31 January 2010

quickie before work

i piss sideways
and think,
"did i fuck earlier?"
and remember
before I opened the bar
i railed my slut
bent over on a chair
spreading her hot
little ass open
while watching
the Aussie Open
on TV.


  1. Fuck me while you watch your fave tennis stars play in Oz Open. Why dont you fcuk me in a tennis court where thousands of people are watching us? I will open my pink pussy for you to fuck me while you gag and choke me in front of so many people. My fantasy is a public sex in from of many people watching. Please do this for me. Fuck me hard. And dont forget to spray your hot jizz in my face while I take all that cum of yours in my throat.

  2. I want you stick that big and monster cock up my ass till you see a big gaping hole. Plow me. Move your dick up and down till you see a creamy fluid flowing up my gaping hole. I will not complain. I will worship you like a god willing to be gagged and stuffed with that big tool of yours master.

  3. I will spread my cunt on your face and I want you to lick over it.. Ohhh I love it master...then I will spread my ass cheecks for you.. I will stick a dildo into.. Then I will let you ass fuck me...By this time you were so erect and moaning so loud as I am screaming for more. spray with that hot creamy jizz of yours and i will swallow everything.

  4. My Asian slut wants to suck my dick while watching movie. Let her do what she wants to dick. Suck it,lick it,sit on it,grind.I don't mind because that shit feels good as fuck.


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