21 January 2010

A cycle of pleasure

because the cunt
yelled at me in public
i took the cunt down
into an underground shopping arcade
there was a pool hall
and a golf practice center
where you hit the ball into
a net, two fee
t away
(never understood who enjoys that).
people all around,

she obediently kneeled
and said sorry --
with my cock dangling in her face.

i said, suck it, you stupid fucking pig.
oh yeah, that's how a bitch says sorry
get it down your throat. stop gagging.

while balls deep, people walked by --
one guy stepping outside to chat
with his wife, he saw her bobbing
on my big fat cock, eyes tearing --

the more she does these things
the more they look down on her
the more they look down on her
the more she does these things.

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  1. Oh yes my beloved, i can strongly recall how you humiliated me in in front of my friends in a public park. You spit on face while you put your hard dick in the middle of my big tits. And you tit fucked me as you slap my two pink cheeks from behind. I felt so used. I felt every pain. You treated me like a slut sex pig. You make my angelic face a whore pig.

    The humiliation was so much too bear. I felt every pain of shame as you continue to bastardize my sexy body with your to-die for dick and body. And the finger fuck that you did while you slap my ass -- that was one hell of a pain. Oh I really felt shame after.

  2. Tell us your real name, sex pig! Let the world really see for who you are. Don't be ashamed of being a big whore. You're friends already saw you used and abused, now show the world. If not, I may tell the world who you really are.

  3. tell us her name! say it! yay

  4. Punish that bitch coz she humiliate you in public but yelling at you. Make her suck your dick in public and gag that slut. I will give her name for you Master. I will call her Master's cunt.


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