09 June 2010

Advanced Anal Sex Position #2

remember, i had you upside down
with your ass up in the air
i was an oil drill
you were the compliant tower
vertically moored tension leg
and mini-tension leg platform

all my workers on cigarette break
Illustration of a tension leg mooring for a fl...the whistle blows
they ash into your
slender flexible towers
compliant towers sustain significant
lateral forces
i drill 1,500 to 3,000 feet
though your anus

i am your jack-up platform

i am your drill ship
you are the ocean
and i exploit your virgin riches

innertia or direct, i'm drilling


  1. yes master, give me your tool deep into my tightest up asshole. i will always be your best whore. why don't we have a ass-drilling competition to see which of your sluts can take your deliciously delicious big cock deeper. surely, i will be the winner. give me your jizz face as a prize!

  2. give me your anal sex more, master. i am the winner of every ass-drilling contest worldwide. reward me with hot, sticky cream up my holes.

  3. that is the sexiest ass-fuck position in sex.


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