30 August 2015

Jizz Crazy Jynx | Women Suck at Sucking Dick | Big Juicy Ass | Learn to Suck Dick like a Pro | #LPRTG #HowTo

Women, by my estimation only about 2% of you suck dick well. If you feel you may have been lied to by guys who happened to have their dicks in you and that you could use a quick tutorial on how to improve, then please click the link How To Learn To Suck Dick Like a Slut.

Learn to Suck Dick Like a Pro

16 July 2015

What surprise sight would you most like to see? | Results | #LPRTG #SexPoll #Futa #Cuckold | by @MJKingOfErotica


Your wife's ass stretched around a massive cock
  13 (27%)
Your wife being fucked in the ass by a hot girl wearing a strap on cock
  22 (45%)
A guy with a big dick throat fucking your wife mercilessly
  11 (22%)
Some dude using a jelly dildo to throat fuck your wife
  4 (8%)
Your wife covered in a bukkake
  9 (18%)
Your wife oiled up and being tit-fucked by a stranger
  4 (8%)


Your wife's ass stretched around a massive cock
  8 (26%)
Your wife being fucked in the ass by a hot girl wearing a strap on cock
  15 (50%)
A guy with a big dick throat fucking your wife mercilessly
  6 (20%)
Some dude using a jelly dildo to throat fuck your wife
  4 (13%)
Your wife covered in a bukkake
  5 (16%)
Your wife oiled up and being tit-fucked by a stranger
  2 (6%)

Winning the Poll on the Right (so far): What surprise sight would you find most exciting? | Don't forget to vote!

Your wife being fucked in the ass by a hot girl wearing a strap on cock
  15 (50%

11 June 2015

The SLUT LIST (from moctezumajohnson.com)

Ways to Be Slutty for your Man | The Slut List | How-to Maximize your Sluttiness, err Sexiness, in his eyes | Advice Cosmo just won’t give you

The Best Thing in the World is a Slutty Girlfriend or Wife

“How can I be more slutty?” is the most common question/comment that I hear

I was struck by one of the running themes readers have said about the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. They’ve pointed out that in some way it’s about how much a woman (or man) will take in order to be with the person s/he loves. This is an interesting theme and I realized I’ve really not made any effort to help women out with this. I have written How-To articles aimed at men (my version of Maxim, so on steroids and cialis) but nothing of the sort for women. Allow me to attempt to catch up. Here are some things you regular women can do to totally slut yourself up and makes your man weak in the knees for you. These aren’t meant to be demeaning to you or your relationship. They are meant to be fun and done with trust and love (or at least deep like).
A lot of women need to be sluttier for their men. When the do that, they keep him forever. George Carlin had “the Shit List”. I present to you “the Slut List”.

Learn how to maximize your inner slut at THE SLUT LIST

27 May 2015

20 May 2015

Sodomy with Head in Toilet

the longer the legs
the firmer the tits
the juicier the ass
the flatter the midriff

the deeper the head
the wetter the cunt
the tighter the asshole
the redder the lipstick

the more I want to sodomize her
while her head is in the toilet

Video of Asian Girls Sucking Lollipops and GIF with Asian Models Writhing with My Book Title Scribbled on their Slutty & Delicious Bodies

The Models for the Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends GIF have a video where they are sucking lollipops while shitty Pop Music plays in a true Literary Porn Spankable Production

Two out of Three Asian Models are Present

Enjoy! ^.^

 Girls do a weird Macarena-like dance in front of Hello Kitty for Moctezuma Johnson

19 May 2015

Sweet Asian Girl in the Park

the monster took the gook bitch
between the graffiti'd walls
pushed her naked breast
out the slutty side of her tank top
where it always wanted to slide
even when the cunt was dressing
covering herself
an abandoned building
the old art gallery
on one side with some sculpture 
the insane asylum
on the other side
like a person watching
us, and stroking himself
in public
the bitch's heels clicking
on the asphalt
her bare thighs
big and Asian
"you're a big gook,"
says the man stroking
"she is," says the man
stuffing this slut's cunt
her head now between
rungs of a ladder
leading to the roof
of the asylum
her hard Brillo bush hair
her thick pear-like ass-cheeks
"and she eats cum.
Come here!"
He shot ropes onto her hair
and nose and chin
while i deposited my shot
up into her dirty slit

30 March 2015

pussy payments

She was there
in the hotel
legs spread
tits out
her shaved pussy
filling the room
stockings on
cunt out.

the delivery guy came
get the food for free, whore, i said
she fingered her pussy
while saying, do I have to pay

as he pumped inside her and said
not with cash

anatomy lesson

the hips
where I hold to pound you hard from behind
the lips
where I hook you like a fish as my cock defiles your ass
the tits
used to suffocate me when I'm hyperventilating
twisted to turn on and off
the hair
the harness to ride you hard
the cunt
where the hook goes
the mouth
a place to stick my dick
so you can practice your humming and swallowing

25 February 2015

Let us crawl the sewers then, you and I - A reaction by a proven porn aficionado, anti-anti-terrorist, err pacifist, anti-double speak, anti-dual-state, erotica writer, financial guru, and educator (FYI one of my posts once got over 13,000 in a few days - chew on that)

Well, it's sad news from the folks at Google. 

This blog will meet its maker in less than a month. Don't be too distraught. I had the foresight to see this day coming and have moved my operation to a private site with all the cocksucking, assfucking, skullfucking a dirty, twisted, fucked up member of society like yourself can stand, stomach, and take.

Join me at moctezumajohnson.com

Little by little I'll archive some of this crazy shit at that new site. It's been a blast serving you dirty fuckers. I've done quite a bit of research on censorship recently and unearthed that contrary to what the "canon" will have you believe, many great artists were dirty, depraved motherfuckers powered by their cunts, dicks, assholes, and tongues.

Some moron on twitter today told me to calm down that this isn't a big deal, that google doesn't have a big hand in the Internet and in the way we get to see information. He's probably a christian who believes in WMDs in Iraq and the toothfairy too. Moron -- part of the legion of meatheads that chased a fake terrorist network for so long a real one sprung up in the great irony of double jeopardy that is the Bush/Obama America.

This impending google censorship will change all the rankings, all the links. We are nothing better than the way we get information. We have already taken major intelligence set backs thanks to smart phones, FOX news, and the American Dual State War Machine. Now we will suffer one more defeat. There were literary poems about facefucking, artwork of sodomy, and these debased offerings were not from some two bit outliers. These were people you've been taught about, but you weren't taught that. Dali, Miro, the Latin Poets, they were all dabbling in erotica throughout the ages.

Now again society will try to bottle up freedom of speech, and again it will turn underground and get more sublime, more beautiful, and one hundred times more powerful while these do-gooders lay anesthetized in front of FOX news like a patient etherized upon the table.

Come, those of you with brains and libido, and take my hand. Let us crawl the sewers then, you and I!

24 February 2015

Don't Die | Suck Cock Instead

maybe it's cause of my mother
she always had a new man
I wanted to be that man
using as many girls as i could

I wanted to feel what it was like
to have a submissive woman
rather than look up to a mom
in that role

Amy had thrown my computer
to the ground
as Puff was cleaning my cum 
off her face

Puff got scared
took her bag
and walked out

Amy went to the balcony
and tried to
throw herself
off of it

I held her big hips
as she kicked and pushed
on the railing

I had her 180 cm frame 
in my grasp, pulled her
back down
she was kneeling on my patio, crying

I smacked her face
"Don't pull that shit again,"
I looked down at her ready
to strike her again

She put her head down,
"I'm sorry, but I adore you.
I need you, baby.
I'll show you how much.

I promise!" She placed
my hand on the back of her head,
opened her mouth wide while
fumbling in my fly

my fingers spread out like a claw
grasping her dumb, suicidal head

i was throwing her face down
on cock like never before

till her earring ripped out
of her ear
I'm not sure how

I came
and she threw up 
over the balcony

kneeling | cummed upon | erotic poem | by MJ | King of Literary Porn

there is just
like a girl
on her knees
to be cummed upon

17 February 2015

you know my girlfriend is a piece of shit

you know my girlfriend
is a piece of shit

you know because she's
always angry, a time bomb
that explodes over and over
again, yet
no matter how angry
or, because of how angry,
she'll act more and more depraved

they say money talks
but so does cock
and pussy screams
no more angry bjs
and trashing each other


she came over at 6:30 am
after I'd closed the bar
a downed a few bottles of beer

I was fast asleep
had to use a fire extinguisher
after emptying the ashtrays

had to use soap to my elbow
after cleaning up a bag of puke
left in a bag

she's upset I'm tired
accuses me of fucking another jenny
all night

this is perfect for you, she says,
I make you mad and you call

and you fuck her ass
and you make her eat it
and you make her drip
your cream
out her ass
your cream
into her hand
from her asshole
then into her mouth
your cream

cause i made you mad

i give you an excuse to use her.
look at you, so happy

she bangs her head into the wall
reaches for a knife
from under the sink

i grab her wrist,
get to work
or you'll be late

she walks out
and to the elevator

then she looks back
at me
at my raging hard on

she walks back, drops
her bags to the floor

don't make the floor dirty,
kneel at the front door!
she swallows my mad penis
i watch the elevator
her bags on the ground

she inhales it deep.
look up at me, whore
she makes eye contact
that's it
that's how you suck a cock
you wanna eat jizz?
she nods while deepthroating
i will fill you with cream
just like i do to her

she makes a wretching sound
i hold her cheeks
i hold her forehead
i tilt her further back
watch her bottom lip hit my balls

she makes more wretching sound
oh yeah, the pig's about to eat jizz

i unload all my frustrations, my wit's end
into her mouth, she swallows it
each swallow milking my cock further
each swallow a plea, a cry for help
a petition asking me not to seek another ass
another mouth, another cunt
to use
i object:
my cream alleges it's innocence
in the matter, so clean and white,
my cream paints her with it's okay
if i pound cunts every night
before getting to you
i pump every last drop of
request for infidelity into her belly
pull cock out slowly, again
she signs that pleading document
with that sound, that mmmmphhhhh

runs in the house, to the bathroom sink
and pukes

she comes back to the hallway:
she crawls out of the house
i watch her through the peep-hole,
she stands up, smooths out, and
waits for the elevator

i make sure the whore gets in
and goes down

05 February 2015

Gorgeous Tits Wear a Pig Masks

Visit moctezumajohnson.com for more shit like this

Thong Thursday, Baby | featuring hot Asian Sluts in Thongs

#ThongThursday just doesn't get enough play

There's just something so fun about taking my hard cock, shoving a thong to the side and entering a slut. That's the beauty of the thong. You're always so close to penetration -- just this little wispy piece of cloth separating cock from cunt.

04 February 2015

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