18 November 2010

Engrishy hits the classified ads

This is a real escort advertisement with messed up English:

about me:

Have you seen unconscious on the bed?
Can I make it?
Some services are also available. 
Anal ten thousand No
You may launch mouth competitors.
i'll Do anything for doing But I'm a little busy 
You'll have to book early. Call me soon.


  1. anal ten thousand no! ha ha

    1. This shit is really funny. Learn the universal language and get lots of client. But ten thousand ,no.$10,YES!haha

  2. i thought my english was a jacked a bit but this is horrible.

  3. Maybe she used google translate and it translated it word by word.She don't need to talk to the dude while fucking anyway.haha

  4. good or bad English, for as long as she is slutty and gives the best sexual service, thats all that matters to horny, hormone-raging big dicked guys.


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