29 August 2011

cassia actually knows how to deepthroat | part of the rare 2% of women | #LPRTG #Blowjob #BJ #Mistress #Forced #Smile

Dear Jynx,

Cassia gives me deepthroat the way it's supposed to be done. I've had my dick sucked by hundreds of chicks and only two or three bitches suck deep until it feels like my teeth are gone and my soul is leaking out with my pre-cum. I feel lighter when she she sucks like that, leaning off the bed and taking my immense cock all the way in until my balls smack her lips and chin. Maybe if you could suck like that, pig, we could resolve our differences -- you know the fact that you never clean up, mope around depressed all your life, and gained so much weight.

your Master

23 August 2011

GF getting used like a whore

It’s fun, Jade thinks, to flirt with her boyfriend’s friends. Her big face is made up, her mascara’d eyes scan the room. Her big tits bulge. She is the bartender’s girl and her cleavage is out and big and heaving. Her eyes go a bit swirly and her nostrils open wide. She sits with her boyfriend’s friends. He is behind the bar. They sit in a private nook. She touches the friends while talking, brushing up against an arm, then slapping a thigh. He sees her taking one guy’s phone number. She’s a little drunk and she just wants to hang around. It’s fun, she thinks. She is chatting with this jar-head of a guy, smiling. She sips her vodka and energy drink. She is caffeinated and energized by this weird chemical mix. Her tits bulge and hang, her cleavage out and about revealed by her low cut tank top dipping in at the chest. Her breasts are like weightlifters in the mirror, proud to look at themselves in the reflection, proud others around the room gawk. They are good tits: big and round. Her tits alone are proud to make her boyfriend jealous that others are ogling. Her throat goes a little dry. Her heart is beating slow yet heavy behind her bosom.

Her boyfriend sends her a text, “i need to work and your distracting me. leave already.” 
She writes back, “i want to get laid.” She comes to the bar itself, standing in front, with his best friend -- a tall guy with big bushy personality. She’s annoyed by his dissing texts. She wants attention, his attention, and he won’t give it. He probably has someone else coming and for this she wants to make him pay. “I’m leaving.” She puts her arms around his best friend Maynard, ”Take me to a cab.”

She slowly struts -- her big tight ass sways in her form fitting jeans. You could look at her ass in too ways: either as sexy as the porn star Naomi or a big fat like the 4th Ave Dominicans in Brooklyn. Either way, it makes Maynard follow her, the bartender sees Maynard watch her. Maynard takes her up the stairs, gently pushing on her waist. Maynard stops her at the top of the stairs. “Where are you going?”
She looks at him. His friend, Koichiro is still coming up the steps, looking drunk. She fixes her blouse, closing its open petals: “To a taxi home.”
Big and wild, Maynard kind of sways. He’s drunk but he is as agile as a figure skater as he moves around, grabs her hand and pulls her. He’s at once a wild beast and a dapper tap dancer. He leads her down the entrance-way to the next level of stairs. It’s dark here and he holds her hand. “Let me give you a ride.” 
“Here.” They are half in private, half seen by the street. He gets a fist of her hair and shoves her to her knees. Her tit, which had always been on the verge of this all night, pops out.

He unzips and pulls his cock out. It dangles there, all foreskin and bulk. He says: “you’ve never seen a horse cock like this, slut. Hope you like getting impaled.”

She is scared and submissive, so she obliges. She is submissive and will do anything that anybody says at any time. People often don’t know this and don’t take advantage of it. But this guy does.

After his cockhead pounded her tonsil and knocked it back she coughed around it, ran her tongue around the shaft, then started choking on it a minute. Her drool left flying buttresses of saliva on his cock. 
She gasps for breath like a swimmer that just ate some water and reaches her hand to her neck. “I can’t take anymore.” She turns around and lowers the jeans. The two fat slabs of ass cheek ricochet out and hold until she spreads them apart like her boyfriend likes. This guy sees her asshole, a brown asterisk, and she has inadvertantly provided him with an open shot into her chocolate starfish.

He pounds into his friend’s girlfriend’s tight rectum. “What the fuck? No, no, stop it!” she says.
He pounds her asshole raw. “i know you want it, you asian whore.” Her face cringes as cock slams her asshole. The big tits she had so seductively out whack and thwack like punching bags being hit. “No that’s enough. i just wanted to get back at him. This is too much.” She pulls away and his cock comes out like an anal sex cupcake with bits of her shit on it.

He pulls her around by her hair. “You love it, open wide!” he says and pushes his cock to her mouth. She opens and her tastes her ass. Her lipsticked lips are stretched around the meat and her eyes go wide. She feels the cockhead knock her throat. Her throat tightens up. She slaps his leg. Her big proud tits knock into each other and sag. The other friend, quiet and in a suit, gets behind her. She doesn’t notice as she is trying to defend herself against eating her own shit. Her ass is still gaping from the previous sodomy. He slides his cock into the open gape. His rock isn’t as big as the cock bludgeoning her tonsils, the one tasting of her ass. Koichiro starts to fuck her chasm. “You love it, you fuck pig!”
She takes one cock in the ass and the other beats up her throat. There she is getting spit roasted until Koichiro pulls out and chucks his cream all over her fat ass cheek. He spreads it on her like butter on bread using his cockhead. Then Maynard bellows and shakes and unloads all over her whore face. She jumps back as the cum stuns her nose and drips down over her lips. More hurtles into her eye, which she instinctively shuts tight. Koichiro has a cock all cummey and gooey and heaves it into her face .She takes it and cleans it off, swirling her tongue around it. She hasn’t sucked on an Asian cock in a while and her muscle memory takes her back to whirling tongue around it.  “Clean his cock up, you dirty pig! Does Alex know what a pig his girlfriend is?”
She looks up in disgust.
“Oh now that you’ve had two cocks up your ass you’re morally against it. Stupid bitch. Come on, let’s go and let her go in and show her boyfriend what a cockmonkey she is.”
The cum-burping gutter-slut stays on her knees and watches the two friends zip up and walk away. They light cigarettes. Koichiro comes back and puts it in her mouth. “Clean up. You have jizz all over your face.”
He walks away and she stands up and takes her purse. She tissues off and puts her clothes back on. She walks home, her heart beating hard.

The next day Alex asks her to blow him. “I hate when you talk to me that way, obliging me. I can’t my jaw hurts.”
“Then bend over,” he jerks his cock, “and let me see that asshole.”
She bends over and spreads her ass cheeks wide with both hands,  her head in the bed: “i fucked your friend yesterday, right here.” She lets go of one cheek and it jiggles as she fingers her anus.

18 August 2011


Hugs not tugs, strike that vice versa
i want to tame her
control her
she's upset now
i'm not going to talk with her
till she opens up her asshole
to me

Dear Whore

Dear whore,

You are going to let me fuck your ass. You are going to spread your ass cheeks and push back till my huge rod disappears up your darkest secret road. You are going to blow me after and eat up all the remnants of your ass from my monster horse dick. You are then going to let me sleep out so i can hook up with cassia or any other slut who will give it up.

your Master

03 August 2011

true deepthroat

having her head
hanging over the bed
her shirt up
full tits
is the like
driving a hairpin turn
in sixth gear
where you feel
the seat push you.

the depth of her throat
is like hitting the
pedal to the metal
so i don't even mind
that she's on the rag.


again i pushed her
head down
made her gag
made her suck

again i pushed her
head down
made her puke
she spit it into the

i pusher her
down again
made her suck
till she banged on my

i fucked her hard
spit on her nose
then drowned out the

with my cumshot.

02 August 2011

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