02 August 2010

I will miss you Zygote in my Coffee

I had one of my favorite short stories published by Zygote many moons ago. You can now find that story, "The Platonic Blowjob", in my book The Book or Real and Imaginary Girlfriends.

the Platonic Blowjob
(courtesy of the recently defunct and then not defunct Zygote in my Coffee)
Somebody asked me, "What is a platonic blowjob?"

I have a girl, a slut you may say, that comes down to my trashy apartment and sits back on my couch until I whip it out at which point she opens her mouth and says she'll blow me but won't fuck me because she has a boyfriend. As she's finishing speaking she's already sucking me off. Suddenly, she takes all her clothes off--so she's on her knees buck naked--and I film my cock slapping her face and then call her a whore. Then, to further humiliate her (because I sense she likes this), I get her to say it back to me. She sucks, and, in that garbled, muffled voice she has while it's in her throat, she says (kind of), "I am your whore." It sounds more like, "mphh h mphhh."

At this point I have a choice to continue as is or push the envelop. I push--saying things like "just let me put the p in the b, you slut,"--and soon find I can put my johnson into her valve, start the engine, rev it high, and ride the caboose until I rocket streams of ream which I, after much careful considertion, elect to pop onto her face rather than her smooth belly or firm rack for its sheer showmanship (I am already considering me the viewer when watching the video later).  She complains that I have ruined her makeup. She muses that her boyfriend now may notice. At this point in time, she says she can't cheat on him and won't fuck me. I tell her it's okay and give her a clump of tissues.

Hereat, I answered, "I don't know."

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