31 January 2010


with only hand cream as lube
i bent her over the pool table
and drove my big fat cock
into her tight asshole

because her ass was so round
and her skin so smooth
her ass beckoned for cock:
she shook and screamed, "no!"

repeatedly. i pushed monster
cock all in, the balls
to her asscheeks and said,
"you're doing good, pig.

that’s how a dumb whore
takes a big cock, that’s how
you make your master happy.
take it, my anal slave”

"take it out," she said. i took it
out, watched her asshole gape
slowly close and then drilled it back in
my body against hers like two pool balls smacking

her hand gripped the felt
her anus gripped my cock
her sphincter gripped my root
i gripped her nipple

and pulled. she screamed
and said, "I can't see! I can't hear!
take it out!"
she banged her fist on the felt

I took it out and pushed her
down under the pool table.
her ass looked round and fine
her anus gaped, her boots,

the only clothes left on in this
sodomy, and her hands and knees
held that round ass up
and I knew what to do:

deep and hard, i jammed it
back up her
and held
"that's it, you fucking whore!"

she said, "i can't hear or see!
you're too big!"

i jizzed up her ass. right there in the bar
her round naked ass sitting on her boots
the cum dripping from asshole to boot to floor

she stood up and staggered.
i knew i was her king and master


  1. Oh master, was she a Korean? Was she a stupid whore with a big face? Why is she complaining with her butt hole gaped by that monster cock of yours? She is a lazy bitch.She is not worth every cock you give her.
    I want you stick that big and monster cock up my ass till you see a big gaping hole. Plow me. Move your dick up and down till you see a creamy fluid flowing up my gaping hole. I will not complain. I will worship that big monster cock of yours.

  2. hey, man! great words. when you fuck them up the ass you own them. you can do whatever you want now and she'll always be by your side. why don't you make the cunt be your footrest? or make her clean up your house and then sleep on the floor?

  3. You can always make me a footrest. I can clean up your house and do everything for you. You are always my king. I am willing to be a dumb whore for you. I am willing to offer my big cheeks for you to slap. I am willing to be gagged and choked by your monster cock. Oh, how I love that big cock of yours. Give it to me, my master.

  4. I will spread my cunt on your face and I want you to lick over it.. Ohhh I love it master...then I will spread my ass cheecks for you.. I will stick a dildo into.. Then I will let you ass fuck me...By this time you were so erect and moaning so loud as I am screaming for more...This time you are ready to shoot your second round of cum down my ass

  5. The more she beg for you to stop the more you fuck her hard. Give her both the pleasure and the pain of fucking.


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