29 November 2011

in the little doorway
i pushed her down
she sucked my dick

If only this truck could talk

From Yuko Asumo
There is something going on in Thailand on a truck like this. Maybe this truck is picking up girls from all around the provinces and bringing them to Phuket and to Pattaya so they can be bargirls. Maybe it's running opium from one end of the country to the other. Maybe it belongs to an American soldier who comes down for R and R and then Jagerbombs himself into a frenzy and drives it 140 km/h into pounding through anything in his way. Either way, this truck has a story. Most likely bargirls were "auditioned" in the front and back of this thing repeatedly and sometimes their father, brothers, boyfriends got mad and a fast, reckless escape was necessary.

i was on the beach
this group of women
in their chadors
sat on the sand
one said she wanted a walk
with me
her ass was a tsunami
the size of an island
her waist was a tiny

28 November 2011

Wait, Whore

that's how i want her
for me when i get back
from banging some other chick
there ass up in the air
big fat thighs
tits hanging
arms over the couch
with her clear heels
the only thing on

27 November 2011

Good Ol' Obeying Korean

i held that Kimchi
cunt down
against the wall
her purse slung
around her shoulder
behind us a mess
of old computers
with dust on them
the open door
to the roof
i speared her throat
impaled her
SLUT was written
across her slut-forehead
covering her slanty
Korean eyes
as she died over
and over
as my big thick tool
destroyed her useless
till i coated it with cream

24 November 2011

it wasn't that bad
i just grabbed the uglier one
with the soppy titties
behind the head
and pushed her down to suck
she didn't go deep
so i switched them
and let perky titties
behind the head
impale herself on my
big dick

16 November 2011


bombard, assail
and liberate
her ass from the pants

shackle, restrict
and bind
her to the pole

as liberated as attached
as free as affixed
as anchored as cast to sea

i go out and do my chores
forgetting she's even there

11 November 2011

the thing is that she does look a little bit like jenny
with that long black hair and tight body
with the awesome ass

jenny used to let me fuck her ass
every single night
will this new bartender allow me
to do the same?

07 November 2011

Doing the Cute girl Dirty

she like chicken breast
like baguettes
like Popsicle

she like whore
she like slut
she like pig

she never made the jump
from innocent girl
to whore

just started where she was
and is still there

so i do her dirty
and fuck that ass hard and deep

then shove my dirty cock in her clean mouth

Ways to Humiliate a Slut | Not exactly a how-to article | but not exactly not one either

That's a pretty good way to humiliate a slut before sodomizing the whore. Anybody got some other ideas of how they humiliate their sluts? Please comment below and share.

How does a bitch find herself in this position? 

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