02 June 2010

Moctezuma Johnson Interview

NOTE: On 07 May 2010 I was interviewed by Cumshot Village in English and it was translated into Spanish. It took me a month or so but now i have translated it back into English. Being translated back and forth should give a little absurdity to the interview. Enjoy.


While Cumshot Village was surfing the net our strongly impaired attention deficit happened to be called out by one of the net’s more psychotronic blogs. In this interview, we speak to its author, Moctezuma Johnson, Tijuana boxer with a history of drug trafficking. His blog gives the strange impression of being under the effects of an overdose of mescaline--a world of its own, indefinable (not porn, not arty, not modern, not underground), like a hallucinogenic plant born in the desert. So we sat and we smoked a joint with the architect of this building. This is what we had to say.

-Cumshot Village: We were surprised at the bravery of your blog ... How did you get the idea?

Moctezuma Johnson: The idea just came to me. I was like a bottle of violently shaken Coca-Cola, starting to me was simply touching the cork. I popped, and I’ve exploded everywhere.

-CV: How long have you been with this blog? Is it the first?

-MJ: We’ve been linked (tee hee!) for two years. And yes, it is my first.

-CV: Perhaps most striking is your blog’s lack of definition (poetry + porno + humor). What kind of target audience are you looking to hit?

-MJ: At first, I was writing this blog for me. Then I met a girl that I liked writing to, but now I'm back to writing for me. I think of my brain like a warehouse. Gradually, the tank is filled with boxes, trash, and debris. So I have to put all debris in the container and toss them off, err, out. This blog allows me to do that and be a functional part of society.

-CV: Speaking of waste ... It gives us the impression that your blog uses pornography as a purely provocative element, right?

-MJ: Porn is what I am. It spews out of me. I just keep taking it to the curb and someone dressed as a monkey keeps picking it up.

-CV: Is this is what the poet does for a living today?

-MJ: That's what I do. I do not know what others do for a living. For me there’s no choice. It excites me to write something every day. I read other poets, but I do not know how they live. Maybe they also have a monkey stabbing their debris. Maybe they bottle it and drink it. I don’t really know. I am not them. I am not even always me. That’s something I’ve been working on. Sometimes I find I am the monkey, simply picking up someone else’s debris and taking it to the curb. Either way, something tells me that no two poets are alike, just as no two Mayan pyramids are the same. Some of my friends are poets, but I keep those crazy motherfuckers at a distance. Most of my friends that are part of my crew are scientists, heavy drinkers, and/or prostitutes. I prefer heavy drinking, religious scientists who like Mezcal.

-HP: Which path would you prefer to follow, Bukowski’s or Carver’s?

-MJ: I like both. I also like other writers: Allen Ginsberg, Robert Hass, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Natasha Tretheway, Justin Hyde, Paul Auster, Donald Barthelme, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Salman Rushdie, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar and Italo Calvino (to name a few of my favorites).

-CV: A good book of poetry to read drunk?

-MJ: The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends, written by me (a little shameless self-propaganda), The Kaddish by Allen Ginsberg (whether you or another hallucinogen mescaline), Human Wishes by Robert Hass, Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And (better with mushrooms), Come On In by Charles Bukowski. All these are good books to read when you put some substance.

-CV: Many of your poems are obscene haikus like this:
"i can't convince you?"
"i can't convince you to come back to me."

Why did you choose the sex to speak of other feelings such as loneliness or loss?

-MJ: As I said before, the topic of sex just pours out of me. Personally, I don’t find it obscene. A bukkake, is it obscene? If women with takes multiple shots of jizz over her face, sniffing globules of semen in and out her nose with each breath, is it obscene? She could feel like the center of attention, or she might feel humiliated. She also may not feel anything, just a job. I do not know. Everyone is different. For me, writing about sex is a necessity, but writing just about sex has no backbone. It is like a meal without meat, a soup without spices. Loneliness, loss, ambivalence, indecision, worry, selfishness, cruelty, humiliation, and violation give foundation and spice to my writings. Without spices eroticism has no taste, it must have other things to not disintegrate into nonexistence.

-CV: Tell us about your poetry book The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends. How did it come about?

-MJ: My book is a collection of writings ranging from 2007 to 2009. I was making my way through a long and tumultuous relationship filled with out of this world sex. Finally we split up for real and many of these poems are elegies to the extinction of that particular sex life. They are also a defense of sex and of having a sexual relationship with a massive sexual energy—something I believe that society shuns. The book addresses some issues about how to cultivate a similar relationship while one tries to fit into said society.

-CV: So your stuff is everyday life ...

-MJ: Daily life is where all the spices are, in my opinion. I believe all things are mundane only until someone breaks them apart and gapes at their insides. Hyper-focusing on small everyday things, I find the day’s grandeur and peace.

- "I'll write a poem for your beloved / hated." Cumshot Village celebrates its first year of life. Could you dedicate one to the blog?

MJ: Okay. Here are two poems, one for a woman I met for the first time today and one for all of you in Cumshot Village.

-CV: Thank you for everything, Moctezuma. With regard to the poems, such language games are untranslatable, I’ll leave them in their original language, English.

if i get a semi, it's on

michelle, also called mi suk, (it's a long u, perverts)
walked ahead. i'd never seen
her before--but there she was
in all her full ass in tight swaying jeans
glory. mercy! i circled around her on my bike
like the way a drake circles a hen,
where's my iridescent speculum?
where's my vibrant plumage:
i smile, and that's it. she smiles back,
momentarily, then shuts her eyes down
to the floor and keeps swaying
giving me a full chance to take her all in:
walnut eyes with canyons of cumshot to take
small nose good for getting smushed
into pubes for deep, gagging deep-throat
big cock-sucking lips to grip the base
while the head crawls the esophagus
full tits to hang over me while she rides--bucking
like a seminole riding a crocodile--
and a big ass to take my massive pole
pounding into both her holes, piercing and stabbing.
"excuse me," i say and i already have a semi.

dear cumshot village

dark circles
I find it is a lip ring
a dribble of cum
flips in and out
her green eyes are
cum drips kneels and
her head bobs
as she breathes
over her bottom lip
and looks lip ring
she licks her own big vulgar obscenity
her nose
the cum smushed
momentarily object of attention
into the floor
cum in her

See original Spanish Language Interview


  1. I am welcome to interviews and enjoy explaining how this blog happened. I'm dirty, but I'm also logical.

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  3. She is a walking pussy. What does your whore look like?

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