17 January 2014

I won the PAX3 in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Who will win this year? My vote is in for Emme Hor.

11 January 2014

My New Worker

I kind of wanted to fuck
My bartender last night

I had trained her all night
And could have pulled her tits out

Sucked in them
Then shoved her to her knees

She had been doing what I said
All night

Suck it as deep as you can, pig
Yes, sir! Yes, boss!

After Work

I was in the middle 
She had just cum
Her screams woke the baby
I stopped right on the verge
Jumped up and went to his room
She put on her underwear
I put the baby back to sleep
Kissing his smooth cheek
She got in bed beside him
He slept
Her ass was juicy
I slid down her panties
And planted my load in her

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a great rack
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