08 April 2014

Skullfucking, a thing of the past?

You can expect to hear it how it is from me. You know that.

She was angry because I was gathering all our money like a squirrel with nuts to pay off her steep credit card charges. She wanted to get her nails done before a trip to Thailand. I said no. She tried to do her own nails yesterday for hours. They chipped. She was mad. When I woke up today she lectured me in my error: I should have let her do her nails. I said I think no polish is better for the beach. Anyway, I was sick of talking about nails. She exploded. She banged her coffee mug on the table. She cleaned up the baby's tracks by slamming them into a box. I held out 90,000₩ in cash. "Here, take it. Go get them done."

"Fuck you," she said. Then she was pushing me. I sat down on the couch. She tried to choke me.

All over nails. 

She retreated to the bedroom. I stayed with my son under the covers on the couch. "You can take your fingers out of your ears now. It's over. I'm not mad." 

He pointed at himself, "I'm not mad too!"

In the old days I would have stormed in there, ordered her to kneel, and skullfucked her brutally. That was our unspoken punishment for her berating me. Now I'd have to wait. Instead, I did the dishes and prepared the cat's food. 

How life has changed. Without the skullfucking I'm not getting anything out of this relationship.

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