31 March 2010

A great face-fucking last night!! | Tonsils Beaten, Throat Engorged with Dick, Stairway Public Humiliation | Poem by Moctezuma Johnson

Original Image Was Removed For Censorship Reasons
i pounded her head up against the wall,
the slut. there was a corner of the stairway;
her head was stuck in it. i lined up my cock
and went to work on her: shoving it
in and out of her mouth, pulling her head
so that it would get into her throat
poke past her tonsils and slither down.
she was trapped, it was simply a matter
of moving the cock in the correct position


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there in front of the computer
with pron hub and slutload
your neighbor is banging
her bongos again
so fuck her
you jerk it
drink you're cappuccino
smoke cigarettes
then get up the balls
to knock on the door
with your hard cock out
and jizz on her
when she opens:
"stop banging those bongos."

30 March 2010

I took her on the stairs (edited)

I pushed her big naked breast
into cold steel rail
of the abandoned building,
the old art gallery.
some ancient korean
in the dark
us. a couple walked by
on the main road
in front of us:
the bitch's heels clicking
the man in a bland suit
the bitch dreaming of big cock
the man insecure of small dick
me in this slut's cunt
her head now between
rungs of the railing
me between strokes railing
her. hard, deep, with
balls of steel. kneel, bitch
i shoot ropes onto her hair
and nose and chin.
no tissue, i make her walk 
back to the car
with me all over her
don't wipe it off, i said
never, she said. we
pass the chic galleries
the bitch and man,
my slut looked
in the mirror in the car:
i'm pretty. i turn to her,
with cum on your face you are

Isn't she filthy?

This girl from Isn't She Filthy is my favorite today.

This website shows girl in clothes smiling and then girls in nasty and compromising positions. What position do you think you will find this girl in?

29 March 2010

How filthy is she?

This is a great site called Is She Filthy that shows a kind of before and after photo with a girl neat and dressed and then in a compromising position -- from straight sex to ball gags and double penetrations. Your job is to guess beforeheand how filthy she's going to be. I want to put my whore on there. Are you willing, pig?

The funny thing about the site is that in the end they are all filthy. Surely, you had already guessed that!

There's a companion site, too, called Show Me Your Butthole, which, as you can guess, has chicks showing off their dirtiest, darkest holes.

26 March 2010

sexy and intelligent cum-eating sluts

i mean, seriously
how many of those do you know?

she kneels down
this jenny sucks my big meat.

i had to explain what meat is.

Dinner BJ

 the soup is hot
on the table
steam rising
bread in the toaster

her tongue is on my balls
my cock deep in her throat

"stay still and let me
face fuck you!"
i grab her chin and neck
to pump her hard.
i jizz deep in her
while calling her a
fuck pig.
"i meant to jizz on your face,"
i say. "let's eat.

reasons to love

another reason i know she's
the best slut ever

is when i'm walking to meet her
my dick gets rock hard

25 March 2010

A poem for Carolina

thanks to Ass Hunter and Carolina

Carolina spreads her ass.
her husband holds the camera:
panties ride up her asscrack
snap! snap:
the cheeks are all meat,
big fat ass meat--
snap! snap!--
the hottest ass meat
on the market.

I peel the panties
off, and lick her ass.
i had wanted to put my head there
ever since i saw each -- snap! --
photo on their blog;
she's married and regularly
gives her ass
to her husband.
I push the head of monster
moctezuma into her;
i'll split her open
with my massive tool--
snap! snap!

Undressed by Jessica Lichtenstein

these come from Jessica Lichtenstein. See the blog where I found them here.

24 March 2010

Christian Korean Sluts

these christian girls in korea
are the biggest sluts of all

all low-cut blouses
stockings, and mini-skirts

no drinks, no cigarettes;
just loads of cock and cunt

Advanced Anal Sex Position #1 | Once she has a stainless steel hook up her ass she'll do more or less whatever you want

remember i shoved your head in
the machine
burned the side of your head
it was so hot
plowed your asshole raw
made you scream
till your lungs got sore
smeared the taste of your ass
all over your tongue and face
owned you one more time

What's she going to do now? Argue with you?

head fucking
she is on her knees
sucking on a big fat
licking it from
base to
the other bitch
whore watches
from the back
of her ankles
hands around heels

22 March 2010

I'm alone. My eyes adjust to the light. It's a small little stairwell with a door to the beer place. It's closed now -- lunch time. I hear footsteps on the steel grate. She's in the stairway. She spreads my thighs and starts to suck my big hard cock. It feels so good. I'm about to cum, on the verge of jizzing. I want to pleasure her now. "Stand up and let me see you." She takes a big tittie out and feeds it to me. I suck on it. Then I turn her around and rub her clit. It's all wet. "Push me against the wall," she throws her head back. She's sexy and she knows it. I push her against the wall and turn my wrist to get my finger deep in her cunt, the palm of my hand now rubs her clit as I fish for her g-spot and hook it. "Cum for me if you can," I say. "I'm cumming right now," she clasps the forearm of the hand that is inside her. "That was so good." She turns to the stairway and spreads her ass-cheeks open. I cum as I enter her.

21 March 2010

Sexy Girl on Cover of Playboy

Sexy Girl in heißen Dessous
Sexy Girl in heißen Dessous,
originally uploaded by Susan-HH.

note: flickr removed all my photos without warning
she is so breasty and hot
she is so six pack and tight
she is so black and spicy
she is so curved and fuck you
she is so mine and fucked hard
from behind.

no photoshop and she's just another
dumb asian slut on her knees

Right up the ass

Image by mr.smashy via Flickr

I was just looking at some old photos and video of my princess. Isn't she so hot with my thick rod up her asshole?
What do you think?

Hey Fuck FacerightuptheassIt was a Sunday that I threw her head into the washing machine and simply jammed my cock up her ass. She screamed like crazy at first -- dying in pain, terrified of my monster cock. Then she let me fuck that hot ass for hours in a multitude of different positions. I did nothing to convince her, I simply just started fucking her up the ass.

originally uploaded by johnson_moctezuma

Note: Flickr unexpectedly took down all my photos. No warning, just gone.

Note 2: Please see her ass from left to right, tight to gaped. 

16 March 2010

"i can't convince you?"
"i can't convince you to come back to me."

trying to break up

i backed her up
against the wall

pumped in and out
she slapped at my thigh

i want to do it again
but vowed to take a break
from her--
i cannot give in

i want to break from her,
lured by her nose in my belly
slapping my thigh
taking it deep;
i cannot give it.

she says she hates being
face fucked.

a week later she admitted:
"you face fucked me
in that pizze shop stairwell."

"i know, i won't do it anymore."

"i loved it," she said. "i will do anything
for you, my Master. she kneeled down.

here we go again

she's always draped
in leopard prints
wrapped in stockings
bra'd in candy cane
with lace; yet kneels
on dirty public stairwells
choking on cockhead

she's always desperate

if you love me, you will
let me go

i want her out

of the bar

this one's there

drinking slowly.

i'm tending the bar,

avoiding her.

"walk the pig out?"


there's this stairway

with a half drawn

steel security shutter

"blow job?"

i lead her up the

dirty stairs

squeeze her fat;

the fat on her ass

and her belly

"you're a slut," i say,

it's the same tired routine

i whip it out

before she's even taken

her bag from her whore

shoulder -- there's cock

up her cavern, stretching

out her soul, gagging

the desperate whore, crying

"don't leave me!

don't go to her!"


i throw her head up

to the wall--

which is hard to do

with her stockings

and panties stretched

between her ankles, but

i do by knocking her back--

and face fuck her, brutalizing

her lipsticked trap

and burrowing her

face fucking hollow

but i can't cum

i think of the other one

maybe walking into the bar

maybe with another guy

and think of this one

lips around my cock

so easily

when she's not stalking

me, maybe she's shopping

for a new guy, window shopping

or knee deep in guys:

3 or 4 of them jerking on her tits

face, and ass cheeks--

what do i know?

"give me your asshole."

"if you come to me later I will."

"I won't. just make me cum."

i sit on a bench in the stairwell,

it's a waiting room for a restaurant

a small pizza joint on the 2nd floor

i pull her dress off her

so she's buck naked

i have all my clothes on

my pants are at my knees

my cock stands proud and hard

08 March 2010

just a thought

i will tear her cunt apart,
that fucking bitch

i will rip her asshole open,
that goddamn whore

i will spear her eyeball
that jizz-stained cumrag

i will mangle her mind
when i solder her neurons together

Save my Ass

Save my Ass is a service that will deliver flowers to your girlfriend, wife, and/or mistress. This is a good way to be able to ass-fuck lots of women without keeping up with day to day logistics. And ass-fucking is pretty much the goal of every normal man, right? So if you're a man and you want to ass fuck into eternity with a bevy of slutty and somewhat pretty young girls, then check this site out -- at least for the laugh.

06 March 2010

eating your tits

i just want to sit
under your big titties
your big asian titties
big korean tits
nipples in my eys
tit-flesh melting around
my eye sockets

shake your shoulders
and bang my face
with those big fatty mounds
of your sluttiness

let me taste all your whore
when i suck them

02 March 2010

Sunday Morning Ass-Fucking

link: how to convince your girl to do anal

with my my head
shoved in
the dryer
he spread my ass cheeks;

he stormed into my rectum
cleaved a piece of anus.
he imbued me with slut
perforated my soul

soaked me with debasement
then he wrenched the monster
out of my asshole-vise:
he left me gaping

left me hollow
a vacuous void

he tugged my hair
filled my mouth
with his raw meat
and bone.

I am full again

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