30 July 2010

The preacher's wife

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is this what the husband worries his wife is doing?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Well, I was checking the phone records and saw a lot of calls to your number. Do I know  you?
I don't know. Who are you?
Mr. Kim
I don't know.
It wasn't my phone. Do you know Anna Kim?
Anna Kim?
I'm sorry. I don't know who you are. How can I answer your questions?
Why do you ask?
She called your number a lot.
What's your worst nightmare?
A facial?
Up the ass?
So, what, you think I must be fucking her?
Why else would you call? You must think she's taking my cock, maybe even think she's here right now—on her knees in front of me.
No. I don't.
Wearing my cum like expensive moisturizer, telling me how great I am. How my cock is so much bigger than yours is.
No. She's right here.
Well, then what?
I just wanted to know who she was calling. I'm her husband.
Well, now you found out. You should be asking her, not snooping around. But that's between you and her. Look at her face because, by the way, yesterday, she let me cum all over it. She said you never did that.
I have.
Said she never had an orgasm before?
She said that?
Happy now? Glad you called? Glad to hear the voice of the man attached to the large  cock gagging your wife while you’re at work? the man with big thick cock?
I know that she would never.
Really? Funny, because I know all about you, preacher. She said she wanted to be my slave—do anything for me—cause she needs a big cock. Ask her. She'll admit it. Slave. Not girlfriend, not whore—but slave. I have photos too. She's bent over modeling her asshole after I obliterated it. She likes it up the ass now. She likes being smacked while sodomized, the little slut.
Wives cheat. It's no big deal. She's not ugly.
She is ugly. Tell her I said so. She has a big hairy pussy, you know that. And little hairs on her nipples. She only looks good with cock up her ass and a big load on her face. Go ahead and tell her that. She's a desperate whore.
She's been a good wife. How dare you say that? I'll kill you.
She had my cock in her ass yesterday. Why defend her? If that's a good wife, you're seriously fucked, man. I mean, I'm not married. Maybe I don't know much about wives, but as soon as I met Anna she was hungry for cock. First night I met her she came back to my house, got buck naked on the couch and asked me to cum inside her. Your wife, man. How's that for a slut? I love it. Hell, tell her to come over now and suck on my cock. I'm getting hard just thinking about the slut.
Please stop. I'm sorry I called. I see I've offended you. I will let you go.
I don't want to go, man. Is she there with you?
I said, is she there with you?
Look at her. Look at that face. What do you see?
My wife's face.
No. You see the place where I dropped a big load of cum yesterday.  Her first load of cum ever. How's that feel?
You want to be happy?
You want Anna to be happy?
I'll tell you what man. Let's fuck her together. You and me, man. You say okay and I'll get right over there. You can watch how she submits to me. And I'll have her take both of our cocks at once.
No, I'm sorry I called.
She said she'd like you to see how hot she gets. She'd like you to be there with her, to hold her while another cock defiles her ass. Think how proud you'll feel cumming on her face for the first time, realizing that your wife is a whore capable of satisfying all your dreams. Doesn't that sound good?
I’m sorry I called.
Try it, man. Ask her if anyone’s ever called her ugly.
Baby, have you ever been called ugly? She isn’t answering me.
Ask her who’s cock is...Anna’s voice gets on: I’m sorry for my husband.
Don’t be. Tell him you want my big cock up your ass now while he watches.
I can’t. It will crush him.
Kneel down slave.
A voice comes out from the background -- what are you doing, honey? stand up, honey.
Honey, i want you to watch him put his massive cock up my ass.  He is my owner.


Four Stories (or so) in Five parts with a Sex Theme | Literary Porn Stories by Moctezuma Johnson | 2006

Kama Sutra IllustrationImage via Wikipedia
Instructions on Fucking my Wife.
Although my Ana has nice tits, perky to look at and full in the hand, she’s fat around the stomach and thighs.
            She can give an awesome blowjob but she’s lazy. Her cunt is tight as a vice with her clit hidden like a dragon behind the many folds of her slit. Her ass is full and wonderful. Put the cock in the crack of it and she’ll push till you spurt.

Gian has big balls, they are hairless, full of cum and always hot. He has cock to match with a big fat helmet. His tongue is long and wide. He can hold your ass up in the air and lick pussy soft, wet and hard all at once. His ass is full--you’ll grab it while he stretches those cunt lips. Lift those legs up and squeeze those tits together. He’ll lick you till you cream.

The Slut.
Her name was Supaporn. She even had porn in her name. But he didn’t care about her name except that it was further proof she was destined to be smutted. She sat, sluttily, & smuttily, by her computer—so he thought. Nipples out, so he thought. They were as soft as rice cakes marinated all night in chili paste.
            She got up to pee.

The Bowl.
Hair curled down her nose into her mouth. The bathroom was silent save for the radiator

crackling. Her eyes pierced him when the door banged her knee. She fell back, bare-assed, skirt hiked up, and hit the dirty porcelain. He lifted, turned, and plunged her—thrusting his strange cock into her slit. His hand grabbed a chunk of hair, and, with it, pushed her toward the bowl. Seeing the dirty ring of toilet water near, she used every last bit of strength to push back her grime-smeared ass, which made his pleasure so complete he detonated his spunk-bomb inside her.

Gangbang Girl.

My dumb cunt let me rape her, video tape her taking two cumshots and getting cunt torn. She’s so dopey and unsexy sucking my cock. My whore let me slap my big cock against her, beat her with thick meat and she’d plead for me to be nice to her but I’d call her whore and jism on her dirty-whore face. I fucked her ass. She said her pussy was tired so I took her asshole. Slapped her fat ass-cheeks and watched them jiggle then pulled at the stretch marks, lighter than her caramel and cinnamon skin. I’ll sell those videos of her one-day. Or blackmail her into fucking me again so I can make her feel like a whore one last time. I spit on her and made her cry, then unzipped and slapped big dick onto her face like I would slap down sausage onto a cutting a board. Fuck you, whore, I said. Then shoved cock down her throat—gagging her, that stupid virgin-slut. She wants respect. Earn it with balls to the chin and cock head past the larynx. She never wanted sex. Bitch, drop to those knees like you will behind my back. I saw you next to the canal waving at that boatful of guys—eyes wide with gangbang, multiple cocks pounding your swollen cunt, your tits hard as plum pits because the anonymity does it for you yet to me you say be nice I’m your wife. No your not, whore.
            Not anymore. You stopped giving me sex after promising it to me so I started writing things in magic marker on your back secretly while you slept. I covered your back: bitch, slut, pig, whore, cunt, cumrag, cumpig, cocksucker, cumcatcher, sub, worthless slut, dumb bitch, mongoloid, cum target, cum receptacle, trollop, hussy, puta, chupadora, mamadora, (Spanish cocksucker curses). When I’d filled your back with insults I knew we were through. I love the thought that you discovered it one day getting into the shower, or even better that you never see found it but a co-worker’s eyes bulged when he watched your shirt creep up and expose whore written thickly in the small of your back.
            He went to get your supervisor and the supervisor also watched how your shirt revealed that black ink ‘whore’, instantly got hard, and made wisecracks about stuffing you. But this didn’t offend you. It was when your he asked you to his office and said isn’t there something you might do to earn a little more that prompted you to come home crying. You weren’t keen on blowing him—while he slouched in his office swivel chair, or bending over and taking it pleasure less, it was the casual attitude and the offhandedness that offended you—you thought a ménage had self-respect but adultery didn’t.
            Something wonderfully illicit, something decadent offered you something. But just being used for the selfish pleasure of a man, there was no point in that. You had a husband already with that attitude.
Now you are gone, you left that job, and you left me. You are stripping to support yourself. Your breasts have been augmented.
Now you blow your new boyfriend and let him cum on your face. You fuck two or three times a day. Me you never fucked more than once a day. And never on consecutive days. Strange. And I’m a good-looking guy. Now I have a girlfriend who’s a sad nymphomaniac with a Buddhist pussy. She fucked me nine times this Saturday.
            You blow strange guys to make enough cash. It’s hard to equal the luxury I had you living in. You could have been my whore but you wanted to be a good girl. Be nice to me you said. Now, whore, how does it feel dancing on “Salsa Sluts Night” against the cold pole? I was nice to you, you slattern trollop. What went wrong?
I should have invited that boatful of guys over and videotaped them one by one stretching that hole open and then covering you in multiple torrents of jism. Then you would be too embarrassed that the tape may come out, and instead of writing about you, I would be balls deep in that ass calling you my whore.

She was a virgin (I taught her to Blow)

She was a virgin when I met her. She said, “do anything to me except sex.” She was seventeen years old. I took her and leaned her against the wall. Her clothes were already in a heap on the floor. She was sitting on the bed with the window behind her. The sun was setting. I pulled out my cock and pushed it to her lips. Her mouth was closed. “Open,” I said.
She looked up at me.
I pushed it to her mouth, prying her lips apart with cockhead. She took the head in then made some kind of whine. It was a whine of surprise, of spit, or something like gag.
I pulled it back out of her mouth. “Good girl,” I said.
Then I stood up, my cock towering over her, and navigated my balls to her face. I rubbed them all over her face. “Lick them,” I commanded.
At first there was no reaction. I held onto the wall for support. Then her tongue was on them. After she’d really soaked them I pulled away and started to slap her face with my cock.
“Open wide again.”
She complied and again I put my cock in. But this time not just the head. I pushed until she made a retching sound and pushed me back by the thighs. I grabbed her head, remember she was leaning back with no escape, and continued to push it in and out up until that retching sound. Tears streamed down from the corner of her eyes, following the canyon of the side of her little nose.
That’s where I wanted to see my cum.
I fucked her face for a while, but the retching and whining got louder. She pulled away and turned to the side violently. She took a deep breath, and coughed. I turned her back to face me. “Come her you fucking slut,” I said. I beat her cheeks with cock, it was heavy against her delicate face. Her lips were big, so they took the cock slapping as well.
“Don’t,” she said.
“Quiet, whore,” I said. “Tell me you’re my whore.”
“I’m your whore.”
That was easy. I loved this girl, this whore, this virgin, my wife.
I jerked off while holding cock over her, owning her, doing whatever I wanted to her salted face.
“Don’t put it on my face.”
“But that’s the point. You’re my whore, shut up and be a slut.”
She was quiet.
I had her. I jerked off, nearing orgasm. “Who are you?” I said. “Are you my whore?”
“No. I’m your wife.”
She tried to move away but I held her there, in front of my cock. She squirmed desperately, trying to get out of the way. I slapped her with the back of my hand.
“No you aren’t, bitch.”
My cum started in a blast, cream right onto her right eye. Her chest heaved. I think she was crying, or just in shock. “Open your mouth, stick out your tongue.”
She did as told to my surprise and I coated her tongue and gums with hot cream. She looked hot with cum in her eye and on her lips and tongue. Really hot.
She did say do whatever you want beside sex.

Gangbang Girl (the response)

There was a painting that I thought was altogether backwards. It had a forest in muted colors with a laptop computer in front of it sort of floating. In the screen was the same forest but in vivid colors. I thought the computer should have been the muted colors, not nearly as vivid as real life. But I think that technology is another thing that dims our senses whereas this Korean painter, technology amped, argued the contrary.

I am the gangbang girl, my husband is right. I would say ex but we are still married and the truth is when I am drunk late at night I still think of his cock. It was real big. Forgive me because my English is not so good. I was born in Guatemala and moved here when I met him. He was everything to me. I came here for him. Now he has left but I am still here. I came from a good home. He brought me here and now I cannot go home. They will laugh at me. My family is very conservative—divorce is very serious.

I did look at that boatful of guys. My husband’s right. They were hot. I found I really like American men. They are so big and muscled. Of course it was just a wave. But things at the college where I learned English were not always so innocent.

One night two guys put a toilet seat over my head, called me a human toilet and each came on my face. I expected them to do it again and begged them to but they wouldn’t. They said they got all they wanted the first time. They were now looking for new girls, did I know any?

I did look dopey on my husband’s movies. He was right. But he still hurt my feelings. I tried to be a whore for him but he wouldn’t buy me chocolate the next day. I at least wanted a card. Something to show he cared and was appreciative of the extra effort. His cock was heavy, it hurt when it slapped against my face.

The two guys at the University offered me some money to put the toilet over my head. One rolled tape while the other pushed his penis into my mouth while holding my head. They taught me that this was called skull fucking. Interesting, isn’t it? A conservative married Catholic woman getting skull fucked and drooling all over herself in the dirty bathroom of a University. I don’t understand why the bathrooms weren’t cleaner. We paid a lot of money to attend. And if you are wondering why I would let two guys I didn’t really know do that considering my background it’s simple. I wanted to prove that I was in control of my smutification. If that’s what my husband wanted me to be for him that’s what I would be but the ultimate insult would be that I wouldn’t be that with him. He thinks he was the first to fuck my ass, he wasn’t. And they were much rougher with me than anything he ever did to me. One time on camera I took a huge dildo in the ass while sucking a guy off.

(C) 2006 by Moctezuma Johnson

The Erotic Psycho-Thriller by the King of Hardcore Smut
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don't worry

Don't Worry (Modern Talking song)Image via Wikipedia
i wish she knew that i loved her a lot
she gets worried all the time
i don't know how she's capable
of so much worry
maybe it's stored in her big ass
and full tits.

29 July 2010

a conversation about your wife

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kumonmywife: i want you to come fuck my wife.
face fucker: where?
kumonmywife: in her retail shop....right as she's closing up...come in the back door..take her into her back office.
face fucker: i come in the back and see her there with her designer blouse and skirt and heels. what a whore!  i grab her by the hair and yank her down to her knees, which she crumples into easily, and start to jam cock into her mouth. she sucks.
kumonmywife: yep...she's dressed like a slut...just to tease her customers....fucking cock-tease!! yeah....fuck that cunt's slutty little mouth
face fucker: i force her to gag on it, shoving it deep into her throat past her tonsils. now she's protesting, complaining -- banging my thigh.
kumonmywife: i can see her eyes tearing up
face fucker: it's not the cocksucking, that she didn't mind, it's the massive gagging like a hooker. i fuck her throat like a slut.
kumonmywife: fuck i think she's kinda liking it....what a pig!
face fucker: i pull out and slap her face with cock. i smear her makeup. then i hear a jingle a the front door and let her up. i show her my gun "help the customer but don't do anything stupid slut"
kumonmywife: mmmmmmmmm.....she cleans her smeared make-up....goes to the front....i can see how big your cock is, now
face fucker: a guy comes in and looks around at skirts for his wife. excuse me, ma'am. what size is this?
kumonmywife: i hear her voice shaking...
face fucker: your wife clears her throat, still stunned and now captive, and her make-up still obviously smeared although wiped away, says "that's a 4, about the same size as me. what size is the woman you're buying it for."
"she looks about the same size as you," he says.
"try it on for him," i call out and walk out into the main room.
the guy looks at me a bit perplexed but your wife knows that i mean business. she unzips her current skirt and drops it to the floor. she's wearing a g-string and her big ass cheeks hang out. the customer's mouth hangs open like he's about to be run over by a deer. she reaches her hand out and he gives her the skirt and his mouth closes. she tries to pull it up, but her ass it too big -- clearly she's bigger than a size four.
"you were giving him the wrong size, slut. make up for it by pulling it off along with that thong and showing him your cunt."
as told, your wife lets the skirt and skimpy panties fall to the floor and reaches back and spreads her cunt lips open with her fingers. i motion for him to go to town and he starts fucking her. i get in her face and again gag the fuck out of her throat. she makes this retching sound and moans. i see her in the mirror and decide to rip off her blouse. her big tits now hand down dumb. she wasn't even wearing a bra. i stretch her throat out and then pull out and beat her face with cock -- re-smearing her make-up. "Switch," I say. She turns around and starts to suck her cunt off of the customer's cock. "Spread it!" She spreads her cunt, i see the red. "Not that."
She spreads her ass cheeks and before you realize my cock is deep up your wife's ass, stretching her anal cavity wide with my massive rod. She reaches back and slaps at me, apparently in agonizing pleasure, as I rip open her asshole. The customer moans and coats your wife's face in cream. i pull out of her ass and make her eat her ass off my pole. She moans and sucks and licks it, the slut.

28 July 2010

a want

i want to have one girl licking my girl's cunt
while i jerk off on the licker's face
don't you?

22 July 2010

06 July 2010

Interview with MJ by Emme Hor

Erotic scene. Rim of an Attic red-figure kylix...Image via Wikipedia
Emme: What made you start writing about porn?

MJ: When I moved to Asia I was getting laid all the time. Sometimes I fucked three girls a day. And I don't mean any skanky girl, i mean some hot pieces of prime ass. There was this nasty part of me flowing out and women were eating it up. It was starting to take something out of me, so I wanted to get it into my writing before it would destroy me. I was sleeping with a few girls at once, having threesomes and foursomes, photographing a lot of sluts the first night I met them. I was living the life of a rock star. I said to my friends often that it's like I'm living in a hip-hop video in which the girls want to fuck me.

Emme: How old were you the first time you had sex?

MJ: Well, when I was 12 years old I got my first blowjob from my then girlfriend -- a cute Irish girl with baby fat. She didn't know what she was doing and neither did I. She held my cock in her hands and blew on it but that didn't feel especially good. I took advantage of her uncertainty and curiosity and lay her down and pumped away at her face. I rubbed cock over her lips, nose, eyes, in her hair, and then down into her throat. I was just trying to make it feel good. She choked and gagged and didn't know if this was standard practice.
I always loved cum on the face and made sure to jerk "the unmentionable liquid" (that's what she called it) into her eyes.

Later, years later, she told me this wasn't a normal start. I should have just watched her blow on it and been satisfied. That day I fucked her up the ass in our high school bathroom during American History class. That was my American History: girls are sluts and you can use them. To prove my thesis I pulled out of her ass, stuffed her mouth, and jizzed with her head smushed against the wall. This was before moving to Latin America and then Asia and finding progressively more slutty cultures and women.

Emme: What makes you stick your cock in a girl's ass?

MJ: If a girl has a nice ass it will just make its way there. My cock finds assholes and goes in. That's about it.

Emme: How old were you the first time you masturbated?

MJ: ha ha, about 4 years old.

Emme: How big is your dick?

(MJ takes it out) Wow, that's really a massive pole of meat. Can I suck on it for you?

Emme: mmmmmmmphhhh mphhhhhhhhh mphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wow, that was great. You shot so much cum. I need a shower or a swimming pool after this interview.

Some sites that support MJ:

Railed on the railing #2 (I took her on the stairs)

I slam her big abandoned breast
into cold steel rail
of the naked building, 
paint stripped off
wallpaper down by her ankles
windows wide eyed and teary
watching this young nymph
get sodomized by a foreigner
with a massive cock. 
native couple walks by
on the main road
in front of the fiend
and his catch, fish-hooked:
the local bitch's heels clicking
the man in a bland suit
the bitch dreaming of extrinsic big cock
the regional man insecure of intrinsic small dick
me, the foreign devil, in this squealer's cunt
her double-dealing carcass now between
long cold rungs of the railing
me, the miscreant, the savage
subdue her deep. with
balls of steel
cock of ivory
chest hair of chinchilla
i pry it out
kneel, bitch!
i convert her to her knees  
my alien pipe shoots
ropes of ablution 
onto her black hair
her flat nose 
her yellow-stained chin.
creamed with cream
with no tissue she's left
covered in rogue jism
the Nahuatl king
schemes the drubbed rot to limp
back to the car
with imported diamonds of splooge 
all over her, her gait
irregular from brutalized asshole.
don't wipe it off, you worthless slag, i say
she stares at me, eyes red
and watery. we
pass the chic galleries
the bitch and man
stare, comprehending
their vanquished comrade
has been lathered in the juice
of the succubus.
the trounced carrion sits in the car
looks in the mirror:
i'm pretty. i turn to her,
and smack her across the face
cum splatters on the windshield
i open the door and kick her fat ass
until the ugly cunt falls out on the floor.
the bitch and man turn around.
"you saved me, she says.
i drive off.

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05 July 2010

conversation with my slut

fucked_face: Oh My dear MJ, is she a better anal pig than me? Does she spread her cheeks better than me? Is her tush nicer than mine? Is she a better taker of that big hard cock of yours than me?

MJ: Yes, you stupid whore! How many times do have to tell you? Her ass is big and fat and spreads easily. Her asshole swallows up my big pole. Her ass and cunt are hairless. 

fucked_face: I know you're lying. My ass can always take that fat tool of yours as you continue to pound me. I love anal sex especially when its coming from your massive cock. You always convert the angel side in me into one wild and sex starved lady holding her ass cheeks wide open waiting to be drilled by your hard dick.

MJ: I drill her ass as hard as I can and she begs me to finish quickly because it hurts her so much. 

fucked_face: Come on. I just yell out "more, more" like your dumb slut, so tell me now, is she really a better anal pig than me? I can always be the best anal pig for you, my dear MJ. You know i love to suck your cock out of my own asshole.

MJ: Come watch me fuck her ass and lay your head on her gorgeous fat cheeks. Then when it gets dry you can eat it out of her asshole and wet it up. You should taste what your competition's asshole tastes like. She's your counterpart, but tighter. 

fucked_face: OK, Master. I will eat your cock out of any hole. Please then shoot your cum on my face as well as her asshole. 

Moctezuma's Interview #2 of 2010

Moctezuma Rocks

They are saying that Moctezuma's career is on the rise and that soon everyone will know his name.

1. Big Tits Fuck Doll
2. Hot Ass
3. Awesome Face Fucking & Anal
4. Cum Drooler
5. Kirara Kurokawa
6. Great Face Fucking
7. Massive Anal Sex

Moctezuma Johnson Website

MJ's Tumblr Blog

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a great rack

a great rack
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