17 November 2010

Advanced Anal Sex Position #3

remember, whore,
head on bed
ass in the air:
compliant tower
moored calliper

workers on break
till whistle blows
they ash into your

slender flexible towers
sustain significant
lateral forces
i drill 1,500 to 3,000 feet
though your anus

i am your jack-up platform
i am your drill ship
you are the ocean
and i exploit your virgin riches

innertia or direct -- i'm drilling --
inertia or direct -- you're bored out
a gaping whole
remember you're an anal pig


  1. master, i remember always. i am your anal pig eternal.

  2. Anal pig ? I got one.She like anal sex so fucking much .Fuck her ass while she's playing with her clit and I will grab her titties and squeeze it so hard.


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