30 June 2010

Three Hot Ladies


Illustration by Édouard-Henri Avril.Image via Wikipedia
mua, princess

good morning
come here and kiss me
deeper and deeper
like you want me to get you coffee
or blueberry french toast
french kiss me deeper
feel my hand on your back
running up and down your spine
feel my hand in the nape of your neck, tickling
feel my fingers in the strands of your hair, running
feel my hand on your neck under your chin, holding
feel my tongue getting deeper
feel my love growing and flowing
feel me rising, waking up
feel my lust suddenly on your lingual tonsil, exchanging
tongue with big hard cock
french kiss me deeper
i feel your tongue airy around my cock, swirling
i feel your mouth so practiced, sucking
i feel my cream paint the walls of your mouth

28 June 2010

Son Of Bitch

Curse words are very important, you fucking bitch! You ball-licking cocksuckers need to watch this video and enjoy an English teacher spewing foul words in a hilarious mock-teaching clip

24 June 2010

Tumblr Archive of Sexy Sluts

Look at this archive of sexy girls chosen by Moctezuma Johnson.The collections focuses on Asian
girls who are either smoking hot or Asians with nice asses, stockings, and/or massive tits.


23 June 2010

trying to break up (again)

she always said she hated being

face fucked.
then once she was in front of me

i slammed her back
against the wall

she slapped at my thigh.
too late, slut!

the cock already kicked
her tonsils around.

a mmmmmphhhhhhh-like
gagging sound came out

i mounted her throat
slammed for all we were worth

all the fights, cheating, yelling, 

i face fucked it all out of her
leaving nothing left

my jizz deposited to her belly.
i sat down on a little bench,

i know you hate being face fucked 
no, she said, i loved it

i feel reborn

21 June 2010

i see her and get a semi, so i know it's on

michelle, also called mi suk, 
(it's a long u, perverts)
walked ahead. i'd never seen
her before--but there she was
in all her full ass in tight swaying jeans
glory. mercy! i circled around her on my bike
like the way a drake circles a hen,
where's my iridescent speculum?
where's my vibrant plumage:
i smile, and that's it. she smiles back,
momentarily, then shuts her eyes down
to the floor and keeps swaying
giving me a full chance to take her all in:
walnut eyes with canyons of cumshot to take
small nose good for getting smushed
into pubes for deep, gagging deep-throat
big cock-sucking lips to grip the base
while the head crawls the esophagus
full tits to hang over me while she rides--bucking
like a seminole riding a crocodile--
and a big ass to take my massive pole
pounding into both her holes, piercing and stabbing.
"excuse me," i say and i already have a semi.

14 June 2010

World Cup Time

It's time to watch the world cup and get laid. 
See some photos of it. 

If you're like me and love Asian girls, this site will be absolute Asian heaven. There is an abundance of photos to choose from showing everything from nice booty, to big tittie, to pretty face, no nice bush. Enjoy.

Also, check out my other blog for cool slide show photos. You can click play quickly to make them into mini-movies.


11 June 2010

Poll Results

what do you think is dirtier and more humiliating?
ass fucking a bitch
  5 (45%)

face fucking a whore
  3 (27%)

jizzing a slut's face
  5 (45%)

videotaping a pig
  3 (27%)

10 June 2010

Peel Another Banana America

Aztec King / El Rey AztecaImage by Davichi via Flickr
You love Aztec bitches
in their feathered headress
tattoed Teotitlan titties
hairless heiroglypic cunts

Today Tijuana has--
Meshica cunt shtuffed
full of obsidian cock--
Dress her up like an Aztec

in jaguar skin
to sacrifice at the altar
of thick Moctezuma cock
lay her on the stone

high atop pyramid
high on princess pussy
with King-sized cock
plunge that guatemalteca

like you were splitting her
in two, ripping her apart
to get her entrails out
conquest style, imperialistic you

splatter that tomato-
chocolate- and coffee-inventing
face with dick drip
diciendo: "dame dame dame
todo el poder!"

cut out that heartbreak after
you make the jade wearing jade--
that slattern bitch
who brags that nowadays

she's pure Spanish blood
dark corn tits
two hard niblets
silver plated teeth--

absorb moctezuma's semen storm
the discharge deluge.
strip the strumpet
slap choad chili

on her Pharoah-like ajpuob forehead.
you own the was-going-to-be royalty now
gaping her ass this time
as you jam it all the way in to her whine

then let it all the way out to her sigh
on the fiend's own fertile floor
home of her blood-thirsty gods
where birds chirp hysterically

whine sigh whine sigh
like they are getting ass-fucked
like strumpets, jungle-wide
the whole forest thirsts

what you give hard and domineering
the whole forest aims for what you take
yet she cries
as face gets blow-gunned with semen,

sprayed, like her idols are with blood.
she is kneeling -- you tell her "suck,
Phat Ass Asian Girl (PAAG)
to save yourself," yet
she only sobs and murmurs it isn't fair

you cock-slap her face
then jam it down past her tonsils
while salty rivers stream 
down into the corners of her mouth

you stretch out the corners of her bowels
cum up her asshole
then throw her down
pyramid steps

nothing could have saved her


Kama Sutra Illustration
mua, you slut

suck my cock 
like you suck when you want to get free drinks

mua, you slut
get on that pool table and fuck
kneel, and suck deep
how did you learn to deepthroat so much?
yum, suck with your tongue out 
and lick those balls
i love when your balls deep on my cock
you look so slut
i jizz into your throat
slow, hold it, milk it
with your throat

Fuck her Face -- Part of the How-to Series (featuring deep throat, ass to mouth, anal sex, face fucking, and much more female persuasion techniques)

How to Convince your Girlfriend to let you Fuck her Face

by Moctezuma Johnson

Due to the success of the how-to article "How to convince your girlfriend to let you fuck her up the ass", I am writing a follow-up article that deals with how to get your slut (err, woman) to let you face-fuck her. 

Some skanks come equipped: face-fuck ready. Those are good girls. Well, they are dirty, face-fuckable sluts -- 6 of one, half a dozen of another, but this article is not about semantics, it’s about stuffing your whore’s throat with cock and, as you may have noticed already, most women do not come ready to face fuck. Thus, it’s the boyfriend, husband, drunk horny dude-at-the-bar’s responsibility to make her want to do it.

The hard part for the guy is that most women need confidence to let you face fuck them. They think they shouldn't do that, and even if they want to they are scared. They are scared that they won't do a good job, that it will hurt, that they'll be bad at it, that they won't look pretty during it. They don't realize that you will be in utter heaven so it is your job to convey that you will be really happy and that she will feel good about herself. When trying to get a woman to do something for you it is critical that you make sure you make it about her on some level. If you make her feel like she's a genius in bed, that will help. The other way to persuade her is to make her feel inadequate in bed for not letting you face fuck her. She will want to keep up with the Kardashians and next thing you know you'll have your pubes or, if she's lying with her head hanging off the bed, your balls on her nose. 

One of the first steps is to get her to give you a blowjob. If you can get her to drop to her knees, you’re a mere curly pubic hair away because this tells you that she’s willing to submit to you. So start off with a simple, "Kneel, bitch!" and if she drops your cock-head will be pounding tonsils like a jackhammer ripping up asphalt in no time at all. 
Whether the skank gets right on her knees or not, stuff her face with cock. Tell her how great it feels when your cock is deep down her throat. If she’s never really taken it down her throat, she may be a little suspicious of how you know this, especially if you've never face fucked her before, but she probably won’t even notice. If she is eyeing you like you’re a playa playa with your cock out all night long, use this opportunity to your advantage. You may have to tap dance a bit, but it will be worth it. If you know her, say that she has gone really deep before and you loved it and loved her so much for it. She’ll never expect that. Next, tell her you'll do something for her after -- like massage her feet, or stay awake after you cum and hug for awhile. This will really convince her. Also, tell her that face fucking is really good for her relaxation -- it will teach her advanced deep breathing techniques, something like tantric yoga. Don't forget to tell her that all your past girlfriends were really good at it too. There's nothing like a little competitive spirit to help her go all the way down till her nose is in your balls. If you don't know the slut, better. Just grab her ears, or the back of her neck, and shove her onto you and try to slap your balls against her chin. 

When she gives in and lays down with her head hanging off the bed or couch, remember to tell her how hot and sexy she looks. Then guide your cock into her mouth. Don't start pile-driving the tramp just yet. Let her go to it and get comfortable. After she seems to get the hang of it, then grab her by the ears or the back of her slut head and start fucking her throat mercilessly. Notice how as she starts to gag her nipples will get hard (see image above left). Think off all her asinine nagging and take all that pent up hostility out on her throat. Be sure to repeat "Gag, you slut!" as you defile the passageway down to her collarbone. Destroy her taste-buds. Feel your loins soar to new heights. To add some insult to injury, start telling her to suck it like she sucks her boss's cock off -- that will help her realize all your kind words have been a hoax just to use her and she'll feel like a helpless, dirty face-fucking slut. She'll also be too far along to stop which will leave her like putty in your hands for you to use as a worthless, disposable fuck doll. When ready, blow your jizz down her throat or on her face as you wish. Photograph and send to moctezuma.johnson@gmail.com

Next, get comfortable and immediately sleep. 


If you liked this article, try a whole book:


Try a Face Fuck Deep Throat Video


09 June 2010

Advanced Anal Sex Position #2

remember, i had you upside down
with your ass up in the air
i was an oil drill
you were the compliant tower
vertically moored tension leg
and mini-tension leg platform

all my workers on cigarette break
Illustration of a tension leg mooring for a fl...the whistle blows
they ash into your
slender flexible towers
compliant towers sustain significant
lateral forces
i drill 1,500 to 3,000 feet
though your anus

i am your jack-up platform

i am your drill ship
you are the ocean
and i exploit your virgin riches

innertia or direct, i'm drilling

Something about a Slut in a Bathing Suit

my jaw is sore
from sucking cock all night,
she said.

when did you suck cock?
i asked.
she rubbed her glands:
at the pool.

02 June 2010

Moctezuma Johnson Interview

NOTE: On 07 May 2010 I was interviewed by Cumshot Village in English and it was translated into Spanish. It took me a month or so but now i have translated it back into English. Being translated back and forth should give a little absurdity to the interview. Enjoy.


While Cumshot Village was surfing the net our strongly impaired attention deficit happened to be called out by one of the net’s more psychotronic blogs. In this interview, we speak to its author, Moctezuma Johnson, Tijuana boxer with a history of drug trafficking. His blog gives the strange impression of being under the effects of an overdose of mescaline--a world of its own, indefinable (not porn, not arty, not modern, not underground), like a hallucinogenic plant born in the desert. So we sat and we smoked a joint with the architect of this building. This is what we had to say.

-Cumshot Village: We were surprised at the bravery of your blog ... How did you get the idea?

Moctezuma Johnson: The idea just came to me. I was like a bottle of violently shaken Coca-Cola, starting to me was simply touching the cork. I popped, and I’ve exploded everywhere.

-CV: How long have you been with this blog? Is it the first?

-MJ: We’ve been linked (tee hee!) for two years. And yes, it is my first.

-CV: Perhaps most striking is your blog’s lack of definition (poetry + porno + humor). What kind of target audience are you looking to hit?

-MJ: At first, I was writing this blog for me. Then I met a girl that I liked writing to, but now I'm back to writing for me. I think of my brain like a warehouse. Gradually, the tank is filled with boxes, trash, and debris. So I have to put all debris in the container and toss them off, err, out. This blog allows me to do that and be a functional part of society.

-CV: Speaking of waste ... It gives us the impression that your blog uses pornography as a purely provocative element, right?

-MJ: Porn is what I am. It spews out of me. I just keep taking it to the curb and someone dressed as a monkey keeps picking it up.

-CV: Is this is what the poet does for a living today?

-MJ: That's what I do. I do not know what others do for a living. For me there’s no choice. It excites me to write something every day. I read other poets, but I do not know how they live. Maybe they also have a monkey stabbing their debris. Maybe they bottle it and drink it. I don’t really know. I am not them. I am not even always me. That’s something I’ve been working on. Sometimes I find I am the monkey, simply picking up someone else’s debris and taking it to the curb. Either way, something tells me that no two poets are alike, just as no two Mayan pyramids are the same. Some of my friends are poets, but I keep those crazy motherfuckers at a distance. Most of my friends that are part of my crew are scientists, heavy drinkers, and/or prostitutes. I prefer heavy drinking, religious scientists who like Mezcal.

-HP: Which path would you prefer to follow, Bukowski’s or Carver’s?

-MJ: I like both. I also like other writers: Allen Ginsberg, Robert Hass, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Natasha Tretheway, Justin Hyde, Paul Auster, Donald Barthelme, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Salman Rushdie, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar and Italo Calvino (to name a few of my favorites).

-CV: A good book of poetry to read drunk?

-MJ: The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends, written by me (a little shameless self-propaganda), The Kaddish by Allen Ginsberg (whether you or another hallucinogen mescaline), Human Wishes by Robert Hass, Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And (better with mushrooms), Come On In by Charles Bukowski. All these are good books to read when you put some substance.

-CV: Many of your poems are obscene haikus like this:
"i can't convince you?"
"i can't convince you to come back to me."

Why did you choose the sex to speak of other feelings such as loneliness or loss?

-MJ: As I said before, the topic of sex just pours out of me. Personally, I don’t find it obscene. A bukkake, is it obscene? If women with takes multiple shots of jizz over her face, sniffing globules of semen in and out her nose with each breath, is it obscene? She could feel like the center of attention, or she might feel humiliated. She also may not feel anything, just a job. I do not know. Everyone is different. For me, writing about sex is a necessity, but writing just about sex has no backbone. It is like a meal without meat, a soup without spices. Loneliness, loss, ambivalence, indecision, worry, selfishness, cruelty, humiliation, and violation give foundation and spice to my writings. Without spices eroticism has no taste, it must have other things to not disintegrate into nonexistence.

-CV: Tell us about your poetry book The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends. How did it come about?

-MJ: My book is a collection of writings ranging from 2007 to 2009. I was making my way through a long and tumultuous relationship filled with out of this world sex. Finally we split up for real and many of these poems are elegies to the extinction of that particular sex life. They are also a defense of sex and of having a sexual relationship with a massive sexual energy—something I believe that society shuns. The book addresses some issues about how to cultivate a similar relationship while one tries to fit into said society.

-CV: So your stuff is everyday life ...

-MJ: Daily life is where all the spices are, in my opinion. I believe all things are mundane only until someone breaks them apart and gapes at their insides. Hyper-focusing on small everyday things, I find the day’s grandeur and peace.

- "I'll write a poem for your beloved / hated." Cumshot Village celebrates its first year of life. Could you dedicate one to the blog?

MJ: Okay. Here are two poems, one for a woman I met for the first time today and one for all of you in Cumshot Village.

-CV: Thank you for everything, Moctezuma. With regard to the poems, such language games are untranslatable, I’ll leave them in their original language, English.

if i get a semi, it's on

michelle, also called mi suk, (it's a long u, perverts)
walked ahead. i'd never seen
her before--but there she was
in all her full ass in tight swaying jeans
glory. mercy! i circled around her on my bike
like the way a drake circles a hen,
where's my iridescent speculum?
where's my vibrant plumage:
i smile, and that's it. she smiles back,
momentarily, then shuts her eyes down
to the floor and keeps swaying
giving me a full chance to take her all in:
walnut eyes with canyons of cumshot to take
small nose good for getting smushed
into pubes for deep, gagging deep-throat
big cock-sucking lips to grip the base
while the head crawls the esophagus
full tits to hang over me while she rides--bucking
like a seminole riding a crocodile--
and a big ass to take my massive pole
pounding into both her holes, piercing and stabbing.
"excuse me," i say and i already have a semi.

dear cumshot village

dark circles
I find it is a lip ring
a dribble of cum
flips in and out
her green eyes are
cum drips kneels and
her head bobs
as she breathes
over her bottom lip
and looks lip ring
she licks her own big vulgar obscenity
her nose
the cum smushed
momentarily object of attention
into the floor
cum in her

See original Spanish Language Interview

Ode Based on a Facebook Friend

A Tuscan Wedding
subtitle: “I like”

Roro is giving away a Tuscan wedding
an English speaking dermatologist
acne, rosacea, cysts, and unwanted hair

Roro is giving away 3 friends in common
send Roro a message
poke Roro

oh baby yeah
I’ll poke you all night long

write it all down
a kind of sexual archive
sell it in what the book? Seoul
what a name for a bookstore!
the sidebar ad catches my sole.

Roro is giving away her blackberry bushels
blackberry blackberry blackberry
all the new thought is about aguardiente
let’s toast in your farmwille
in your hotel city, the all black room
with the couch shaped like Mae West’s lips
where i unload my viewed album cream onto your
well-shaped photoshop

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