30 October 2011

Korean bitches

i hate how these Korean actresses
have fake birthmarks on their noses
like clones

i hate that Cassia's friends came
to the hospital to see her cut wrists
out of obligation

they never told her they wanted to leave
but sent me messages
saying they wanted to leave soon

the ego is too big
but the ego of suicide is too big

i hate that their nipples aren't demure
and that their pussies aren't shaved

28 October 2011

There you have ass

there you have ass
in front of polka dots
in pink and purple
there you have ass
to stretch open
and claim

yours, an ass
an asshole
a rectum
to destroy

25 October 2011

Artist Needed for Book Cover

Oh, wow! I wish that was the title and cover of my first book. I absolutely love it. This is the cheesy, green, 50s style that i rock all day everyday baby in my writing. Any artists out there want to draw me a book cover equally cheesy and incredible? I love the kitchiness. Let's do this!
without google+
i wouldn't have ever seen
these big ass titties

i love those big front teeth
like cassia
who i want to be with
but she's in the hospital

cause she sliced herself
when i went back to my wife

24 October 2011

Young Virgin Auto Sodomized by her Own Chastity

Seconds before Waking from a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate

Young Virgin Auto Sodomized by her Own Chastity

Walking around as usual

Clean up, Slave!

you clean up, now, you fuck-pig
scrub the tiles, the grout,
the same way you get up in my ass
and lick it clean
before deepthroating me
make sure there's not a speck of shit
on the floor.
i'll reward you with all of Moctezuma
buried into your darkest treasure
later i'll excavate that crater
like a tomb raider
marauding that ass

23 October 2011


Check out sexy Luciana here.

I once knew a Lucy
who was my ex-wife's cousin
a slender Mexican chick
with big titties
who used to rock me
on my hammock
while looking out over
the Pacific
before going out
to drink and shoot

then there was curvy Lucy
the Korean woman
with the tight pussy
though married for years
who used to rub my balls
while impaling herself
violently on me

18 October 2011

She thinks i'm cheating

she is crazy
she was on top of me
talking dirty
giving me the sex of the month

then demands to see my phone
and leaves me forever
because i said no

i had embarrassing messages
very angry messages
that i didn't want her to see

she thought i was cheating
and will never believe me

I like these anal sluts:

Bree Olson

11 October 2011

i want to humiliate her
the best thing is to have her suck my cock
after it has been in a another slut's ass


a year has passed and i have done that
i am a man now

10 October 2011

She has done it again
mad at me
she left me
after i wouldn't show her my phone
got back in touch with him
flirting n playing around
why should i care?
But in the bar
he tells me kind of gloating
n arrogant
n i fall into it
n everyone is talking about it
n saying how
she said
don't tell me
that all night long
he fisted her

06 October 2011

Now that you own her

once you do a girl
in the ass once
you want to do that girl
in the ass again
every time

Good Ass Fucking Vid

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