22 July 2008

A response to the censors

Perhaps Moctezuma is in love
he's bought a bundle of roses
written a card rhymed you with
true. And ever blue. His wrists

bleed and he's on his knees--sweat
pours out, his hair is grease
they want bubble gum, taco bell,
SUVs. they tell me

what I shouldn't say. I turn these
roses into pokers and Canterbury up!


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17 July 2008

Useful Sex Information

Some very important links below about how to convince your girlfriend to give you anal sex, how to convince your girlfriend to film your hardcore sex, etc.

Check out this clip regarding the filming of your lovemaking (aka hard pounding!)

Here are some great links:
Sex Before Marriage (http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_convince_your_girlfriend_to_have_sex_before_marriage)
Giving up the Butt

Post any comments below. I read them all!

07 July 2008

Sweet Blonde Bombshell

What happens when a sweet blonde bombshell is about to take a bath. Come and find out.

What's next?

Beautiful full-figured plus-size phoenix

Wanna see more of this bombshell?

Anal (How to convince your girlfriend to give up her ass) - Part of the How to Series

Part of the How-to Instructional Series by Moctezuma Johnson

How can you not want to give an ass like this anal?
First, if you're easily offended, I don't suggest that you read this (unless you want to feel offended, you masochist!). Now, for those of you still with me, this is the most useful article you will ever read.

Every time I approach my girlfriend with my desire to defile her asshole, to rip her up, to make her an anal whore, to sodomize her till she cries I get the same answer: "tomorrow." Then tomorrow I get a reprise of the "no" refrain and wonder if I'm in some kind of endless no-anal loop. It's depressing--I'm stuck in an endless promise of tomorrow. Also, I know that in many ways she means well: she wants to please me, doesn't want to disappoint me, yet isn't sure she can tolerate taking my big cock up her ass. How can I change her mind? How can I make her want it?

I am no fool. I understand that it hurts her to take cock up in the backdoor, but I also know that sometimes she'll do it for me. Thus, I must figure out what's the difference between getting her ass and having it denied me.


Butt Plugs: Great Warmups
for hot, anal sex
There is a lot of skill involved in getting her to let your big cock up her tight ass. It's no small matter. It hurts, it leaves her constipated, sore, and walking a bit strange, it scares her, and it's one session without the sure pleasure of clitoral stimulation. So you need to do a few things, most of them unrelated with sex. First, you need to addict her to all that princess stuff you are capable of. Get her dependent on your compliments, little baby words, and whatnot. Then pull it away. Subconsciously, make her aware that you could start up a relationship with someone else, and make her realize that she needs all that sugar that drips effortlessly out of your mouth. Subtly, make the connection that if she gives up her ass, she'll get more sugar than she's ever seen. Note, this must be done subtly, subconsciously, or she'll feel cheap and feel like you're trying to use or disrespect her. If she catches on to what you're up to, you're in a shitpile of trouble. So do it right.


"You're my little princess baby," you say and stroke her hair romantically.
She says, "I love it when you talk to me like that."
You, imagining your cock up her ass, blurt, "Why don't you spread that asshole open so I can fuck it?"
She pulls away and looks at you like you're a dirty pervert. Which, of course, you are.

as opposed to

"You want to be my little princess, baby?'
"Of course."
"I want to be as close to you as possible." Massage her asscheeks. Then, kiss her neck and ears gently. Show her she can trust you to be soft and gentle. This will overcome the fear that's holding her back. Now you are ready to see if this is your chance: stick one finger in gently and say: "You can be my little princess." This makes the connection between princess and ass-fucking (the essential link). If she doesn't deny you, you're in. Simply say: "I'll be gentle, don't worry."

(see the difference?)

This is the key: set up a relationship where she feels like she may lose you if she doesn't keep you happy and then make it seem safe and not scary. Once she's going to give it to you don't get all out of control. Be slow, rub her asshole, lick it, lube it up. Take your time with everything and when you start, don't force it in. Let her come back into it. Getting the head in is the hardest part for her. At this point, follow all convetional anal sex wisdom. My service to you is the persuasion/coercion of your girlfriend/wife.
Ass Property of Moctezuma Johnson
Now, once you're all the way up her ass, she is all yours. There's no turning back for her, so fuck her ass as hard as you like and tell her that she's your anal pig.

Good luck!

If you enjoyed this article and found it useful please find more How-to articles for your perusal and also consider visiting Moctezuma Johnson's Literary Porn Website to find hardcore erotica books that will likely be to your liking.


Check out this anal sex movie.
(in one part he sticks a girl's head in the toilet while sodomizing her)

Voluptuous Women are the Best

Do you like curves on your women? Then click the image below!

Wanna see more explicit photos?

03 July 2008

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Erotica on litchaos.com

Erotica on litchaos.com? It's not impossible. I still have to convince the other guys but I think it may be on the way. If you have any erotica that your interested in getting published, send it to us under the normal submission guidelines, just add the word "erotica" somewhere in the subject line.

We would love to publish inventive erotica. The main problem with mainstream erotica is that it's so boring and cliche that it's criminal. That's all about to change!

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