13 April 2010

12 April 2010

fucking in the toilet

"come here, pig!" i grabbed her hair as she took off her slutty boots at the front door to my apartment. i haled her into the bathroom. "strip!" she peeled her clothes from her voluptuous frame. this is the story of what i did to my pig a few weeks ago. "bend over and hold the bowl!" i bore my monster rod into her pulsing hole. the pig thought that was it but i was just beginning. as i hammered her sloppy slut-hole, i jammed her head down -- maybe i'd caught her by surprise and maybe she futilely resisted -- and overpowered her until her face was thrust under the water. i stabbed her into that toilet over and over again. i guess she loves me that much. yes, she loves me that much to be plunged into the toilet, hair dripping wet. i yanked her back and wedged my cock into her sloppy mouth. after pulling cock out from throat, saliva and water dripping off huge tool, i slapped her across the face and said, "cast the pig into the toilet." she looked at me slavering and wide-eyed: "what?" i slapped her hanging cow-teat. "throw your ugly head into the water, pig!" the jade degradingly prostrated herself on the bowl with her head up and chest on the porcelain. "dip your hanging tits in, pig." she kowtowed and bowed her tits into the water. weltering in her Master's desires, i took it further. "desecrate yourself, whore." she understood and begrudgingly dropped her own head into the toilet. she remained, awaiting further command. i grabbed a fistful of her wet hair and stabbed her head fully down to the bottom of the bowl. she kicked out her legs in protest, but i muscled her down and she acquiesced. i pressed the stainless steel lever: the water swirled around the slaves head. she coughed. her body heaved with cough first then heaved with the rhythmic assault of crying. i pried her tight sphincter open with my massive pole and razed her self-esteem more by violating her asshole. she brayed and squealed and squawked until she buckled under her Master's assault and dropped down to a nagging snivel and mewl while i sodomized her. the wild bucking pig of before was now vapid and tamed. when i injected my seed into her it was like she was extinct. i held my cock balls deep for a few minutes, every so imperceptibly pumping the last shots of my juice -- pure pleasure of cock tight up ass. she wallowed in ger deconstruction. her ass gaped, open, void, vacuous -- like her ego. she crawled into the shower, her hair dripping heavy toilet water on the bathroom tile. my jizz dripped out of her asshole. she fell into the wall and bawled, hot water crashing down on her red, swollen face. her big tits looked absurd and useless on her chubby slut body. she was all wet whale blubber and thoroughly insipid. she had gone stale. her eyes were vacant, her arms lifeless, her thighs fat and buttery. whatever self-respect she had been clinging to before today was demolished. all that remained was destruction. i went to the computer and saw the camera sitting there and thought i should have filmed the pig.

11 April 2010

Break-up to Make-up to Threesome | How to Humiliate your Girlfriend

"blowjob?" i motion up to the nearby stairwell.
"no." jynx looks down.
i touch her neck tenderly: "can't i convince you?"
"i can't convince you to come back to me."
she swings her big sodomite ass
side to side like a sinewy pendulum
that keeps time of sex and orgasm
says time's up for you and the other slut
come to me now

hours later, i get a message:
i shouldn't have left your cock
like that.

minutes after the message,
i shove her head down
step forward over her
and breach her throat

hours later, i get a message:
my jaw hurts, Master.

minutes after that:
my thumb hurts from responding to your bullshit messages
i'm sorry, Master, she writes
i'll come over and suck it for you
my thumb or my cock?
both, of course
you can come over and suck my thumb
while Jenny keeps sucking my cock

minutes later, i pulled my thumb from jenny
and stuffed it into jynx's mouth

08 April 2010

she goes out and she's fucking sexy

she sometimes sucks cocks because i'm a stupid boyfriend who doesn't know how to keep her. i sometimes offend her or mess up. i love her. sex is a game that's always interesting with her.

Make Up Sex | with Photos | Dug up from the Bowels of My Burnt Out Memory | Clothes Cutting | Tits Popping Out a Bathing Suit

Wish this was included in the
Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends

"Don't cut my nipple," she looks at the camera. I fiddle with the inside and outside of the bathing suit, trying to get a good grip before slicing off some of the material. Her big tit pours out and she's now obviously my whore. I face fuck her for a while as she massages my balls from the back. My legs squeeze together around her head, my cock keeps crawling deeper and deeper down her throat the more she sucks me off. I feel the cumshot welling up inside me--I've been staring at her pretty face while she swallows my monster pole and I'm ready to shoot!--so order her to stop. She obeys. I get behind her and play with her nipples, poking  out of the swimsuit in midair like cow udders. I rip the material more and the whole tit is out and flapping around. "Shake them, pig," i say and she is there in front of the camera on her knees in a ripped bathing suit shaking her beautiful titties back and forth.

Laying her down on the bed tenderly, I drive my cock into her cunt hard and deep and hold her there. She screams with orgasm as I move the cockhead around deep inside her. She yells and grips my back. I let my cum load into her cunt.

When I pull out I see cum leaking out and tell her to stay right there to get a photo.

She moves. The moment is lost.

You've just read: Make Up Sex | with Photos | Dug up from the Bowels of My Burnt Out Memory | Clothes Cutting | Tits Popping Out a Bathing Suit

in love with her big tits

there's nothing
like a big pair,
is there?
nothing like
when she shakes
her shoulders
and they bang
into your face

nothing like jizzing
in her mouth
and watching
her drip you cum
down onto her pink

01 April 2010

DAEGU, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 12:  A model pa...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
i need a blowjob
sex, tits, ass cheeks
spread, opened, pried
forced, jimmy'd

i need face fucking
her skull banging
in her head as i ravage
her against a wall

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