10 April 2014

5-star review (currently one of nine like this)

I did not have high expectations when I purchased the Kindle version of the The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends. The cover certainly did nothing to change that perception. My interest was piqued because I have never read a collection of erotic poems yet, even though I am very well read on erotic fiction. I was in the mood for something different.

Well, my expectations were met. Some of the poems were downright dirty. There are some XXX scenes that are too blunt I can actually vividly picture them in my head. Up till now, I am unsure if I have totally erased those images from my mind.

However, I cannot help but notice that the poems are still well-rooted in a literary tradition. Somehow, even though the sex scenes were depicted colorfully, you can sense a touch of class and sensitivity. The sex scenes are so replete of emotions, such as loss and longing that as a reader, I cannot help but feel carried away.

I certainly did not expect the book to touch on my emotional side. I could have never imagined erotic poems would feel so deep and real, let alone to captivate my mental and emotional senses. However, some of the poems in this little collection certainly did. The ones where Amy was mentioned were particularly touching that it leaves me wondering if Amy is a real girlfriend of the writer.

So will I venture and purchase another collection of erotic poems by this writer? Even if some of the poems were too direct, blunt, and vulgar for my taste, certainly.

--Frank Polinsky

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  1. The write of these erotica has a penchant for good writing. He blends a good style of literary and erratic dash in his work. Frequently one would end up squirting some liquid as she flip through the works of the Master.


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