29 February 2012

Chick with Massively Fat Ass


Anal Ready

When a bitch
white stockings
and red panties
you know
you can bend
her over and take her ass

26 February 2012

The old Times Square, New York City

Does anybody read porn magazines anymore? I remember being in Times Square in New York. There used to be sex shops all over the place before Disney came in and cleaned the whole area up. This is before Guliani and the austerity campaign, before 911, before everything was sanitized. I used to go up there after work sometimes and get some porn mags. Rave, Club, Oui! Fuck Playboy and Hustler (although the letters did make their impression on me as a teenager). Obviously. After the magazines I upgraded to watching the shows. There was this one hot Thai girl named Supaporn who really did a great show, bent over asshole spread, on her knees pretending to take a cumshot. There was the smell of bleach and cleaner. I always noticed it right after my cum hit the glass in front of her face.

Soliciting Artwork

Anybody who contributes artwork will be rewarded with a free poem, FYI. I need all kinds of XXX work. Photos, drawings, animations, gifs, etc. Get in touch soon.

25 February 2012

About A-rod

According to the news, Alex Rodriguez has some platelets injected into his knees and shoulders which should help him regain his power numbers for the New York Yankees. About three years ago, I was at a game with Emme Hor. We were sitting right behind the Yankees dugout and could easily see the players. When A-rod walked back to the dugout he found Emme and got locked in a long stair. I think he fell in lust, or like, or love for a few seconds. She is really hot and I give her a lot of credit. As for baseball, it seems to me that these injections are a ruse so he can start juicing under the radar again.

Original News Article

23 February 2012

Fisting Tips by Pesca

Fisting Tips for Partners Who Love the Pleasure
by Red Pesca

Of course, you can get your entire hand inside your partner’s snatch. For women who are hooked on extensive penetration, nothing is a bigger turn-on than fisting her out until she reaches an insane climax. No training is necessary but in case your girl pal is a bit loose or has given childbirth previously, you’ll have an much easier time. In any other case, you may want to start out slow and work your way to the peak.

A couple of words of caution before you decide to rollup your masturbator sleeves and dive in: fisting may lead to injury to the fistee if not performed correctly. Trust and interaction between companions is essential and plenty of lube comes in handy too. Consider your partner’s limitations and pain tolerance.

You might want to consider getting some xvideos on fisting if you need some ideas on how to get started. Me and my girlfriend went out to the nearest sex store and bought a big bottle of Astroglide. I didn't even wait until we got home, I had her get in the backseat of the parking lot and since I have some nice dark-tinted windows, I had her sweet ass bent over and lubed in a matter of seconds. My fist slid in her juicy pussy with no problem and she loved it. I love to give her a good fisting whenever she wants now especially when we are sitting at home horny watching xvideos.

20 February 2012

Working Out | A Dirty Fantasy by Moctezuma Johnson

i am working out
at a home gym
now that i have a baby

i need a Swiss ball
an EZ curl bar
and some heavier dumbbells

having a bitch like her
wouldn't hurt

"one more set of sit-ups,"
she'd say
"and you can do a few reps
up my oiled up ass
till I curse god and satan
for giving you such a big dick."

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she's sitting on one dick
it's blasting her cunt
spreading her petals
she grimaces
then another cock
takes over mouth
and she bobs on it
going all the way down

nearly effortlessly
A. was relly being a dick to the other pool players on friday

17 February 2012

Hot Asian with Big Tits

"I came so much that I glued her tits together. We had to go to the hospital and the doctor unstuck her tits by using a scalpel through her cleavage.
--Sexual Talltales and Urban Legends

16 February 2012

just kneel down like a good girl and enjoy the warm thrill of my cum on your face

15 February 2012

Bongos (re-blogged from this site)

there in front of the computer
with pron hub and slutload
your neighbor is banging
her bongos again
so fuck her
you jerk it
drink you're cappuccino
smoke cigarettes
then get up the balls
to knock on the door
with your hard cock out
and jizz on her
when she opens:
"stop banging those bongos."

Total Hottie

This is one hot babe
sucking a finger
a chupa chups
a cock

slut-netted out like a fish
this girl is all wet 
and slippery
after she kneels

you grab her by the hair
you push cock into her throat
she barely makes that gagging sound
the pro

you pull it out
and paint her face
her breasts
now you're ready to think again
you stay hard
she is so hot
on all fours
spreading her holes for you

when you slide in
you are sure that you are 
the luckiest man alive

kimchi, kimchi, kimchi

girls are weird
i had a nice girl
giving me anal and deepthroat
usually in the reverse order

then she started sending long messages
while i'm at work or gambling
saying, "sit down and think about us"
and other vague, rambling, egocentric

i write back
kimchi, kimchi, kimchi

the only BJ

the only BJ in the world
is given on the knees
and takes the cum
right on the face

12 February 2012

Another found classified advert

Hot, 6-pack, built like a rock, like a bull, like raging cock. Looking for slut, to pose, whoring herself out to me and my camera while i spit on her and throatfuck her and remind her of what a useless piece of shit she is. While pay minimum wage for time

11 February 2012

The Park

i want to take you to the park
of course
without saying anything?
yes, you kneel, suck it, eat the cum, and then get up, brush yourself off and walk away.
10 minutes?

The irony of bigger titties plus flatter waist

when i did cassia today
i realized an irony
i got rid of her
yet her tits are bigger now
than Jynx's, which have
lost their milky goodness
and cassia has the flat midriff
and long sexy legs

09 February 2012

kneeling | cummed upon | erotic poem | by MJ | King of Literary Porn

there is just
like a girl
on her knees
to be cummed upon

the remix:
there is just nothing
like a slut
dying to be on her knees
to be cummed on

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go to moctezumajohnson.com

Our Last Cumshot

i never had
more fun
on a girl's tits

than i did
the last day
with you

shooting seed
all over your
big mounds

08 February 2012

the Anal Queen

What a total fucking anal queen
look at that hot ass
that fucking whore

wants cock up the ass
then smacking her whore face
who cares that she's an ugly bitch

she has an open rectum
waiting for the Master
to unfurl his cock
and stuff her aperture
like the Nozomi
train through the hillside
full speed ahead

i moor her to the chair
or else she will runaway
turned into a helpless polynya
she is all ice and hard nipples
with a vast open hold
like an ocean
for my Omaha steak to sodomize

Camila, i'm sorry

i have eaten
the pussies
that were in
the thongs

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so hot

04 February 2012

Found on the Classifieds

Attractive deep thinker, with artistic pleasure holes for cock of girth and length worthy of a god, spirit, and interests, seeks special male kindred spirit, 13-42, who is abusive, cruel, successful, well-educated, with healthy ego and massive superego, to machete through the jungles at night and shoot cum on my face all day long


everyone needs a slave
at least once

waiting naked in the house
on knees
as a coffee table
a desk
a blow up doll

to know the meaning of true power
and learn abuse comes with responsibility

02 February 2012

The Chronicles of Texas Tony No. 2

Texas Tony didn't know
Jessica was with that group of guys
when he fucked her in his high shool

Texas Tony found out
when they cut his legs up
left him to die while camping
out nowhere

Texas Tony waited six months
then grabbed the cutter's new girl
while he was locked outside
on the lawn

Through the glass he watched
Texas Tony sodomize her
with a gun to her head

01 February 2012

The Chronicles of Texas Tony

Texas Tony bashes in the door with a shotgun
he's a big young boy with blonde hair
and a Hitler Mustache

Texas Tony grabs the TV, the stereo,
the Sega Game box and goes to the little boy
he pats him on the head

"if your daddy pays me back, little man,
you can get all your toys back."
He walk out and leaves the door open

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