18 January 2010

Railed on the railing

I took her on the stairs
pushed her naked breast
into cold steel rail
of the abandoned building
the old art gallery
some sculpture there
in the dark
like a person watching
us. a couple walked by
the bitch's heels clicking
the man in a bland suit.
me in this slut's cunt
her head now between
rungs of the railing
me between strokes railing
her. hard, deep, with
balls of steel. kneel, bitch
i shot ropes onto her hair
and nose and chin
then made her walk the chic
pass back to the car
with me all over her
don't wipe it off, i said
never, she said. she looked
in the mirror in the car


  1. Oh babe.. i miss the wonderful erotic nights we had. You are always the master of erotica. I love you for that. Your dick is like no other. I like the smell of it and i love to lick it all over. I hope you would not mind. The sight and smell of your cum on my face send shivers down my succulent nerves as you continue to spray those hot jizz. Oh wow! That was a load of hot cum. You are one hell of a shooter. You shot those hot jizz all over me. And I so love it.

    But you do not falter, always. You always love to cum all the time. You had such inexhaustible reserve of hot jizz waiting to be exploded in my face and tits. I am sure you want to spray them again and again. And I would not want any other cum but yours. Care to shoot again for me, babe?

  2. humiliation_addictJanuary 23, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    I want you to humiliate me and inflict pain while being watched by your friends. I want you to spit me, slap me, utter vulgar words like I am a slut pig. Treat me like an anal pig in front of your friends. Oh yes, shout that I am a sex whore and that I long to drink your hot jizz. I feel so ashame about myself. You humiliated me infront of your friends. But I will take all those with pleasure. I so love it.

  3. i want to swallow every drop of that hot load of jizz of yours..im so hungry for your cum..quench my thirst master...shoot that hot load on my mouth...piss me on my face.. i will not close my eyes on that hot warm piss.. oh yes i love it.. i am desperate sex whore willing to take all that piss.. gag me until I cry..choke me until I drool..

  4. What a fucking nice ass. That shit is so fucking hot. I will fuck her non-stop . Hold on tight to that railing because my dick will fuck you and hit you hard from behind.

  5. Id like to spread my ass in a public place nothing beats the feeling of being watched by ogling eyes.

  6. Cant wait to be spitroasted in a public railing by a bigdick man. Im willing to eat splooge in a public place.


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