31 January 2012

What more can i say?

Cheon Ji Hyun -- Yum

Cheon Ji Hyun is the other really fucking hot Korean Model. When she walks she sways, she has a big sexy ass so when she dances the world seems to stop around her, and she has those big full blow job lips. In one commercial she gets kind of sprayed with milk like the ad execs here thought that if they simulated a cumshot whatever crap product they were pushing would sell more. I don't remember the product but I do remember her pretty face getting synthe-bukkake'd.

30 January 2012

Soju adverts are pretty sexy

Ha Ji Won is one of the hottest Korean models. Look at those tits and that midriff. Many Korean girls have that awesome midriff and when it's mixed with moderately full breasts you have really hit the jackpot with one of these K-bitches.

See Ha Ji Won's biography.

winner take all

this is a great look on her face
as she has his feet on her back
he reads about the Florida primary
winner takes all
like the last guy to take this bitch
out of the bar
gets her to deepthroat
before taking her home
clamping her nipples
and smacking her ass

27 January 2012

Shall I compare thee to a shot of cum?

Shall I compare thee to a shot of cum?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake your darling tits of Milky May
Yet Cum's lease hath all too short a date:

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines
and spurts and oft' your complexion glistens
and every fair from fair declines
by chance if your bush is untrimmed

it is only in the mouth
in my eternal ogle i growest
so long as i can breathe
i jizz and this gives life to thee

so long this lives, the jizz,
will one day land upon another made up face

Who doesn't like an anal cream pie?

I mean, seriously. You fuck your girl, sitting on the edge of the bed, she is reverse cowgirl and your cock obliterates her asshole, stretching her open like a grocery bag stuffed with boxes of tissues. The more you sodomize her the more you realize it's not going as deep in anymore. You pull it out and make her suck on it. You make her gag on it. This gets her spit all over the head, the shaft, the root, the balls. You make her realize she's a whore taking cock ass to mouth. You bask in the debasement of your whore. You turn her back around and pummel her asshole. It now slips in till your balls bang her cunt-lips. You are fully devouring her now de-flowered ass. She is yours forever.

You fully unload every last drop of your cum into her ass. You empty your balls up her waiting, pimped-out asshole.

You watch her push the cum out.

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then visit moctezumajohnson.com

25 January 2012

Shall I compare thee to a stream of splooge

Shall I compare thee to a stream of splooge?
Thou art more lovely and saucy:
Hot juices do cake the edges of the mouth,
And the hair, sticky and too bossy:
Sometime too hot the eye of this bitch sparkles,
And often is one's eye turned red;
And every shootee sometime dines
At restaurants where the tip is left saliva'd.
Thy eternal flavor shall not fade never
Nor lose possession of that panspermia thou ownest
Nor shall the trash claim the love we've made
When your whore stomachs are full until they groanest.
So long as men love beef, and spitroasting,
So long lives this whore,
So long live this termination of act
Upon thy fairest of faces


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Me Lei

Me Lei begged me to cum on her face on Thursday morning after she came out of the shower. Instead i gagged her with it, then rested my balls on her face. She got on all fours and spread her big pussy lips apart. I put it up her ass little by little and made her oink like a pig. I couldn't resist and blasted her asshole with my big load.

24 January 2012

23 January 2012

Girls Carrying Books

Woman, a Slut you may say, reads my book
Woman, a Slut they tell you, reads my book
Woman, Eater of Cum it's told, reads my book
Woman, Sucker of cock as it were, reads my book
Woman, Slave to Master, reads my book
Woman, Member of Harem, reads my book
Woman, Kneeler to Cock, reads my book
Woman, Plugger of Ass, reads my book
Woman, Taker of Sodomy, reads my book
and enjoys it

20 January 2012

cassia's tits

Meet Cassia! 

She's one of the stars of the new short story that I'm cooking up, The Selfie (subtitle: #Selfie). Her name will probably be changed to Isabella or something, but she remains a hot Korean-Brazilian goddess.

19 January 2012

Lingerie Fridays

Some places have casual Fridays at the office. My office has lingerie Fridays.

17 January 2012

the Big Tit Looms

the big tit looms
like an avalanche
about to stop the galaxy
from drinking coffee
each night late at night
under buzzing neon signs
that sprinkle the street
like sprinkles on ice cream
like Montgomery Bumps
on the big areola

15 January 2012

stupid whore

See more
women are all stupid whores
looking to eat cum
and take cock up their asses

if you re-blog
you know what I'm talking about

this one says it all.

don't be mad, it's just art!

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13 January 2012

Recommended Erotic Sci-Fi website

You have got to love this website of erotic sci-fi. I highly recommend it.

Fat Skinny Girl

Kid says, "I'm trying to go out with friends for a foreign. Them red beans I'm one of them. Would not you feel bad? Why boyfriend for a year a lot of snooping like slut?

Moctezuma says, "Meet me for coffee."

Kid says, "But i have a boyfriend. I have a steady one."

Moctezuma says: "Want an unsteady one?"

Kid says, "What?"

"I'm joking. How is your English?"

"Very poor. You teach me."

"Coffee and English."


I stuff my cock into her pussy and she's dead quiet. She looks me in the eyes, "but I have a boyfriend." I pump her hard and deep. I don't like this girl at all. Her small breasts flow like waterbeds. She's the fat skinny girl where her skin is loose although she's skinny.

it's hard to have a baby cause every time you want to have sex he is crying or waking up or wants to play or wants attention. i can't even jerk off with him here!

10 January 2012

Camila Ricci

my censor, my rival
my opponent, my nemesis
took my cock in her mouth
i slapped her cumpig again
with your fists, she said
puaj, she said
as the first gooey globs
dripped on her tongue
no saques la lengua
si no quisiera comer el esperma!
that slattern whore
sucked on it for a while
thinking she was going good
she lay herself back on the bed
i straddled her
like she wanted to be facefucked.
hit me, she said
i slapped her, that slattern whore,
across the ugly face
hit me, the jade said again
i beat her
then cock slapped her
then fucked her throat
till she puked
i put an anal plug in her ass
"I will be your girlfriend, para siempre!"
I sent her home and texted her:
"this isn't working out, puta"

09 January 2012

Gaping Ass - Part of the How-to Series

How to Convince your Girlfriend to let you Gape an Asshole

This post is part of the ongoing "Instructional Series" including
how to convince your girlfriend to give up her ass, to face-fuck,
to get humiliated, to take a facial.
The First step to get the bitch to let you gape her asshole is to make sure that shes's a fucking slut and, at that, an anal slut (see my previous instructional series if need be). Assuming your girl is already sufficiently sluttified then you are ready to gape. One thing you're going to need is a good anal plug to ready the anal pig up. You can buy these at any sex toy shop. With your anal plug in hand, get her to get on all fours. I prefer to make her do this on a table cause it photographs well while degrading her, but any surface will suffice.

Once she is on all fours rub her back and ass-cheeks with massage oil to relax her -- this will get her primed. Once you have her calm and open you can rub her asshole with the massage oil. If she's still wearing panties--was the slut ever wearing panties?--pull them to the side (they will come in handy later). Another suggestion is to do this the first time in a motel so that you can totally fuck up the sheets with oil, and later jizz, and whatever other bodily fluids leak and spray out.

Take the anal plug and rub in on her skin so that it gets all the oil all over it. The more oil, lube, spit, whatever, the better. So feel free so stick it in her mouth sometimes. Start by putting merely the tip against her anus. Don't put it in. Just leave it there and rub her shoulders and neck a little bit. Then slip the head in. Now you will get her attention but won't have hurt her yet. Here it's your job to keep pushing the plug into her ass further and further little by little. If she resists tell her there's only a little bit more, less than an inch, regardless of how much is left -- even if there are eight inches remaining.
At this point, you have to jam the rest in so that the fat part is up her ass and the base stays.

Leave it in. If you had her panties pulled to the side, let them go back on normal. Yank her by the hair and jam your cock into her mouth and start facefucking her hard. Reach over and slap her ass cheeks so she knows there's an anal plug up her. Don't let her forget it. She's your whore now, make sure she knows it.

Ravage her face, deflower her throat, pull out and tell her she's going to be your anal whore. Then get behind her and stuff your cock up her cunt. She will feel tighter than usual with that anal plug taking up her anal real estate. Don't get too carried away. Pull the plug out. Tell her to push it out. She will then contract and open her ass-muscles and this is the key to gape.

Now fuck her ass.

Fuck her ass and pull out and stick it back in. Pull out. Jam it back in. Each time you pull out you will see it open and gape more and more. Tell her to finger her own open ass. She's gaping now.

 Take pictures or video. Send to Moctezuma.

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07 January 2012


do u still have the photos u sent me?
no, i deleted them.
me 2, fyi.
u were afraid she would see them!
no no no, i was trying to save them and accidentally deleted them. ur breasts never looked better. ure so HOT!!!!
she shaved her cunt
and her pussy never tasted so great
i pounded her till
she couldn't take no more

the Ass is a Beautiful Thing

04 January 2012

Brazilian Chicks

i love when girls have been Brazilian waxed. It is so sexy to find it so hairless and smooth and wet.

03 January 2012

Ripped Shirt Whore

whore, ripped shirt,
dumb-ass little mouth
with that half-wit half-smile
that says, "you can do me
in the ass without my consent!"
legs bruised, knees dirty
cunt stretched out
hands bound
neurons knotted
by the thought of cock
of man, of masculinity
owning her big fake tits

창녀찢어진 셔츠,
얼뜨기 작은 
  지혜  미소로
그건 당신이 나에게 할 수있어 "라고
 동의없이 엉덩이에! "
다리가 상처, 무릎 더러운
성기 밖으로 뻗어
매듭이 뉴런
수컷 생각에
인간의, 남성
그녀의  가짜 가슴 소유

puta, camisa rasgada,
con ese idiota media sonrisa
que dice: "usted me puede hacer
en el culo sin mi consentimiento! "
piernas con moretones, las rodillas sucias
coño extendió
las manos atadas
neuronas con nudos
por el pensamiento de la verga
del hombre, la masculinidad
ser dueño de sus tetas falsas grandes

01 January 2012

Spite Cumshot

Lexi Bloom (friend & porn star)
i know what the problem with Ai is
i can't fuck her cause she's my friend's girl
yet i want to cause she says shit like
I see your belly is getting bigger
and bites me when i ask her about her wig

she's hot and a bitch
and i would need to jizz in her hair to get over this

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