17 December 2013

A great fiverr.com gig

This guy will say your news like news program. Absolutely brilliant! I want to hear that Moctezuma has a new blog or book or whatnot. http://fiverr.com/mrhill32/present-your-news-in-british-and-in-hd-quality

A Haiku

For Christy 

erotic cocksucker
she holds up the table for
her master's coffees 


erotic cocksucker
she holds up the table for
her master's coffees 

Poem written at 7:41 at the request of Christry Leigh

Bad Breath v. Hairy Pussy and a Hemorrhoid

I stay up all night jerking off to great tumblr porn. I love photographs. My site is really taking off.  

I think if La Cereza--let's call her Mina, or Jei Lin, or Mandy to Candy to Dulce--had better breath things would have turned out differently. What I wonder is what is bad breath? Does everyone smell it? Or is it just me? Is it a chemistry thing? Like my true love will have the sweetest-smelling esophagus in the opinion of my nose? Is it just her and I are a bad match? 

Jynx smells awesome to me. Awesome! Not every day, but in general. Not after eating those raw onions dipped in hoisin sauce when eating Korean-style Chinese food. Dulce's breath is like Jenny's hairy pussy or hemorrhoid. For me it's a deal breaker. But what I want to know is am I an asshole?

Nice breath is important. So is a shaved pussy. If I could combine Jenny and Dulce then we would have it all. 

14 December 2013

Girls Carrying Books: Reviews

Girls Carrying Books: Reviews: These are two good reviewers: insightful, honest, and verified. http://fiverr.com/pipersayshello/write-a-book-review-that-is-insightful ...

Poem for Marketa Giovanni


To make your man


To make your man

To have your throbbing cunt
Squeeze on him

Like a bathing cap
On an Olympic swimmer

One pump into Marketa’s blossom
And all the rain and stars spew
Out of his massive cock
And spray


This was written for a wonderful Erotica-writer

07 December 2013

Who gets more pleasure?

Who gets more pleasure, men or women?

  In today's world it's hard to tell. Women work very very hard to please men. Look at how the culture has gone from a glass of wine and a blowjob to crystal meth and face fucking. The act of giving love is different now. 

What do you think? 

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