02 November 2010

How to Convince your Girlfriend to let you Humiliate her in Public

i know how do you make your bitch go balls deep!
Humiliating your girlfriend takes a certain knack and skill because it is no small feat. You have to warm her up to the idea of it. One of the best and most certain ways is to have a massive fight with her in public where she behaves like an absolute bitch. If she embarrasses you or herself enough, going way over the line of normalcy, you're in business for her humiliation later. The more she yells and screams at you, the more her eyes go narrow and her brow furrows, the more she smacks and slaps you, the more her cheeks go red and her hands tremble, then the more you can destroy her with cock in a moment -- just be patient, her tirade will eventually end. You should already feel excited knowing she will be balls deep on you soon. I mean, after an argument, what's the best thing? Certainly the make-up sex. She will want t o make sure she hasn't lost you after treating you like shit in public and she will feel like she deserves to be punished. All you now have to do is step up to the dish and do it.

So the argument was over. She had just yelled at me on the street in Seoul. People are always staring at me but this made it worse. I walk to a bench and smoke a cigarette. There is an arcade below with a pool hall and a hallway of glass leading to some other stores. It's the weekend and the offices are close but the stores are open. She comes over and says, "let's go."
I see my opportunity, "together?"
She nods and takes my hand. I say, "give me a blowjob first." She looks at me, seeing how much she needs to do to make up for what she has just done. I lead her by the hand, which I feel trembling, down the stairs so we are in the arcade. We are behind the stairs but from certain angles we are easy to see from the hallway which flanks out. She kneels down and I whip out my hard cock. I grab her with two hands and immediately go balls deep. "Suck, pig! Use that mouth for something other than yelling at me." I think her throat is open from all the screaming, it lets me stretch her out straight away. She gags less than usual on my cock. People walk by in the hallways. Some see and pretend not to. "They see you, whore! Now suck it deeper. Show them what a good slave you are."
She is sucking deep, letting me fuck her face as I please. I feel she's given herself to me and know what to do: "turn around and pull up that skirt."
I push my cock into her ass, she screams out in pain -- no lube, just saliva. I get about half in. "That's enough, whore. Now get back over here and taste your own ass."
As she goes down and swallows the taste of her own ass I see something catch her eye. I turn and someone is watching her. After I turn he looks down and walks away.
Watching her eat her own ass is enough for me and I pull out. "Not on my face," she says but I jerk and jizz on her mug. i walk away into the building. She quickly pulls her skirt down and follows me. I find a sign for the bathroom. There's a thick batch of cum dripping from her cheek.
"I have to piss," I say. And grab her by the neck and bring her with me into the shitty bathroom with stench and reek. "Kneel down." She accepts and knows and kneels and takes my piss right off of her face, leaning forward to keep her clothes and the rest of her clean. I clean the cum off her face with my piss. After i've shaken it out I let her go to the sink and rinse off. "You're such a dumb fucking whore," i say.

You can get your girl to do this too. After a fight she will feel very insecure and be up for just about everything. After the sex you are calm and reunited. It's glue and you can use it to your advantage.

Things you can get her to do to apologize:

  • Strip in public
  • Anal sex in public
  • BJ in public
  • Ass to Mouth
  • Human Toilet
  • Face in the Toilet
  • and anything else you can dream up

The only thing you probably can never get is in apology, but this is just as good, if not, better.


  1. master, you can humiliate me whenever you want. you don't need any how-to cause you are the guru of humiliation. you make girls kneel and worship you at your whim. when can i be degraded in front of all your friends next?

  2. ass to mouth is the bomb! you know she a whore then

  3. you are right, anonymous, ass to mouth is bomb. it's a staple to any humiliation session.

  4. Fuck that bitch ass to mouth and make her taste her own shit in public. That's how you humiliate a slut who wants to fuck every dick .


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