31 March 2012

Splooge Liability

she waits by the elevator in the garage
dressed sexy in her overcoat and stockings
a tight blouse that hugs her breasts

we go to the bottom
floor, B4
where there is a dark nook
but she wants the car
so we go to B3
where my car is parked

i’m still pulling
the little bits
of brain matter
from my eyes

i get in the driver’s side
she gets in the passenger side
i push her by the neck
she’s got my dick in her throat

i pump here face 

bumping knees into dashboard and steering wheel
i take my pants completely off.
She really goes deep
holding my balls while she sucks

it’s a great blowjob
the best i’ve had in months
i jizz
and i’m left ticklish as she holds me in her mouth

every minute movement of her throat, tonsils, hand, body

causes a spasm of tickle and pleasure
causes a milking of every last bit of cum 

causes a suffering of knowing she's been whored out
causes an incurring of a semen encumbrance
she hold the tip and we sit there.
Then we go out for dinner

i did her in the car

i did her in the car
in the parking lot
in the basement
of the tower we live in

in the shadows
in a remote parking space
under the supermarket
in the shadows

i did her in the car.
first she blew me
from the passenger side
leaning over by the steering wheel

then she blew me out
the window
then next to the car
then she got on all fours

her ass alone hanging out the window
and i did her hard

Earth Hour

The Colors of Earth Hour (3/31/12) are Green so i posted a girl in green with big, beautiful titties as commemoration.

24 March 2012

the Split

Her pussy is neat
hair sortable blondie
Moctezuma the Crusader
Maximilian of m.cunt.smasher.com
T&A's mobile site
She is sliced at the Benito Juarez
waist. Her suntan lotion
waiting to be shot on her half by half

Moctezuma waits to take each half
give double the effort to both

23 March 2012

Missing Cassia

i miss the way she has gorgeous long legs, a small waist and really full titties. i miss the way she would lay on her back with her head hanging over the bed and let me face fuck her till the cows come home and turn into unicorns. i miss the up and down ass action she could do with her hips and ass -- especially during anal.

i don't miss the way on her knees she would impale herself comically on my dick.

22 March 2012


girl in undies
log legs
bent over in the machine

i get up behind her
bleach her ass
with hot cum

21 March 2012

From Anal to Handjob

Last night my girlfriend
waited up for me after I was done at the bar. I started to fuck her up the ass, but it nearly killed her. I was ripping her apart. I was behind her and had her bent over the couch. Then I sat on the edge and had her bounce her ass up and down on me. It looked fucking great but she was coming from sharper angles and I could tell she just couldn't take much more and I was far from coming. We stopped and cleaned up. I fingered her till she came and then she got on top of me and rode me till I jizzed all over her ass.

20 March 2012

Hot Video

This is a pretty great video. It's almost two hours long and features a hot Japanese actress. She sucks dick really well and has a nice, full rack. The plot is that a guy on the street sees her with her boyfriend on the street then breaks in, beats her, rapes her, and blackmails her for repeated BJs and sex.

19 March 2012

"The Body"

Elle Macpherson was born 29 March 1964) is an Australian sex-icon, actress, and businesswoman. She was every 30-year-old's wet dream in the 80s when she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated with her sexy one-piece with her hand pulling at the cleavage and thus earned the epic nickname "the body". She is also known as the founder and primary model for a series of business ventures including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and "The Body," a line of skin care products. Macpherson has assets around $60 million, according to Forbes. In 2010, she became the host and executive producer of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and is Executive Producer & Host of NBC upcoming Fashion Star.



The doublespeak is just doing my head in. I have the TV on and Hannity (that raging moron of an hemmorhouided assole) is going on about how since Obama took 1 million dollars from Bill Mar he's not allowed to lecture people on tone and civility. I agree the system is all fucked up but taking money is no problem in this current system. The problem for me, my first impression of this 2012 race is that in the debates nobody says anything. There are words everywhere but nothing said. Something like this, look below to see how a republican speaks compared to a normal person.

Regular person: I hate him.
GOP candidate: You can't say that. It makes you a vitriolic, horrible person who eats babies. What your saying is a lie. You change your position all the time and the administration must be changed.

Free Poem Request: Subway Poem for Carolyn

Subway Poem for Carolyn
Written by Moctezuma Johnson 
for Emme Hor's Blog

18 March 2012

Tight leather pants

Rainer told me in the parking lot of the flower shop that when women wear tight leather pants it means they like it in the ass. Years later I was alone in the staff room with my boss. She was really close to me wearing tight leather pants and showing her midriff. I considered just whipping it out.

10 March 2012

Followers only: a free poem

Free Poem for any of my Followers. Just send the request through Google Friend request and I will have your poem ready within a week!

08 March 2012

Great site

I just adore the idea of this site and the name whore couture. Growing up in NYC, I had a strong affection for the world of fashion and for the whores it produced. This site kind of blends the two.

This site also isn't that bad.

07 March 2012

The Winner

Moctezuma has won
best Porn Blog of the Year
now two years straight from PAX 3.


Check him out at Amazon


Check him out at his website

05 March 2012

3D Erotic Art Site

This 3D Erotic Art site is out of this world fucking amazing. There are so many interesting stories told through incredibly detailed high-quality artwork with some really hot girls mixed in. Check it out. I highly recommend it. I hope they do a bit on me and my life. I can easily write a narrative for my life-story.

Korean Virgins

This hot girl is named Ryu Ji Hye. She really has that slut librarian look, doesn't she? She's got the long legs, the sweet face, the glasses, and the dress with little white hearts on it. Give me a few minutes with her and I'll have my jizz on her cheek and her asshole gaped. I had this sweet student in my class. The girl looked like Ji Hye. She was outgoing, about 19, and a virgin. I had her sucking on my dick the first date. She came over to my place to eat some shitty spaghetti that I made. I remember jerking a pretty big load onto her pretty face and she was kind of mesmerized by the cream. I fucked her a few days later but she couldn't take me from the back cause i was tearing her up.

I had another girl, also a student. She was in my bed. She was tiny with massive eyes -- a little reminiscent of a fetus. She was sucking away on my cock when she stopped and said, "I'm a virgin." I thrust it down her throat hard until I popped my load into her tummy. Then  I said, "I don't want to fuck a virgin. I can't stand the responsibility anymore. I'm too old." She left. It was Thursday night (well, actually, Friday early-morning). All weekend I got hate messages saying she had never been treated so badly and that I was an asshole. Then it dawned on me: she sucked dick like a pro and was saying she was a virgin to turn me on and gloss over the fact that she was a slut.

Another Soju Girl, Uie Kim

With some young friends at a Chinese Restaurant in Seoul we drank soju. At the bottom of each glass was a photo of Lee Hyuri. I think the pictures of Hyuri are quite hot but my personal preference lies with Ha Jiwon and this girl Uie Kim. See for yourself.

Please check out more of these hot Soju Girl's photos.

Which Soju Girl is the Hottest Poll on the sidebar at the right.

Ass Battle Heating Up

It is a pretty exciting Ass Battle over on the right sidebar. As it stands as of writing this, three asses are tied with 66.7% of the vote. If you haven't voted already, please do.

Nota Bene:
How could Alexis Texas's ass (pictured right) not be part of any Ass Battle?

the inverted nipples

i'm 36 years old. i've fucked hundreds of girls. i've only seen four inverted nipples (so two girls had them). there's something sexy about them on big tits but they look shitty to me on small tits. Will i see more? Send your photos girls with hot, inverted nipples!

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