31 May 2012

Complaining about Women

okay, i'm a delusional fucked up bastard and i know it but i think these fucking girls get together and decide, for example, okay today is threat day and then one is saying this time she's really going to do it, she's seriously going to kill herself, not just put a bloodbath on the wall, and the other one is saying i better hope that it's not something serious wrong with her uterus because i yelled at her for dropping the baby.

One is really not wife material yet I have a baby with her. She's got her priorities backwards. She never wants to serve me -- not by cooking or cleaning up, not by taking the pressure off me on the weekend with the baby, not by being sexually available to me.

Cum Lotion

Bukkake Cumshot Lotion

What a Cute Little (Whore) Face (Taking Jizz) | Facial | On her Knees (where she belongs)

I "aim" for the mouth with my facial cumshots but really I don't want it to go in and disappear. I want it to hit the eye or at least enter the nostrils or rope the hair. The messier she becomes, the happier I am with my work spraying jizz. 

24 May 2012

Cause of her Ear Infection

my thighs wrapped around her head
i face fucked her till her earrings
cut into below her ear lobes
and she was dizzy

i jizzed in her mouth and made her lick me clean

a Transient Magnum Opus

one thing is that
i fucked her from behind
really vibing off of her ass
that asshole winking at me

i held her fat ass chunks
used them as anchors
as slap pesos
as rag pistols
as fat layers of cup cake pudding

then i heard the baby's footsteps--
we had stirred him!--
and hurried up and jizzed on her anus

didn't have time to snap photos
of my opus or they'd be here

19 May 2012

Selfish Penis

my penis
rarely cooperates
it gets hard at dinner
& right before Jynx has to go to work

17 May 2012

Thank you to all my followers

I have hit 150 followers and I thank each and every one of you. I really love sharing this side of me at this site. I think it is healthy and useful and appreciate everyone else who also is against censorship and pro-porn. Keep on rocking out all you lovely degenerates.


Great Anal Movie

Anal Movie featuring Sarah Vandella. I like the way he tapes her up and I like the way he fucks her ass. Jynx recently is struggling to take me up the ass. She's having trouble relaxing. If anyone has any advice, please leave it below in the comments. Thanks. 

16 May 2012

MMF gif - Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series: Bukkake Hotel Party - Episode 1 of this psychological thriller erotica with a great cast of characters

i have only done this
to a certain
who had her own man

she ended up with us
two other guys late one night
in my apartment


If this gif is up your alley, join my mailing list to the right and get way more awesome porn erotica, including a FREE BOOK from the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. This is an 8-Episode series that has just begun and is on Book 1. Be part of this awesome new psychological thriller featuring a knife-wielding obsessive girlfriend, a supermodel, a Prince, drug use, sexual slavery, a bukkake hotel, and a host of other porno-literary tropes. 

15 May 2012

14 May 2012

Crazy Bitch -- How to fuck a Crazy Bitch

face fuck the crazy bitch
go up there and get her on her knees
stick it in her face
make her eat it
impale herself on it the way she does
the way she throws herself on it
launching throat

get her on her back
and launch hips at her
till her throat stretches around dick
jizz so deep she doesn't even taste it

buckle up. leave.

10 May 2012

Gnashing Cum

i met her at the subway station
she was wearing a pretty dress
i had a sluttier affair in my bag
in the stairway going into the restaurant
part of an office complex near a mall
she changed into the whore uniform
she smiled and walked towards me
her tits were fake and huge
her ass was fake and round
i told her, "kneel!"
and skullfucked the slut till i spurted in her mouth
the garlic covered the taste of cum
once we sat cordially to eat

08 May 2012

The Way to Talk to Korean Whores, err, Girls

i just went to get therapy for my back, i get back spasms, and the nurse is such a little cutey with a sweet voice. I looked up from my electricity treatment and saw her ass, sitting high up in her blue nurses pants. When my back gets better I’m going to put my penis in her. I'm going to ask her to come upstairs and i'm going to tell her what to do. Kneel down. Go deeper. Turn around. Spread. Open your ass cheeks wider. These Korean women respond to that kind of talk. I was daydreaming today about the girl that came over for coffee after I met her in the allergist's office. She had a few sips of coffee and told me about her boyfriend. Then I told her to bend over, drop her jeans to her thighs and spread her ass cheeks. After stretching her cunt out and told her to open the cheeks up more. She tried so hard to pull herself open while I fucked her against the kitchen table. 

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