11 November 2010

Asian Cum Target

아시아 질내 사정 대상

one more Asian cum target
one more bitch on her knees
one more girl reaching back
spreading her ass cheeks
one more girl screaming
"it's too big"
one more chick's tongue
on my cock, balls, asshole
one more shitty gold necklace
one more pair of earrings
left behind
one more pair of panties
crumpled on the floor
one more chick eating
filthy ass
off my cock
after a defiling;

it all amounts to nothing.


  1. i know exactly what you mean!

  2. this was a pretty quality poem i banged out last year.

  3. master, it doesn't "all amount to nothing" with me cause i am your best whore.

  4. Asian chicks are hot as fuck! Tight ass wet pussy! That's why I'm with one! Hot sex always and a lot of squirting.

  5. Yes, Asian chicks are hot but I'm getting bored of them. I've had too manyㅜㅠ


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