10 June 2010

Peel Another Banana America

Aztec King / El Rey AztecaImage by Davichi via Flickr
You love Aztec bitches
in their feathered headress
tattoed Teotitlan titties
hairless heiroglypic cunts

Today Tijuana has--
Meshica cunt shtuffed
full of obsidian cock--
Dress her up like an Aztec

in jaguar skin
to sacrifice at the altar
of thick Moctezuma cock
lay her on the stone

high atop pyramid
high on princess pussy
with King-sized cock
plunge that guatemalteca

like you were splitting her
in two, ripping her apart
to get her entrails out
conquest style, imperialistic you

splatter that tomato-
chocolate- and coffee-inventing
face with dick drip
diciendo: "dame dame dame
todo el poder!"

cut out that heartbreak after
you make the jade wearing jade--
that slattern bitch
who brags that nowadays

she's pure Spanish blood
dark corn tits
two hard niblets
silver plated teeth--

absorb moctezuma's semen storm
the discharge deluge.
strip the strumpet
slap choad chili

on her Pharoah-like ajpuob forehead.
you own the was-going-to-be royalty now
gaping her ass this time
as you jam it all the way in to her whine

then let it all the way out to her sigh
on the fiend's own fertile floor
home of her blood-thirsty gods
where birds chirp hysterically

whine sigh whine sigh
like they are getting ass-fucked
like strumpets, jungle-wide
the whole forest thirsts

what you give hard and domineering
the whole forest aims for what you take
yet she cries
as face gets blow-gunned with semen,

sprayed, like her idols are with blood.
she is kneeling -- you tell her "suck,
Phat Ass Asian Girl (PAAG)
to save yourself," yet
she only sobs and murmurs it isn't fair

you cock-slap her face
then jam it down past her tonsils
while salty rivers stream 
down into the corners of her mouth

you stretch out the corners of her bowels
cum up her asshole
then throw her down
pyramid steps

nothing could have saved her


  1. This poem is really good. It takes the piss out of the exploitation of minorities.

  2. This is an awesome blog. Great post!

  3. This poem is hateful and dirty. It's an embarrassment to good christians like myself.

  4. this poem is as brutal as it is necessary. i didn't make the world all fucked up. all i do is comment on it. if you think it's fucked up, don't read it or just keep your own head up your own ass where it's comfortable for you.

    to everyone who likes it, consider what George Clinton repeats over and over during the Mothership's live shows: "think! it ain't illegal yet!"

  5. thank you master for using me like a dirty slut. i am always grateful for you and your using me in public. shoot me all your cum into my mouth and i will drink it up. i need your big hard cock right now. you are my owner

  6. Nice erotic poem . Jerk off while looking at the picture will be the scene while reading this poem.


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