21 June 2010

i see her and get a semi, so i know it's on

michelle, also called mi suk, 
(it's a long u, perverts)
walked ahead. i'd never seen
her before--but there she was
in all her full ass in tight swaying jeans
glory. mercy! i circled around her on my bike
like the way a drake circles a hen,
where's my iridescent speculum?
where's my vibrant plumage:
i smile, and that's it. she smiles back,
momentarily, then shuts her eyes down
to the floor and keeps swaying
giving me a full chance to take her all in:
walnut eyes with canyons of cumshot to take
small nose good for getting smushed
into pubes for deep, gagging deep-throat
big cock-sucking lips to grip the base
while the head crawls the esophagus
full tits to hang over me while she rides--bucking
like a seminole riding a crocodile--
and a big ass to take my massive pole
pounding into both her holes, piercing and stabbing.
"excuse me," i say and i already have a semi.


  1. this girl was my 3rd girlfriend but she left and went abroad. what a shame! She had the most womanly body i had seen in a while. gorgeous.

  2. She really got gorgeous body! Body that will make you go crazy .Nice breast and porcelain skin.


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