21 January 2010

how she kept her job

i heard a rumor:
my slut pig girlfriend
went to smoke a cigarette
up in the breeze on the roof
of her office tower.

she was stressed out
by her boss, and trembling
slightly shaking
slightly shivering.

he came up
dropped his pants
to his ankles
and said:
"gag on it! or I'm firing you
you dumb piece of shit!"

"can't you see I'm smoking,"
they say she said.

he stuffed out her


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  3. MJ's_jizz_craverFebruary 2, 2010 at 5:38 AM

    me too master, i am sorry for taking someone else's cum. You were not there to give me that nice jizz of yours. I did not enjoy it, though. Hiz jizz is not as good as yours. Your jizz is still the best creamy fluid I ever tasted. Give it to me. No other jizz comes close as yours.
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  4. oh master, I am sorry that i have tasted the jizz of other men. I have swallowed some cum by other men. But I regret having done that. Their jizz tastes so awful and sour. I didnt swallow all of it. I missed your jizz. Your cum is the most flavorful jizz I ever tasted. Its the jizz like no other.
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  5. let_me_twirl_my_tonqueFebruary 13, 2010 at 8:56 AM

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  7. She can keep her job even if she is too fucking dumb.As long as she will suck and fuck her boss. She is a full blown dumb whore who will fuck just to keep a job.I will hire her. All she have to do is suck my dick and fuck all day.


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