26 January 2010


I haven't had lips
on my cock

in two days

I'm starting to shake

I'm starting to drink
in the mornings

a friend of mine said,
"if I find a girl with a pink asshole
and a brown pussy
I'll marry her."

and this is starting to make sense.


  1. My nice lips are always here for your hard dick. Slap me with that dick. Choke me. Gag me until i start to gasp for air.

    hey master, im always your best cumslut and i will make sure that i will let you shoot your load first. you know that im your cum pig. and i will make sure that your jizz goes straight to my mouth. I am the best cum eater for you. you can plug in all dildos in my pussy and i wont mind a bit. of course it would be better if a real dick like yours would be in there.

  2. My lips are always her to lick that nice big cock of yours. Face fuck me with that tool of yours. Gag me until I drool. Choke me until my tears come out. I will gasp for air as your continue to face fuck me but I wont mind. I always loved to be choked and gagged by your nice big dick...

  3. i have face fucked you till you've puked and you still want more. that's the sing of a true fuckpig.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bitches are thirsty for your monster cock. Gang bang that bitches and they will be your slut forever.


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