30 June 2010


Illustration by Édouard-Henri Avril.Image via Wikipedia
mua, princess

good morning
come here and kiss me
deeper and deeper
like you want me to get you coffee
or blueberry french toast
french kiss me deeper
feel my hand on your back
running up and down your spine
feel my hand in the nape of your neck, tickling
feel my fingers in the strands of your hair, running
feel my hand on your neck under your chin, holding
feel my tongue getting deeper
feel my love growing and flowing
feel me rising, waking up
feel my lust suddenly on your lingual tonsil, exchanging
tongue with big hard cock
french kiss me deeper
i feel your tongue airy around my cock, swirling
i feel your mouth so practiced, sucking
i feel my cream paint the walls of your mouth


  1. this is the most loving lyrical porn poem of the year

  2. Wake me up with you on top. Suck my cock and play with my nuts.Bend over because its not over. Let me spread my cum on you,all over.


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