's asshole
you own her

and when you yank
her back like this
you let her know
that you both know

she's your owned slut.

Will face-fucking her break your heart?

licking her pussy
she cums
fucking her slow and deep
she cums
"don't break my heart,"
she squeezes
her massive juggs
"will facefucking that
skinny girl in the white dress
break your heart?"
i pinch one nipple
of her melons,
"not if you do it
in front of me."

16 July 2011

Yoga XXX

shave that stinky pussy
open that pink asshole,
that's the position
sluts must assume,
you dirty whore

what? stop calling you
that? well, stop
sucking cock
just out of your ass
pumped so hard
it poked out your
whore forehead

mixed blood sluts

some of these asian american
girls are such whores
that they get drinks from him
and go home with me
to let me fuck them
in their tight asses.

15 July 2011


we're in the bar
well, i'm behind it
and she says
she wants to suck my cock

i say, come here and suck
it, then.

she says she will
if i light her cigarette

i press the lever
the flame rises up.

she takes a puff
and says, she loves
the public eye.

Ripping her earring out

she came back
after i flipped
and tried to
throw myself
out the window

she was giving me
a blowjob
and stopped

and i clicked
saw red
and yelled and screamed
she left

an hour later
she was kneeling
and i had my hand
on the back of her head

spread out like a claw
i shoved her down
my cock deep into her throat
she was gagging

i was throwing her down
on cock like never before
till i came and she threw up

till her earring ripped out
of her ear

14 July 2011

Suck it in, girl!

suck it in, girl
it's photo time

suck that gut in
babe, don't let
that belly hang out
and embarrass
as your photo
is reblogged
all across the internet.

13 July 2011

Deepthroat apology

she apologized
with deepthroat

no words needed with
real deepthroat

eyes wide and throat stuffed
she pulled out, gasping
"you try doing it!"
i'm not apologizing, i said
with my hand
like a spider
on the back of her head
throwing her down on cock
til it pulled off an earring

she rushed, blood dripping over her hand,
to the bathroom

12 July 2011

put one leg up
like a figure skater
to let me pound her
in the ass
at the bar

10 July 2011

Ass Whore

stick her head in the machine after
fuck her 'til her ass breaks apart
'til the rosebud pull out
and hangs
then feed it to her.

06 July 2011

Blackmail (the Remix of Emme's Magnum Opus)

when she asked me
to buy her cigarettes
i felt the rush
in my loins

i brought them out
and motioned her 
to follow me into 
the stairwell

you know Moctezuma
loves stairwells
where you can jam

into her throat
get all sweaty
with the fact
that someone may

walk in and see 
this girl on knees
balls deep, eyes wide
drool dripped

and add a second cumshot
to the whore's face

Drunk Sluts

two hours after closing
we were there playing 5-9
pool for money.
there were these two girls
that tramped into the bar
all slushy and chunky
late at night
drinking tequila shots
with two dorky dudes
who wanted to play
but not for money.

at some point,
while speaking
in Korean, one
drunk lassie
spoke bullshit
i don't know
a lot
but i know
hers sucked--
and i told them
to leave, we are
way past closing:
cash or credit.

walking home
after losing
i saw them on
the street
and got this
huge urge
to grab one
in the alley
by my house
and do her so hard
that her flab shakes
and her hair band
comes loose
as her pussy lips

05 July 2011

i did her in the ass
again. this time
reverse cowgirl
i didn't call her names
nor make her eat
cock out of her ass

next time i want to fuck
her ass with the mask

just suck it, whores

sometimes with jinx
you just have to grab
her by the hair
and shove her
down on your cock

she will give in
and suck
in fact, most girls
will just suck a cock
dangled in their faces

03 July 2011

she will probably cry

the new sol
is so dumb and innocent
i just wanna
face fuck her hard
until she's nearly crying
then fuck her up her
tight virgin ass
stick it back in her mouth
and tell her
that she's a fucking slut

02 July 2011

Vomit, Bitch!

i pushed her head down
and made her gag
then i made her suck

i pushed her head down
and made her puke
she spit it into the

i pusher her down again
and made her suck
till she banged on my

i fucked her hard
spit on her nose
then drowned out the

with my cumshot.

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