26 February 2009

I love this face

Here she is giving her darkest inner sanctum to you, reluctantly. It shows on her face. This is the face of pain, the face of submission, the face of why am I doing this. This is the face of anal sex. She's getting cock right up her asshole, right now.

One thing all guys wonder is if she'll give up her ass. We also wonder if a girl's pussy lips are nice. We try to figure it out, but really it's all guess work--you just never really know what's going on down there.

When is this girlfriend you've been dating, you've been gassing up with octane, going to give up her tight little ass and let you ream her all night long. The longer you're with her, the more of a prude she's becoming. It's like she used sex to lure you to her. Now that she has you, sex is not useful for her.

Saturday Evening Post with Ass Fucking

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14 February 2009

Anal Sex with Psyche (or your girlriend/wife)

Here's a 4 February Poem out at Yellow Mama called Lucky I got my fill

It's Valentine's Day. My girlfriend has promised to give me her asshole tonight in bed. I was really looking forward to it, but then when it came down to it she renegged. I hate Valentine's Day. I wonder if Cupid fucked Psyche up her tight little ass? 

I hate the disappoint that comes with being promised anal sex. If you're like me, you need to follow some rules to convince her into doing anal for you. 

Here's a good guide to influence her to give up her ass to you in a short time. It really works. Try it and then leave comments below about how it worked for you! 

Check out this comedy about getting her to give up the ass:

Here are some good tips for how to meet people in a forum!

Don't forget, if you want me to write a poem for you just email me at moctezuma.johnson @ gmail . com  | Put "Poem" somewhere in the subject line

01 February 2009

Two Poems by MJ

These are two poems that I dug up from my google mail folder. They had been rejected from Bottle Of Smoke press once upon a time and I forgot about them. Now that Obama is our USA/World president these seem even more apropos. Don't forget to buy my new book

Burning Friends of the Bushes

Osama the Crusher was once a
whiskey man
a betting man;
a whore bit his cock 
in a dirty pub bathroom

to get him to Allah. 

Setting the Bushes on Fire--

Georgie W is a whiskey 
'n' soda

Cuba Libres and--what town is he from
my average yankee ass don't remember
no goddamn backwater towns too good
ya know--

once liquored up, does Barbara (or Laura -- whatever the 
sex partner's name is) let him 
smack her ass?

while she screams si senor presidente
he says yes Lacey yes Lacey

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