29 September 2011


this is so insane
that these tits
are under that shirt
in this bar
my bar
smelling like smoke
as all these cigarettes
let smoke hang
coming down
from the pool lights
like cylinders
like long hard smoky
penises, wrapped
in the dark folds
of the bar's darkness
where fingers
graze legs
caress asses
touch necks
in that never-ending
flirtation that is

23 September 2011

Ass Kept in the Closet

that i have to hide this
fat treasure of anal sex
long-eared horse
oinking pig
fat-assed choad chomper
cum-faced mule
is a shame
as she got it
on a table
in a bar
on a table
in a house


The SMUTPUNK Lexicon

Want to improve your dirty word vocabulary and conceptual understanding of the smutpunk? Then check this dictionary out.


22 September 2011

she came to me
while i was on the treadmill
chatting about oranges
or korean pears:
"they are juicier than
American pears, have you
ever tasted one?"
i looked at her ass, "no,
but i would like to."
she came over and drank
beers and told me she could
find me a girl my age.
i said she should
and should ride me.
while doing her doggy
i jammed my thumb in her ass
and got the green light
to do her ass hard and deep
while she said i was much
bigger than her husband.

The Gorger of Splooge

Poem by Moctezuma Johnson

the longer the legs
the firmer the tits
the juicier the ass
the flatter the midriff

the deeper the head
the wetter the cunt
the tighter the asshole
the redder the lipstick

all of this makes this bitch:
the gorger of splooge

21 September 2011

And Add a Second Cumshot

i felt the rush
in my loins
as her eyes
stabbed mine

i motioned her 
to follow me into 
the stairwell

you know Moctezuma
loves stairwells
where you can jam

into her throat
get all sweaty
with the fact
that someone may

walk in and see 
his girl on knees
balls deep, eyes wide
drool dripped
these two
fucking crazy bitches
are making me
with their non-stop
and tears
and ultimatums
and demands

cassia wants me to move out
and jinx wants me done with cassia

i am in the middle
a stranger to myself
right now
cause i'm so far off
from the truth
what is truth
a pop song rolled
in toilet paper
an automatic bidet
toilet piston going back
into the bowl
a cicada stuck
to the screen
on the 19th floor
beside the air conditioner
sticking out from the balcony
like a long fat tongue
the one cassia works
around me
the one i'm always
hungry for
the one i cannot discard
although my life
would be so much easier
just the mama of my child
and me
instead of this sexpot, firecracker
bouncing around like
said cicada with its wings
pulled off

18 September 2011

Author Spotlight: Moctezuma Johnson

I, Moctezuma Johnson, am featured at Lulu.com's new Author Spotlight page. You can see my two books in a total  of four formats. Please feel free to download the free versions or if you would like to donate, please buy my book -- it has a beautiful layout and contains a bonus picture or two.

Also, don't forget I am still offering to write a poem or batch of poems for you or a loved one for free. See the sidebar on the right for more details and my email address to which you should send the request. 

I was voted erotica writer of the year 2010 de La Organización Panamericana de la Pornografía Profesional  (PAX3) and am nominated for 2011 as well. 

17 September 2011

Making her my anal pig

going in was like
sliding a sock on a cold foot
and gliding across the room
while the tango plays
in the apartment below

going in was like
spinning a jet ski
in its own wake 
till the nose drops under
water and it guns out
into the air like a dolphin

15 September 2011

The Reality of Anal Sex

For years I've wanted to ride a girl like she was a horse or a donkey or a camel. I've wanted to get on her ass and back and straddle her while she obediently waits on her hands and knees. I've wanted to smack her ass and have her walk me around the room. I've wanted to pull her hair to make her turn right and left. For some reason the perfect set of circumstances never came up and this dream was merely a dream. Yesterday, it all added up with Cassia: she was there and I was still drunk from the previous night's debauchery. I threw her on the ground, got on her, and rode her across her room before laughing.

Ever since she let me fuck her up the ass, she is all obedient and mine.

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